Shiny Hunting & Sparkling Power Recipes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

In this Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet Tips & Tricks Tutorial Shiny Hunting Guide, Abdallah teaches viewers about all the different Shiny Hunting Methods, Shiny Rates, Shiny Mass Outbreaks, Shiny Egg Breeding, and Shiny Sandwiches / Sparkling Power Recipes, on Nintendo Switch! Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 100% Walkthrough Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Tips & Tricks Tutorial Guides Buy Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Play along with!

00:00 Welcome & Thanks For Helping Us Reach 1-Million!
00:56 6 Quick Shiny Hunting Tips
02:59 Full Odds Shiny Hunting Method
03:21 Mass Outbreaks- Overview & Shiny Odds
04:33 Shiny Charm and Wild Encounters
05:15 Shiny Charm + Mass Outbreaks
05:53 Sparkling Sandwich Recipes & Overview
06:30 Level 3 Sparkling Power Sandwich Recipes
07:03 Sparkling Sandwiches + Mass Outbreaks
08:49 Tera Raid Encounter Shiny Odds
09:14 Shiny Hunting via Breeding Eggs
10:31 Specific Encounters Method
11:03 Thanks For SHARING! If You Enjoyed It!

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  • Any idea if knocking out a different Pokémon during the 60+ run breaks the chain?

    Matat0n!c 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • did an outbreak after watching this video, not expecting to see anything because i dont yet have a shiny charm, and ended up getting a shiny pawmo

    zeph 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • How do i know that i have already killed 60+ pokemon?

    Thariq Qobin 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • Hey guys PSA: once you have K.O. 60 Pokémon from a mass outbreak, you can activate the Picnic feature and end it. This re-rolls all the nearby Pokémon, including those appearing at high shiny odds because of the mass outbreak!

    Mr. None YaBusiness TM 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • Does anyone know whether or not Sparkling Power boosts the shiny rate for eggs as well?

    Regennz 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • I hope there is 4 story and that it's catching all pokemon..

    All About Memes 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • I'm over here wondering how im gonna complete the pokedex still and everyone else is shiny hunting already 🤣

    Darian0398 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • I've only played about 8 hours of Violet and have just gotten my second shiny pokemon 🤩 is this normal or am I just a lucky ducky!

    kt kat 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • When can I buy peanut butter? Not where. When. It's not unlocked yet &I don't know how to unlock it.

    Mandie M 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • I will make small kittens 🙂

    Dat_whiteboi88 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • Im lost on the picnic things cant even find peanut butter and yes i have checked the bakery

    Raysha 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • found a shiny swablu while watching this video and accidentally despawned it 🙁

    Unwanted_Criminal 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • frank🥭

    Frankie johnson 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • I found a shiny Persian today. I couldn’t tell it was shiny until the battle started and was totally unprepared and hadn’t saved before the battle. Luckily I caught it. But geez.

    MB 2188 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • And I found a full odds shiny not even half an hour into the game 😅

    fluffy fox2001 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • Thanks for all your hard work and time you put into your videos. Just watched this on my way to work and the funny thing is I have two shiny pig evolutions (can’t remember the name of it) via random encounters

    Peter 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • What do you mean shiny pokemon are back, did they leave or something that im not seeing

    Spud 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • Thank you for the video and explaination of the different methods of shiny hunting👏

    Do you have any idea if the pokemon you encounter during mass outbreaks will reset the shiny odds if they dissapear with the day/night cycle?

    Ingmar Schroder 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • Do you have to kill 30 to 60 of the same pokemon or can it be different mons??

    Lucky Kratos 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • I litterly got a shiny hoppip the second day this game is out.

    Sander de GameKoning 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • thank you for this helpful guide much appreciated

    Vampire ShadowKittyJae 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • Sprigatito hype

    B Andy-sk 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • I am not doing co-op. I have had a friend catch a shiny Virizion in a minecraft Pixelmon server that spawned on me. I am not risking them taking the shiny again.

    SumireSakura 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • I want Lechonk and Skeledirge.

    Jacob S 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • Definitely shiny charm and sandwiches

    LetsPlayGrey 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • amazing man! great helpful tips!

    Jarell Callier 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • Any problems with the game?

    Epyonwings 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • Isn’t the shiny rate for eggs with charm without Masuda also 1:1365?

    Ace 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • Thank you so much for this guide!
    Though I do get the feeling this is going to drive me completely insane trying to complete the pokedex 100% solo mode >.<
    Any tips for those of us who apparently don't value our sanity one bit?!

    Drunken Astarte 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • do i have to catch every pokemon for the shiny charm? or is it enough if i have fought against every pokemon once?

    Jxshii 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • Yeah Abdallah, , your Awesome! I want these games

    Sasha Tiwana 24/11/2022 pm11:32

    𝗫𝗫𝗫𝟮𝟬.𝗙𝗨𝗡 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • Thank you Abdallah and everything you do for us and you’re Channel

    Nathaniel 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • Love your vids

    Claws 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • Who else is extremally excited to buy pokemon scarlet and violet?

    TheFancyFurret 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • I love watching your videos 😍🤩😍😻💗😘💕☺️🙂🤠

    Ginny Isley 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • I love your Pokémon videos every day and night and I hope you have a great day ❤🔥😊😍

    Mikayla Wollam 24/11/2022 pm11:32
  • I haven’t watched Abdullah in so long but here I am back again

    Iggy The Crazy Koopa 24/11/2022 pm11:32