Shrimp Tempura Recipe | Yummy Ph

You’ll want to have more than one piece of this crunchy prawn tempura.

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  • Nice well made short video

    Tim Douglass 26/10/2022 am7:25
  • im from the UK
    – is cake flour the same as PLAIN flour or SELF RAISING flour?
    – is All purpose flour the same as PLAIN flour or SELF RAISING flour? How do you make tempura flour?

    Ibriz A 26/10/2022 am7:25
  • How about the dipping sauce tho?๐Ÿ˜…

    HiroPlayz [Code 016] 26/10/2022 am7:25
  • yummy shrimp tempura craving thanks for sharing

    Bernard27 TV 26/10/2022 am7:25
  • Very tasty ๐Ÿ˜‹ I also have my own version at my channel. Please check it out. Thank you!

    Mary Gennel Bicaldo 26/10/2022 am7:25
  • Hello YUMMY Ph you make great Tempura that it looks very delicious (^ ^!
    Thank you for writing the detailed recipe video!

    Umami Dream 26/10/2022 am7:25
  • Thank you for easy and quick and good presentation. God bless you.

    Cosma Pereira 26/10/2022 am7:25
  • You did not make a thin batter, why?

    ela07 26/10/2022 am7:25
  • Came out amazing, I added parsley, onion powder and garlic powder.

    Will be cooking this for guest, definitely!!!!

    Joe Sainz 26/10/2022 am7:25
  • How did you make your dipping sauce?

    Jeremy Mendoza 26/10/2022 am7:25
  • Can we use regular flour?

    Lheanne Faith Navarro 26/10/2022 am7:25
  • Very delicious!

    hm 26/10/2022 am7:25