Roast Chicken 2 Ways… Like a Chef | Sorted Food

In this episode, our resident Chef, Ben, leads us through two easy ways to roast chicken for you to keep up your sleeve forevermore. Enjoy!

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  • Genuinely surprised they didn't keep the spine from the second chicken and add it to the carcass from the first one that they were going to make into a stock

    Kayleigh Lehrman 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • You can also spatchcock the chicken too, and rather than just put the butter and seasoning on top of the chicken skin, put it under the skin. That way the flavor gets more into the meat while still flavoring the skin.

    Jim Wall 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • Another lesson: be generous seasonally!

    BroGrab 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • I would also say if you can't avoid buying the cheapest chicken (most likely battery farmed) then don't buy chicken. You are just perpetuating the cycle of animal cruelty. Pick something else instead. This also applies to eggs. Buy veg, or cheap soy meats in the short term and save money. Then get the good product as a treat. I had to do this when I was on benefits as I would not buy what I knew caused harm to animals.

    I would buy TVP products in bulk, not just mince, also chunks, etc. These could be made so tastey and get you your protein. As for eggs, mung beans, they make a great egg replacement. For that eggy flavour if you had the money you could get a black salt (basically salt + sulphur) or just buy some food grade sulphur to add to the mungbeans to make eggs.

    Joanna Hammond 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • Ben is so competent. It is a wonderful quality.

    11samaran 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • I spatchcock my turkey for Thanksgiving and omg its done in an hour and a half and so juicy no matter how big the turkey is.

    K Urwinterrose 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • I always learn so much from Ben, he is awesome at teaching¬

    Next Level Guy 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • Being seasonally generous is just good advice.

    odul gursimsek 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • When I told my dad about the fennel chicken he smiled and said he would like to give that a go with a turkey for thanksgiving XD

    Nichelle Milkas 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • Bens obsession with fennel/aniseed/licorice flavours is getting a bit much. I hate the flavor and it seems like every recipe has some version of black licorice flavour in it. STOP PLEASE!!

    Martin Schoonbaert 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • I don't know who the 4 people are happy with sharing one chicken but I can eat a whole chicken after a hard day at work.

    CatMan22 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • Don't throw away the spine! I always put it in the oven with the rest of the bird then take it out to eat the skin as a snack for the cook.

    James Smith 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • Can someone tell me what chicken two ways is, I am confused.

    Chris 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • I thought you were supposed to put the butter under the skin

    Steph Brown 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • I keep a container in my freezer to save carrot peels, chicken bones, the leafy bits of celery and the butt ends of onions. Once I have three chickens worth of bones and a bunch of veg I make a big batch of bone broth in my large crock pot. I try to make something with chicken every week so I get a stash of bones pretty quickly. I’ll never go back to store bought broth. Homemade is far superior.

    styleme3375 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • I have better luck cutting the backbone out with an electric knife

    Doug Williams 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • My favorite easy chicken recipe is getting a rotisserie chicken from my local supermarket, or from costco.

    HydromaniacCat 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • More of Ben cooking, please. So sexy.

    FD 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • spatchcock is way better , the breasts are way less dry and the skin is so much crispier. i never cook it the old way now

    my name 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • I've tried your recipe yesterday evening and the result was delicious. I had to adjust for time and the next time the piri piri sauce has to be less spicy, but was a great success! Thanks!!

    ordinary life 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • I made the one with fennel and potatoes this evening. So freaking good!!

    Jennifer R 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • Ben, you did not just chuck that backbone in the bin!

    Iris Leones 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • I like to take my time and eat all the meat from the bones, it's always tender and tasty,

    Love Lou 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • Yum!

    Tracey Rice 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • So sad when he threw the bone 😭😭

    rakias 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • What other meats can you roast like this? My mom and I do meal-prep together (non traditional meal-prep) and my dad cant have poultry.

    Panda Lilly 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • I pop all my chicken carcasses into the freezer until i have enough to make a large stockpot's worth of broth. Then I can the broth into various sizes of jars to use for literally anything. Do the same thing with veg scraps, too.

    CanaryReads 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • I found that the first roasted chicken recipe left the sauced vegetables a little light on flavor. It was very monotone. Any suggestions for how to kick the flavor up a notch or two?

    Zachary Isom 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • So I want to cook one of these recipes but I’m having trouble navigating the apps? Is there a specific cookbook these are from?

    amengl1983 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • Roast duck fit for a king

    Trine Larson 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • I smoked out the oven using butter. Butter has a smoke point of about 150C. Afterward I had to clean the oven to stop everything tasting burnt.

    Andy H 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • @sortedfood I want to see an off shoot plot of Mike trying to romance Janice (yes I know it's him doing a funny voice) but failing miserably with Janice making snarky comments whenever he tries to be romantic.

    Dustin nonyabuisness 20/10/2022 pm10:59
  • I made one of those last night and it might be the best chicken I ever made… it was the spicy one! Potatoes were perfect!

    Renée Ledoux 20/10/2022 pm10:59