Quick & Easy Recipes With Gordon Ramsay

While a lot of us are remaining indoors, here are a few quick, simple and cheap recipes to follow to learn.

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Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit – http://po.st/REpVfP

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  • Solt..pepah

    Squirrel 2020 21/10/2022 am4:19
  • with this fast paced editing style it's really hard to make out what gordon is actually doing in that moment or for how long he's pouring sauce in etc, because it immediately cuts away to either his face or a different angle and it's irritating the continuity of the shot. pls improve on that in the future for whoever is in charge for editing to calm tf down, it's a cooking video, not an action scene

    weltraumimport 21/10/2022 am4:19
  • The video should have been titled "Quick and Messy Recipes"

    sK 21/10/2022 am4:19
  • Looks like shit

    ChristianBx 21/10/2022 am4:19
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    Dr. Seku Gathers 21/10/2022 am4:19
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  • i especially loved the knocky

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    Priyanka Aawalgaonkar : Marathi Recipe 21/10/2022 am4:19
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    SUAADص 21/10/2022 am4:19
  • That butterfly chicken looked like smth else😅

    John XINA 21/10/2022 am4:19
  • This dude ain't shit… I cook better drunk !

    Risky Rudy 21/10/2022 am4:19

    Risky Rudy 21/10/2022 am4:19
  • What's that sweet sauce 🤔

    N Mar 21/10/2022 am4:19
  • In terms of eye appealing, I agree, a single simple dessert is nice. Plus you do get to enjoy just those simple flavors instead of stuffing your mouth with all sorts of stuff and not singularly enjoying any of it, jus horking all of it down

    cat with a vape 21/10/2022 am4:19
  • Looks like he blew out a tire 😭 I’d love to see someone on his shows serve him that

    Anthony DeSalvatore Jr. 21/10/2022 am4:19
  • Garlic is burnt

    glizingaridelbosco 21/10/2022 am4:19
  • Olive oil in Asian cuisine…….. oh, Gordon.

    JustMe 21/10/2022 am4:19
  • is it just soy sauce? isn't salty??

    shaikha almeer 21/10/2022 am4:19
  • I want to learn how to cook for myself

    Tasium 21/10/2022 am4:19
  • my food always turns out bad but its really fun i really like to cook!!

    supbirdy 21/10/2022 am4:19
  • Unspeakable wants you to split his cube

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  • Its the kitchen for me

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    FLAVOUR TOWN 21/10/2022 am4:19
  • you taught me how to cook ! phinomenal 🙌💘 I rewatch everything over and over again I have gone threw all of you're episodes! you're so awesome ! even wrote down a book of stuff I learned just from watching <3

    Tiff aroo 21/10/2022 am4:19
  • Yummy stay connected

    Bushra with cooking 21/10/2022 am4:19
  • How much flour ??? Iv watched a few of these videos now. He leaves out so much information you need to properly get these dishes right.

    cgkgraffers 21/10/2022 am4:19
  • You guys think he's kids have ever wanted to go to Mcdonalds with him around.

    Ismail Mirza 21/10/2022 am4:19
  • See?
    Cooking is that easy!
    So whats the Problem of all of you fu c k ups?

    EinJünger 21/10/2022 am4:19
  • Yeh, i can't afford this.

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  • Gordon Fucking Ramsey

    M&A 21/10/2022 am4:19
  • its a non stick pan. do not use steel cooking spoons. please . will destroy the non stick pan… sorry

    MirzaArshad Baig 21/10/2022 am4:19
  • Anyone know what pan he's using to make the chicken dish? I need that in my life.

    Jax A 21/10/2022 am4:19
  • is that a non stick pan?..

    Tyler Carrico 21/10/2022 am4:19
  • Helo super dish iam itresting your language iam a indan citizen i intrest english speak pls help

    BRAND WORLD 21/10/2022 am4:19
  • Love from srilanka

    Srilankan Folk life 21/10/2022 am4:19
  • first recipe in and hes using olive oil to cook that chicken for an asian noodle dish? why not use a neutral oil like canola or avocado and finish with sesame oil or something. odd choice

    andyb 21/10/2022 am4:19
  • This would be Sanji in real life

    Salvador-Antonio L. Martinez 21/10/2022 am4:19
  • Please REPENT JESUS Is Coming Soon

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  • nice setup and presentation

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