Roast Chicken with Thyme, Lemon and Gravy.flv

  • Make your own fond

    Mikael Wadeberg 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • 0:44 – Woah, woah. woah….I thought this was a family show.

    Ice Slushi 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • He looks like he's very tired what they do wake him up at 2:30

    Robert Thatcher 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • The thumbnail says it all.

    Tremmor500 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • 0:46 Oh.. it feel so good! 😉

    Cecilia Andersen 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • He uses a lot of bullion in his cooking,I’m not used to that .

    Nancy Stevens 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • Always looking for the comments about the knorr stockpots😂

    madmoiselle007 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • It is safe to say Marco brain has been hijacked by MSG. I’m a firm believer I can make tastier and healthier food with out the algae (mono sodium glutamate) if you become accustomed to it, food with out the addictive chemical will taste bland. But if you have a decade of avoiding MSG I’m confident you can replace the step with buillion cubes with a natural herb oil compound. I like to use cilantro, green pepper, garlic, onion, in a paste. That is my equivalent to Marcos MSG gels and packets. I pop my portion out of the freezer and enhance any meal.

    Mike 4.1 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • Worst thumbnail ever bruh

    Barney Kane 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • Thumbnail looks like he's been told he's doing Life without Parole

    ACXIAO666 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • the repeated use of the word "cavity" makes this dish even more delicious sounding.

    Philippe Roy 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • I dont know why he kept using Knorr chicken powder

    KING SHUM 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • Bro looks like he's being held at gunpoint

    Wortenheimmer 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • Marco talks qhite posh and has a posh name

    Andrew Williams 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • a ggod method would be to inject the chicken with meat injection, so the chicken meat has flavour running through it

    Steve Urkel 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • I swear he’s given up. For a guy with Michelin stars he’s looks like he’s cooking for a soup kitchen and then joining the poor bastards in their

    Grant Thurlow 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • I think he is been on coke for a long long time mate

    ilvi gjika 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • 3:27 you're welcome.

    Silence Dogood 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • It was the chicken's choice to be fingered with knorr cube seasoning

    Absolutely Absolute 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • Cheer up marco

    Take a Walk with Me 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • Was this filmed on a sous vide potato?

    FoodforThought 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • No way he didn’t know about lemon n thyme b4 his mother in law told him. There’s just no way

    Nacho man 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • this is so uncomfortable

    Exodus 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • 5:54 ahhh yes that piece of chicken will surely impart a lot of flavor to the 7 stockpots he has gently reducing in the pan.

    motorbikeTim1 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • Sorry bud, but that looks awefull, hard to believe Gordon was your student🤔🤔

    English with Teacher Marius 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • Marco looks like utter shit in this vid!! Man is hung the fuck over. Probably has a load of nose beers too

    Tom Burton 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • Marco looks like he just finished a boozed brined cocaine seasoned feast with strippers and he started to season the chicken just like he seasoned the hookers. That said it looks delicious…

    K. Wayne Rennicks 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • Mthfcker chicken stock again n again..

    chinchowpowpook 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • "You'll get four portions the way I chop it up" — Marco
    Then there's my fat ass tearing down an entire rotisserie chicken in one sitting 😅

    Unrequited 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • Marco's a man after my own heart. He prefers to use a pan because it's got a thick heavy bottom. I too love a thick heavy bottom and I cannot lie. As for moist breasts and moist thighs, I think I need to take a cold shower.

    NoxiousRob 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • He get Kidnapped??

    Raul Magana 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • Marco's love life has reduced to massaging a chicken with stock cubes, but hey, thats his choice

    zeldaglitchgamer 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • This is a snuff film.

    Hoodsonbr 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • A true Chef, awesome guy this

    Reeve Meyer 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • That's a bad gravy….. Use the chicken fat, mix it with flour to make a roux, then add the chicken drippings and some chicken stock. Will make a much better gravy.

    Hulk Amania 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • I’ve tried this way to make chicken, however with some slight modifications. A seasoning paste with a chicken stock cube, mixed with smoked paprika… absolutely amazing. Once the paste is applied, just a pinch of salt and pepper…. Cover with tin foil, then remove it with 30 minutes of cooking to go.

    Then a good rest covered in tin foil. I like to remove my chicken at 155F so when I serve it, it’s around the 165F mark. Lemon and Thyme are a great addition.

    This is a recipe I definitely have thyme for.

    Darryl John 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • That's a fuckin haggard ass thumbnail lmfao. Is this for real?

    Marcel Simoneau 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • knorr pasti sedap

    Nightcore Maniac 20/10/2022 pm1:16

    SpyderDragonDude 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • 🤮

    BCareFul_ YT 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • Lemon in the bird is the bomb. Never had a dry chicken when I cook it that way.

    Courtland Creekmore 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • Grandmaster, Le Hannibal Lecteur d’cuisine

    Frank Dux 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • I tried his “paste” on a couple steaks last night and did not prefer it over some kosher salt and pepper. 💁‍♂️

    Dangitdan 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • You say

    Ugly Duckling 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • Marco and knorr reminds me of when Led Zeppelin started using their songs in car commercials.

    210-Spurs-hustleHARD 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • I like to take maybe 20-30 stockpots, roll them into a giant ball and freeze them for a nice desert snack. I break off a piece for my kids and my dog every night for desert we love them!!!!!!

    1zxtv 20/10/2022 pm1:16
  • What happened with the lemon

    Redje 20/10/2022 pm1:16