Pro Chefs Make Their 6 Favorite Potato Recipes | Chef Notes | Bon Appétit

Almost everyone has a preferred way to cook and eat potatoes, one of the most versatile ingredients a chef could ask for. On today’s Chef Notes our panel of 6 pros make their favorite potato recipes, from crispy smashed potatoes and potato chips to a Salad Niçoise and hearty potato pierogi.

0:00 Introduction
0:23 Chris’ Crispy Smashed Potatoes
3:29 Samantha’s Baked Potato
5:15 Susan’s Potato Chips
8:11 Brad’s Salad Niçoise
10:41 Rawlston’s Potato Salad
12:15 Harold’s Potato Pierogi

Director: Jeff Kornberg 
Editors: Robert Malone (Editor) / Paul Tael (AE)
Director of Photography: Ben Dewey & Kevin Dynia
Producer: Amanda Veitia
Associate Producer: Ness Kleino
Culinary Producer: Graciel Caces
Culinary Assistant: Jessica Do 
Camera Operator: Eric Brouse & Andrew Nowak
Audio: Kurt Seery

Post Production Supervisor: Stephanie Cardone
Associate Director, Post Production: Nicole Berg
Director of Talent: Carolyn Gagnon

Bon Appetit Video Team
June Kim 
Ali Inglese 
Dan Siegel 
Rhoda Boone
Carolyn Gagnon
Jonathan Wise
Holly Patton 
Myra Rivera
Billy Keenly

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  • What a rather dainty dish for Brad to make. I thought he was gonna bro out and make potato skins with bacon and cheddar or chili cheese fries.

    theironworker781 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • What Chris made is basically a Spanish dish called patatas bravas. Nothing new. Very tasty.

    theironworker781 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • Hispanic guy making pierogi! Awesome!

    theironworker781 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • i find brad leone very hot. I don't really know why.

    Isabel Stott 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • these recipes looks so delicious, i wan them so badly

    Crystal Stewart 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • Y'all are playing with me right now.. so you're gonna tell me NO ONE'S gonna say ANYTHING about the GRAPES!?!?!?! IN THE POTATO SALAD!?!??!
    ……. know what.. Imma head out.

    Kalihqa Brown 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • I just made the Morocco Potatoes and was blown away. I rarely cook potatoes because they are not really exciting and as a side I am more of a rice person (the earthiness of potatoes sometimes bothers me). His dish may have changed my mind. I used siracha as the hot sauce and I think it could have used a splash more vinegar, but it was still excellent. No offence to the other BA chefs, but Chris Morocco deserves so much credit as so many of his recipes have worked out for me; hands down the best recipe talent they have.

    Dan Brown 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • those potato chips look so so good omg

    Olivia 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • They don’t try each other’s and i die a little each time

    Moe H 16/10/2022 pm2:36

    M G 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • last dude was the legit only chef lol

    YaBoi Dongle 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • It's Pierogi, plural and singular – NOT pierogies. C'mon guys you know about food speak it right… jesus!

    IrradiatedMushroom 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • I'm scared of the mandolin 😬

    iPlayInMakeUp 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • These arent their favorite ways to cook a potato. Just a way to show different recipes

    Tyler Durden 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • grapes… potato salad…

    Victoria 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • ngl brad's salad looks really intense. i think i'd hate it

    superb frankie beans bonanza 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • When I fry the oil for the chips where do I put the oil? Do I have to dump it? Where do I dump it😳I will try these recipes

    jose ortiz 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • Now Rawlston…… 😂

    peace22luv1 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • I will definitely be making Harold's pierogo. Potatoes, Kielbasa and sauerkraut is one of my favorite meals. Genius!

    Beejay Swifter 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • Brad's look this episode Screamed "Middle-aged New Jersey man"

    Jessie B 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • The first recipe is a winner!

    ShawntellRene 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • I’ve been dipping my potatoes in sour cream and hot sauce for years, I feel so validated by Chris.

    Candace Fangirl 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • Oh, Harold! Thank you for your choice! My Slav soul is singing, when someone cooks pierogi (aka vareniki)

    Maria Staroselets 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • Sis has a lot of salt on them baked potatoes!

    Ling Pang 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • I made smashed potatoes because of this and they were so good.. im obsessed

    Kaila Ramos 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • 0:23 crispy smashed potatoes with chives, Sauce, Parmesan, bacon
    3:29 baked potato with sour cream
    8:11 salad niçoise
    12:15 potato pieroggi

    Noemi Dengel 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • If you ever have peel potatoes: don't throw away the peels. You can do Susan's potato chips with only peels. I love to just toss them into an air fryer with salt and a little smoked paprika.

    Lilly 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • I skipped straight to Harold

    Alex 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • the amount of salt she put on those baked potatoes looked excessive, and I immediately concluded it was appropriate and great idea

    Wyatt Dowling 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • Did homie put grapes in the tata salad? That’s 7 years bad luck! The ancestors would Never… lmao

    L capo 👟 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • Has anyone tried not washing off the starch before frying? In my experience of frying potatoes, the starch doesn't really stop crisping (potatoes are made of starch so once you wash away the first layer, your just left with the next layer of starch anyway). What does stop crisping is the water you left on after washing. So my advice would be, don't bother. Save your 6 paper towels and freezing hands and 15 minutes of your life in which you could earn far more than the cost of buying a bag of crisps (or chips as they say in the colonies).

    Leonhard Euler 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • That baked potato cannot be edible…

    Leonhard Euler 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • There is absolutely no potatoes in a "Salade Niçoise".

    Le Couv 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • I have been making pierogies wrong for YEARS

    bvbfangirl778 16/10/2022 pm2:36
  • Add all the bacon 🥓

    Ana B 16/10/2022 pm2:36