Making roasted chicken with easy pan gravy. This is one of like a 1000 ways to do it. But this is the first way we will go over. I’ll show you how to prepare a whole chicken for roasting, how to carve a whole chicken and how to make an easy pan sauce.

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    Curtisia Raymond 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • I don't truss my birds either.

    Shawn Mueller 19/10/2022 am8:15

    Eric Martinez 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • You are adorable and an awesome cook!

    Marie Lang 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • Use real butter or coconut oil , or real olive oil not vegetable oil, canola oil . That stuff makes it greasy and it oxidizes to carcinogens.

    Dylan O 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • Made it, loved it. Simple yet delicious. Gravy came out amazing. Loved the idea of cooking it in a hot pan. I feel like it cut the cooking down for sure.

    Kathryn C 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • I never knew the bottom was called The Oyster. That’s honestly my favorite part too! Soooo scrumptious.

    K 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • Best chicken ever. The wishbone removed easily and is a key technique for easy carving.. The sauce was the bomb. Perfection.

    Mayday Garden 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • What do you think about just spatchcocking it since that’s like all the rage these days hah

    James Petrella 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • He needs a mill

    Michael Mumford 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • I've watched quite a few Cooks do a Roast chicken(And they're all tasty,no issues) but this is a different level&that Gravy looked nice..And interestingly most of the others Tied it up…
    Really nice&I'd imagine extremely tasty end Product!☘️👍☘️⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Jerry O'Shea 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • Yummmmm

    Kija Fitzpatrick 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • Question instead of separating the fat from the drippings in a bowl could you just add the flour directly to the pan?

    Sean Goodwin 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • Simple perfection!

    2Wheels_NYC 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • lemon!??

    Wendy W 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • Steel whisk cast iron skillet 😐

    Stoney-Wan Kenobi 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • Curious why you put fat-then flour – then drippings in the skillet in that order……can't you just use fat and drippings and then flour? Seems like a wasted step to me. I never separate and it always comes out great.

    RA28 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • This is without a doubt the best cooking instruction videos I’ve come across on your tube. No bull it’s better than Gordon Ramsey.

    Jeremiah Miller 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • Great techniques, not too sexy skin!!

    Kam 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • Sitting here eating your recipe for juicy chicken breast, and enjoying it while I’m looking roasted chicken with easy pan gravy. Gonna try that next. I’m hooked.

    John McNair 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • Why is no one talking about the wishbone part lmao made me crack up 😂🍗🥕

    Jacky S 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • About to try this! Love the video. 🙂

    Raihanna Sukhram 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • Why have you used store bought chicken stock and not your homemade stock/broth??

    coolerkin 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • Thank you for taking the time to show teach us certain cooking tips that we might not now. Please be safe and I hope to see some oddball recipes.

    Dan P 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • Just made the gravy and I gotta say, simple is best

    Will 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • I finally made this today following your technique… OMG, it’s the bomb 💣 for somebody whose not a cook.
    Moist, flavorful chicken … Thank you so much for sharing your talent…
    I wish you millions subscribers👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

    Perly Utter 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • Love it – great inspiration for this coming weekend. Chicken it is 👍

    Claudia Couto 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • Fanfuckingtastic! It took a lot of practice to make that look easy. I know now. Great tips especially on the wish bone. Not even Jacques Pepin teaches that!

    Jorge Liceaga 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • Good call in not trussing the bird. Your method produces a more consistent temperature throughout.

    Robert1 Foley 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • I love how you map everything out… It's like a culinary road trip 😂💋💋

    sweetyface 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • That tumbnail looking like an upside-down trilobite

    Drauc 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • Finally remembered all of the stuff I needed for this and I just popped it in the oven I hope mine looks and tastes similar to yours! I’ve probably watched this video like 100 times

    King Talentt 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • Lovely 😊

    Lillian Lanauze 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • 😍😍😍

    Perly Utter 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • Love your channel my guy. You da man

    Jared Rose 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • Love your videos thank you !!

    slater k 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • This is by far the best looking of all your recipes, makes my mouth water every time 😩😋😋

    King Talentt 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • nice

    WITH GRB 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • I love how I felt you were talking directly to me and how you broke it down not assuming I already knew how to cut a chicken or anything!

    I needed this! Will try this! Great video!

    JSTV On Demand 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • That’s how it’s done

    Nacho man 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • I just ate but I'm craving this now.

    N7Mith 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • I’m going to keep it simple…you are the BEST of the BEST!! 😃

    Priscilla Hasbún 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • I’ve seen this video 4 times

    Liam Morris 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • I wasn't looking when you asked about the juice.

    Hamzeh Bakhiet 19/10/2022 am8:15
  • Love your show!

    WILL EGAN 19/10/2022 am8:15