Shrimp Tempura From Scratch – for sushi rolls or just to enjoy as delicious tempura

I will show you how to prepare authentic shrimp tempura for sushi. This video tutorial will show you how to prepare the shrimp, make the tempura mix from scratch, and fry your tempura in oil to get the lightest, crispest result.
And lastly, a dipping sauce in case you wish to enjoy your tempura as is without using it in a sushi roll.

glass pot used to cook in the video:

for the shrimp frying:
– a pot of refined sesame seed oil
– 3-5 tbsp toasted sesame seed oil for flavour
– shrimps
– 100g cake flour
– 200ml ice-cold water
– 1 egg yolk
– some ice cubes

Tempura dipping sauce (Tentsuyu)
– 400 ml primary dashi (400ml water + konbu + katsuobushi)
– 66g mirin
– 53g soy sauce
– katsuobushi
– daikon



  • Sir, what kind of flour? I was reading corn or potatoe or mix, what you recommend?

    eXtreme enduro 25/10/2022 pm1:00
  • Where can i buy that shirt?

    Bang Ridu 25/10/2022 pm1:00
  • Miss your videos !

  • Great tutorial!!!. I wanted to know how to prepare shrimps especially for sushi.

    A K 25/10/2022 pm1:00
  • can i use wheat flour sir?

    Fatin Adira 25/10/2022 pm1:00
  • Great video, I’ve watched most of your videos, binge watching!
    Are you taking a break? Hope all is well!
    Thanks for teaching me sushi and small cooking skills and techniques!
    I will try my first time making sushi tonight! I’ve made tempura many times but been scared to make sushi,.
    Take care! And thank you from Canada!

    NAILSJAMIEBEE 25/10/2022 pm1:00
  • i am from the UK
    – is cake flour the same as PLAIN flour or SELF RAISING flour?
    – is All purpose flour the same as PLAIN flour or SELF RAISING flour?

    Ibriz A 25/10/2022 pm1:00
  • What of peanut oil as the neutral oil?

    Zaur Ike 25/10/2022 pm1:00
  • スシローはおいしい

    、 hasiken 25/10/2022 pm1:00
  • 美味しそう🤤

    、 hasiken 25/10/2022 pm1:00
  • For the neutral frying oil, I don't have refined sesame oil, is rice oil OK?
    Oh! And how much oil vs toasted sesame seed oil? You said 5 Cm high, but we don't know the width of your Pot ☺. Would it be like a liter?
    Thank you!

    La Biblia es Nuestra Guía 25/10/2022 pm1:00
  • 💯👍

    Orchid 🌱 25/10/2022 pm1:00
  • I did as he shows but did not work out. Need to know what flour he uses.

    Tawk Tial 25/10/2022 pm1:00
  • Yummy! Can you make the Vegas Roll from Kabuki but with soy paper please??

    Dee Dee 25/10/2022 pm1:00
  • You are excellent sushiman! You know a lot of things about japanese food!! Congratulations!! Salute from Brazil!!!

    Felipe Torquato 25/10/2022 pm1:00
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    aight bet 25/10/2022 pm1:00
  • Chef!! Awesome presentation looks so delicious.

    this is really helpful.keep sharing more good videos.

    have a great day and lets stay connected always,,,LOVE from Europe.

    Chef BhongZkieTv 25/10/2022 pm1:00
  • Heyy chef!! May you please make a video on how to do Nobu’s Black Cod with Den Miso? For some reason i cant find it anywhere.

    Mansour Kuanyshev 25/10/2022 pm1:00
  • I like the way he says Sauce lmao

    Fellowrser 25/10/2022 pm1:00
  • It looks so delicious ~~

    Food Veiw 25/10/2022 pm1:00
  • Great video 💯

    日本語マスターちゃんねる 25/10/2022 pm1:00
  • Really a recipe. I think it's taste will be very high.

    Rina's Cooking 25/10/2022 pm1:00
  • awesome video 🙂

    Dan Jonsson 25/10/2022 pm1:00
  • This looks so tasty and doesn't seem hard to cook. I'll try to impress some friends at Christmas hehe.

    xordyy 25/10/2022 pm1:00
  • I’ve watched several of your videos and have learned SO MUCH! The way you deveined the shrimp with a fork was brilliant. I’ve never seen that done before. I really love the way that you explain WHY you are doing something instead of just telling us what you’re doing. I’m going to search for a pad Thai video on your channel now. If you don’t have one, could you make one please? Thanks so much! Kenmore Vintage Sewing Machines 25/10/2022 pm1:00
  • Super delicious food

    video's on socialism 25/10/2022 pm1:00
  • Your videos keep getting better

    Asadullah Parker 25/10/2022 pm1:00
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    terry boyer 25/10/2022 pm1:00
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    Aleks Haro 25/10/2022 pm1:00
  • That was super helpful and I’m gonna try this out! My last tempura shrimp where quite bad, that here was, what I was looking for

    UF 25/10/2022 pm1:00
  • Looks great chef!

    Mansour Kuanyshev 25/10/2022 pm1:00
  • Where do you find your ingredients? It’s hard to find in Spain

    hallobre 25/10/2022 pm1:00