Roasted Garlic Butter Baked Chicken | How To Baked a Whole chicken in oven For Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving is approaching here’s a delicious baked chicken recipe you can try for your next thanksgiving dinner. You can apply the same method if you’re making a Turkey for thanksgiving as well. This is an easy roasted garlic butter baked chicken recipe. Hope you enjoy!!

2 tablespoon onion powder
1 tablespoon garlic powder
1 tablespoon adobo seasoning
1 tablespoon creole seasoning
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon white pepper
1 teaspoon black pepper
1 tablespoon paprika
1 teaspoon cumin
3 small red potatoes
1 carrot
2 celery stalks
few sprigs thyme
few sprigs parsley
few sprigs rosemary
1 roasted garlic head
2 sticks unsalted butter

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  • Nice, you put lots of flavor in that bird, I have to try the recipe😋

    WillieDeans Home Cooking 22/10/2022 am1:39
  • So I love it. Next time I'm using way more potatoes and carrots though because they were delish. I had a ton of garlic butter leftover so maybe my chicken wasn't as big as yours. I wouldn't use this for Thanksgiving Turkey due to the cumin unless I omit it. I LOVE cumin but don't want it in the stock to make the dressing. All I did was take some baby red potatoes and put it in the microwave potato cooker and added that sauce for more potatoes 🥰 I used a whole tube of roasted garlic paste instead of roasting the garlic myself. I will definitely cook this recipe again and will view your other recipes as well. Thanks!!

    JadeFox Unfiltered 22/10/2022 am1:39
  • Thank you I am trying this recipe right now lol 🤗

    Novella Solomon 22/10/2022 am1:39
  • This was MADDDDD good! I just made it today. Like I can’t believe my hands were able to make this! God bless you for this recipe lmfaooooo!!!

    Sogbe-Eden N'guessan 22/10/2022 am1:39
  • Hello sister how you doing tonight first time watching your videos and I tell you what that chicken I'm Italian and I got some flavor me and my family but I tell you what I'm going to try that chicken it looks really really tasty so keep up the good videos keep up the good cooking I usually watch all the fishing channels and the fish but some kind of way I wanted I wanted to cook some onion rings and I want to do some fish tacos and then some kind of way you popped up so enjoy watching your videos Vincent

    Vincent Russell 22/10/2022 am1:39
  • Damn girl do you want me to hurt myself. Wow I will be fixing this before the holidays. Thanks

    Diane Grimes 22/10/2022 am1:39
  • Do you bake the chicken uncovered or covered? Please respond at your earliest convenience. Thanks

    Sheila Rene 22/10/2022 am1:39
  • Is the butter salted or unsalted?

    Nayna 22/10/2022 am1:39
  • I live alone and I’m making this for my damn self in the middle of august for absolutely no reason 🤣😂

    mangopeel 22/10/2022 am1:39
  • I made it today and it was great.

    TRISH509 22/10/2022 am1:39
  • This is some hip gold chicken over here!

    mwendapoleee 22/10/2022 am1:39
  • I am famous for my roasted chicken, but I have never taken the backbone out, and that garlic butter….. WOW! I will be trying this method!!! Thanks IT looks DELICIOUS!!!!

    Robert 22/10/2022 am1:39
  • This is a must have meal!!!!!!
    This is my 2nd time making this, Thank u, 👍

    Cheryl Cross 22/10/2022 am1:39
  • I’m getting ready to try this right now.

    sylvia mcdade 22/10/2022 am1:39
  • Girl you can cook your ass off please do more recipes I absolutely fell in love with your channel!!! I have to try some of these recipes

    Juicy DaBoss 22/10/2022 am1:39
  • Mmmmm sooo sooo delicious 😋 🍗🍗

    Juicy DaBoss 22/10/2022 am1:39
  • looks but that all that butter not for me especially when you eat healthy that will clog your arteries

    lex T 22/10/2022 am1:39
  • I just made this and I tell you guys this was amazing

    Leslyneee 22/10/2022 am1:39
  • Looks delish , I'll try to replicated today. What do you do with back bone? Soup?

    Lyudmila Aksan 22/10/2022 am1:39
  • This recipe is bomb! My boyfriend said that this is the best chicken that I’ve ever made & I’ve been cooking for him for years 😒 😂 I’ll be using this recipe every time I make a whole chicken! Lol

    Briana Barnes 22/10/2022 am1:39
  • Gurl did the loc method for the chicken & im here for itttttttt

    Jessie 22/10/2022 am1:39
  • Do you bake cover or uncover for the first 10 min

    Deloris Houston 22/10/2022 am1:39
  • Aaaaalllllll your recipes look amazing!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

    Maria Pezzot 22/10/2022 am1:39
  • I'm hungry after watching, I'm on my way to the shop to buy the ingredients right now, 🥰✌️

    ash mathia 22/10/2022 am1:39
  • This looks amazing, making it tonight! Thank you!!! Love how you explain everything 😁😁

    stephanny lopez 22/10/2022 am1:39
  • Looks delish, Yummy 😋

    Mackandal 22/10/2022 am1:39
  • My only mistake was watching this video early in the morning. It is MOUTHWATERING to say the least. And, while I live alone, I can apply these seasonings to any portion. So, it's going to work for sure. I absolutely must try it. I looove how you add so much good flavor to your food. Bland food is just no fun. WAY TO GO!! Please keep 'em coming!! So grateful you take the time to make these vids and share them with us. Hugz Arlene

    Arlene Rodriguez 22/10/2022 am1:39