Semlor: The Dessert That Killed A King

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Subtitles: Jose Mendoza @Ketchup with Max and Jose

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    Tasting History with Max Miller 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • I never understood the hullabaloo about these things and while I do eat and enjoy nuts of almost any kind, almonds included. I do not enjoy the "Mandelmassa" It always tasted off for me. I'll eat one of out curtesy if needed, but I'd rather say no thanks and just have my coffee.

    Hadmin 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • Thanks for adding the ingrediens in non retarted units aswell. You are one of the good ones.

    The Drunken Swede 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • As a Swede who really loves semlor, you always eat the “lid” first, and then the rest of the bun. Less of a mess that way. 😊 And I believe the reason the original semla was served in milk was because it was difficult to preserve bread and it usually got stale, so soaking it in milk made a lot of sense back then. I love seeing my favorite pastry being presented like this, you did an amazing job telling the story!😃

    Ingrid Tiscornia 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • I’m from Sweden 🙂

    Gradd 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • Sweden annual celibate “Semmeldsgen” and it is the 21st February in 2023.

    Petter ! 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • Approved! – Rickard from Sweden

    Rickard Pettersson 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • hears big mom screaming In the background coming for the simlar oh shit

    Tkd saints 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • I really appreciate that you try to say the Swedish words, a lot of people just go "oh I don't want to look stupid so I won't even try" but I think it's nice of you to try. We know that it's hard for someone who's not a native speaker to get it perfect but you did a good job.

    Völundr Frey 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • The Swedish pronounciation is pretty good,tones and all

    kavorkaa! 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • Man that old style one sounds kinda like a really warm ultra soggy bread pudding of sorts and it sounds so fkin good here I was thinking there wasn't anything from Sweden worth eating.

    DasDiesel 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • I'm Swedish and Idk how you're supposed to eat them either.

    Mango Meow 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • Adolf Friedrich (Adolf Fredrik) actually got a church named after him, and later the surrounding area in Stockholm, and later the second best (fight me) music grad-school in Sweden also named after him.

    Gustav Åkerman 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • 16:40 as a swede i can say that noone knows the right way to eat the modern semla

    Dr. Antabus 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • Well in Swedish school we are mostly taught about the Swedish history, in history classes ofcourse. But we were never told that one of our kings died from eating pastries and a delicate appetizer. Vem kunde tro det? Såklart ingen!

    Jeppknappen 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • My grandmother allways went for the hybrid version of puttning modern semla in a bowl with milk for us hungry kids.

    J Nidob 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • I live in Sweden

    dennis eilersson 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • comming from a swede, there is no right way to eat semlor. whatever you do you will always eat it wrong

    Supbro 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • rip

    Karl Jonas Wijk 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • Wondeful episode, and as a swede, so delighted you liked semlor in all its forms!

    Trump did 711 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • hetvagg (i dont have the swedish keyboard and cba to copy and paste the letter) is spelled with a V as you can see, not a w. Im not sure if it was spelled differently back in the time but that is how it is spelled now

    Banana 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • Tack nova

    Kim Sandstrom 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • The propper way to eat modern semlor is to take the lid of and scoop some cream with it and eat that first, then eat the remaining bun and cream. Still a bit messy but much less so than the "burger strategy".
    Honestly it's a tactical endeavor to devour one of these things.

    Justforthis 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • this is one of my fav desserts

    Vash Bain 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • Reads recipe and translations….

    US college kids these days would have a fit…

    But hey it's history! om nom nom…

    Pine Tree 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • The whipped cream stuff damn sucks, it's just ass to eat and doesn't add anything, compared to almond butter or whatever as thats the good shit.

    aare pelaa 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • Sometimes YouTube shines and you made it! Even for me, grown up and living in Sweden, there was a lot of new to learn. Many thanks!

    Anders Piniesjö 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • Okay so I'm only 1:36 in but I'm dying. The swedish. I love that you put in effort to pronounce it, and it shows! It so so so much better than most videos of people like, tasting surströmming or something. But. Your voice. People get different voices in different languages, and your swedish voice is absolutely amazingly funny! I'm not dissing you or anything negative here, I just wanted to express how much it's making be laugh. It's kinda like, elderly nasal butler in some period comedy? Does that make sense? I love it so much. Anyway, back to the video. Also I'm gonna force my sister to watch this bc holy shit dude your swedish voice im dying

    Raua 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • I'm gonna make these with Bao buns

    SeaSaltMud 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • I was gonna watch this but the Cosby heyheyhey killed it for me. He raped many woman you know..

    Tom Kraemer 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • Sweden does NOTHING right! Denmark is where you wanna go for pastries, hence why the Englishezez calls their pastries Danishezezez, No one should ever do anything a Swede says, they smell like poo

    Reavx 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • It also made a little giant girl go into a mad craze and kill one of the kings of the giants

    Nicolas Loo 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • Sweets.
    No thanks. 🥴
    Any savoury dishes?
    M 🦘🏏😎

    Mark Dowse 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • Great Britain did it with George I

    David Little 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • Your eyes Look red

    Nemrac 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • "Only remembered for being a nice guy." If that is what i will be remembered for, ill be happy.

    Einar Donarsson / ᛅᛁᚾᛅᚱ ᛏᚢᚾᛅᚱᛋᛋᚢᚾ 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • It's fun hearing an outsider refer to Gustav III as "horrible" as most Swedes seem to keep him in really high regard, even as one of the best rulers the country ever had. Not that there was much competition there.

    Olle Forsberg 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • I just realized this is the dessert that Big Mom eats during her flashback in One Piece

    Zach 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • "Now this part is merely aestethic, not necessary"

    This is utter atrocity. The golden brown egg wash is a staple for swedish baking, it is not an option!

    Artie smallbeard 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • no wonder bigmom had a tantrum and killed beardfall for semla

    Tilki 23/10/2022 am8:03
  • Not a shocking end to the king's reign. The especially good people aleays dies in the most unexpected and sad ways. So don't be too nice out there people.

    Hilariumosis 23/10/2022 am8:03