RUSTCLASH'S withdraw is LOADED!!!!!

This is part two to the series of working up to $10,000. In this video we’re on rustclash, and we start out with a whopping $6,207…. Yeah. It’s a lot of money. I really wanted to make the video happen, and I had a lot of money in affiliates saved up so it.

Use my Promo Code “Bread” to help make these videos possible. You also get a free 3 cases which is pretty cool too 🙂

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Edited by: DK

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  • Greed fucking sucks, sucks that it ended like that. Enjoyed the longer video as well as the edits. Great Editor!

    Firestorm2112 20/10/2022 pm10:55

    ADZY995 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • hahahahahahahaahah

    Felle 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • the 3d models that pop up look soo dog shit lolll

    Levi Webster 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • this kids, is why we dont gamble

    Alexander Babjak 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • Well i feel his pain

    1Sweatyhuh1 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • What part of Australia did you move to?

    XD_Volts 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • This shit has to be the funniest video ever

    Guke 1.0 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • you wanna hook a brother up lol i lost the only 46 dollars i had gambling lol i probably shouldnt be gambling tho

    headshot6677 savage! avrage! 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • I would of took the 8k and left

    EmFour 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • The editing was amazing

    OliElite 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • thank you😀😃😄😁

    zaezae Martinez 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • maybe if you cry some more you might win!

    Fergfry 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • Bro made me believe that's jinxed are real

    XD 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • Tf is this music this editor is using 🤢

    Dark Pro 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • It fun in astralia until you get into a fight with a kangaroo

    Lucas Ludlam 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • am i the only one who noticed some of the people watching him typing in that to the left are complete dicks i saw so many fucking rude as people laughing at him loosing all of this money dude if you lost 6 fucking grand and somone was laughing at you would you like it? no exactly and bread im sorry that you lost it feels bad and most of those bot pulls seemed pretty rigged

    Chickenlicker420 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • Ur prolly getting your money back from youtube

    Woodz 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • ur ong braindead dont ever do 1v1v1 u have a 33% chance compared to 50% with 2v2s and 1v1s

    Night Wisp 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • your editor is a beast, love your videos!

    Vittorio Caiafa 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • i was screaming take your money and run at 8k sad to see gamble with crypto you'll have a better chance lol

    Waska 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • actually the usual is him losing money XD 1:46

    Ananoftheworld 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • POV: You cant controll yourself

    Hugo - Rust 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • So annoying watching this guy, hes so greedy and always wants more, hes addicted and uploads for extra money to gamble and whines when he loses as if the site hasnt been exposed for (I think 2.5%) House edge.

    elwoas 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • this is depressing

    Janos 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • "im living in a paradise" with super deadly poisonous animals every where u look but amazing video luv it 🙂

    HeatWave R3m1X 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • Was loaded*

    Tony & Son 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • where in Australia do you live

    dont care 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • nice clickbait :I

    GARA COCCO 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • just remember house always win

    Grayson Jones 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • Stop gambling on virtual sites. There's a reason they aren't bankrupt, it's rigged lmfao

    kaprosuchus 13 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • leave rustclash youve lost too much now

    SPAMMER 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • Welcome to the best country in the word

    Kai Hunt 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • mans moved to AUS where the fuck is this blue skys and clear skys with beaming sunlight bruh its been cold and shitty here for ages

    Bozo 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • Australia is goted I know that for a fact

    All of VR 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • god you cry alot

    Devil King 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • 20:35 song please

    SP3TNZ YT 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • bro u r legit addicted, idk know ur irl situation but seek some help

    ruby da cherry 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • Bro diddnt even make 6k in a vid I appreciate the content ❤

    Sketch_Rust 20/10/2022 pm10:55
  • At 33:38 on the last flip it glitched and it fucked you I swear just look

    HOMICIDE 20/10/2022 pm10:55