Salt-Roasted Chicken Recipe – Roast Chicken with Thyme Butter Sauce

Learn how to make a Salt-Roasted Chicken Recipe! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Roast Chicken with Thyme Butter Sauce!



  • Wow eight years ago! I'm fairly confident I could cook only food wishes recipes every day for at least a year and have zero complaints 🐱

    Bear Gillium 17/10/2022 am10:06
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    Morris M Smith 17/10/2022 am10:06
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    Morris M Smith 17/10/2022 am10:06
  • God this voice tho… why do you give so many different tones 😂😂😂

    Jasmine 17/10/2022 am10:06
  • Would this recipe work with just chicken drumsticks?

    Silly 17/10/2022 am10:06
  • Chef, I tried this recipe very sceptically. Had the chicken in the oven for nearly 45m but it was still looking rather pale but in the last 20 min. It took on a golden hue, with the sauce it was a major hit.
    I served it with a roast lamb but the chicken took the crown.
    Thanks again for all your efforts. You make cooking simple and fun, and you make us 'home cooks' look like professional chefs.
    Thank you

    Kreston Rush 17/10/2022 am10:06
  • I worked in an Italian Country Club…and I'm Italian American…..the tail piece you chopped off is called " The Pope's Nose"…….."Leave the Gun,Take the Cannolis"😉

    RileyJackFan SmithandJones 17/10/2022 am10:06
  • the photoshop touch–very good chef john!

    jack I wanna paint! 17/10/2022 am10:06
  • What's the bean side?

    Colin Borst 17/10/2022 am10:06
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    Babs k 17/10/2022 am10:06
  • Best. Bird. Ever. Loved it. Just have to say that the juice of one South African born and bred lemon, is waaaaay too much!

    Galen Schultz 17/10/2022 am10:06
  • I made a sauteed chicken breast with a thyme butter sauce tonight. It was just what I had on hand and it was amazing. Although i added sliced almonds and served it over rice. So I just wondered if anyone else had made something like it a voila!

    FunctionForm 17/10/2022 am10:06
  • That photoshop bit kills me.

    matthew price 17/10/2022 am10:06
  • "We have a lot of secrets between us"… that sums up my love affair with chef john

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  • This guy is great. He sounds like the Doctor from Star Trek Voyager 🤣😂🤣 which is cool as!!

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  • I've done a bunch of six pound chickens using this technique with excellent results. Anyone have any thoughts on time and temp for a 10 lbs turkey?

    Mark E. Haller 17/10/2022 am10:06
  • If you get the chicken to dry the salt won't stick.

    John Sheehan 17/10/2022 am10:06
  • This is actually the first of Chefs recipes that I have ever made… I now make it at least once a week. Yummmmmmmmyyyyy

    Jay Mac 17/10/2022 am10:06
  • This may be a 7 year old video but I just made this and it is by far the most tender, moist and flavorful roast chicken I ever had in my 56 yrs on the planet! Thank you Chef John!! OUTSTANDING!

    Bob G 17/10/2022 am10:06
  • I prepared this. It was delicious. Thanks to Chef John.

    Anton Boludo 17/10/2022 am10:06
  • Looks a bit different from the Chinese Hakka-version of salt-baked chicken. If you are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, do check out this restaurant serving the dish 🙂

    Amuro Rey 17/10/2022 am10:06
  • I made this and got the temp in the thighs to 180 and the breast to 160 but a lot of the chicken was pink and some of the juices looked a little pink anyone know if this is normal?

    Eric 17/10/2022 am10:06
  • What a simple easy way for a great Sunday dinner. Serve along with roasted brussel sprouts and a baked potato!!! Heaven!!! Chef john you are the mensch of the menu!!!!!

    Abner Strauss 17/10/2022 am10:06
  • This recipe is outstanding simple and delicious

    jeramie willis 17/10/2022 am10:06
  • This is the first chicken recipe my daughter made, and it was delicious. Great confidence boost for her to make something so yummy in her first attempt. Thanks, Chef John

    Sy Hartfield 17/10/2022 am10:06