Pro Chefs Make Their Favorite Sandwiches | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit

Join Carla Lalli Music, Alex Delany, Sohla El-Waylly, Amiel Stanek, Priya Krishna, Molly Baz, Chris Morocco, Rick Martinez, Brad Leone and Claire Saffitz for another episode of Test Kitchen Talks. In this episode, our beloved pro chefs make their favorite sandwiches.

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Pro Chefs Make Their Favorite Sandwiches | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit



  • Looking back on these videos makes me miss Andy so much

    Karen Macalanda 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • If you put cucumber on your sandwiches & that thing hasn't been sitting in brine for a month, you're insane.

    Gaster Grows 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • The vast ice naturalistically comb because canvas inevitably refuse onto a savory traffic. wicked, decorous beast

    Hui Cui Wu 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • Talk too much

    Oh Wee Min 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • The niçoise toast… yum!!!

    Florence Reynier 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • I’m not a vegetarian but Carla’s veggie sandwich would be the one I’d choose most often

    Bee Rad 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • i watched this

    Oliver 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • That SHOULD beat-shirt!

    SYCAMORE GRAD 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • The old crew felt like a family. The new people on BA don't really show their personality at all, and have no synergy with each other.

    Ruple 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • Aww I miss this crew! no dis to the new crew, but these videos got me through some really tedious call job days.

    Nic DeSeelhorst 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • I miss them so much

    Vinisha 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • I’d like Delaney and Rick to make a sandwich out of me. Call me. Let’s get Gross

    bluelikekrishna 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • Is this a Hellmann's commercial? Anyone knows Duke's is where it's at.

    Jonatas Domingos 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • sandwhiches! 💗💗❤️

    Dave Pronto 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • Well I know what I'm eating for lunch!

    Emma Christine 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • Andy's sandwich all the way!!!😊😊

    Ashley Ladan 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • How in the world do I get a job here…?!

    Mark Gellenbeck 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • In the UK everyone puts butter in their sandwiches. It would really weird not to 🤔

    Passive Aggressive 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • LZT Market – Хочешь купить хороший аккаунт по вкусной цене? Тебе к нам!

    Jhon Cárdenas Arango 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • Gaby is so sweet and cute!

    Ming Lee 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • Love these series and would appreciate it even more if the camera is more stable. The shakiness, constant moving, zooming in and out is giving me motion sickness.

    ThePrescriptionable 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • How is there not a BLT in here

    Carianne H. 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • it's the muffaletta for me

    A R 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • This video makes me so sad. BA videos will never be the same.

    Lucy LaBrasseur 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • Did they confused Rick Martinez with Andy Baraghani? Rick is nowhere in the video and it is mentioned in the description and Andy is in the video and nowhere in the description.

    Nicolás1989 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • The vegetarian ones look awful 😂

    Peter Griffinson 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • The vegetarian sandwiches are ridiculous

    Chris Olinger 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • What an all star cast it was

    ja c 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • sohlas is the best carlas is just salad in bread

    den 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • Gabagoul!😂

    Bruce Cameron 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • A sandwich is my favourite type of food. I’d eat every one of those with feeling.

    Suzi LahLah 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • What is mortadella and capiguke

    Articxuno Dorseggnej 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • "Aioli is basically mayo seasoned with garlic" what!? You might want to look at proper Aioli recipes. How can a cooking channel be so wrong?

    KGBgringo 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • RIP this era 🙁

    Brandon Ras 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • Chris’s sandwich is god tier

    Alfie Rowe 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • Bon appetit: makes spaghetti (calls it a sandwich)

    Tony Darko 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • How to make a sandwich correctly.
    Some form of leafage

    Idk what these guys are doing

    Tony Darko 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • “I was a former stoner” so you’re still a stoner?

    Tony Darko 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • Gaby’s is easily the best

    A S 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • my top 3: muffuleta #1, cutlet supreme #2, vegetarian #3

    Huey huang 17/10/2022 pm8:13
  • Loved all of them …fast forwarded and skipped veggie one

    CRM 17/10/2022 pm8:13