Pro Chefs Make Chicken Wings 7 Ways | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit

Join pro chefs Brad Leone, Tiana Gee, Kendra Vaculin, DeVonn Francis, Chris Morocco, Harold Villarosa, and Jessie YuChen in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as they prepare 7 of their favorite chicken wing recipes. Whether putting out that crucial buffet for the big game, adding a new entry to your wing arsenal, or holding a mid-winter chicken wing eating competition, these recipes will help put you over the top and into the host hall of fame.

0:00 Introduction
0:43 Brad’s Salt-Brined and Baked Wings with Blue Cheese
4:21 Tiana’s Memphis-Style Dry-Rubbed Wings with Alabama White Sauce
7:25 Kendra’s Karaage-Style Chicken Wings
10:47 DeVonn’s Sticky Tamarind-Glazed Wings
14:45 Chris’s Southern Fried Chicken Wings
18:09 Harold’s Duck Fat-Confit Wings with Banana Ketchup
21:12 Jessie’s Five-Spice-Braised Wings with Cola Glaze
24:52 Tiana, The Party, and Priorities

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  • ka-ra-a-ge.

    Jonas Köbele 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • Chickens don’t have cell walls

    Esther Duh 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • Drums have the best flavor.

    Pandorae Eris 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • waings

    Pandorae Eris 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • Tiana making this Memphis boy proud with those wings.

    crackilator 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • Not that I don't believe them but I'd prefer an unbiased opinion on how the dishes turned out

    Ezrad Lionel 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • I want it all

    Gabrielle mesmo 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • The old crew was way better and more entertaining

    Suro Churro 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • Why do so many remove the wing tips??? I think that they are yummy nuggets of crunchy goodness that go to waste!

    vegasrenie 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • I wish others would stop by, chat and taste test. What happened? New rules?

    N M 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • Do you think we could fry braised wings ¬‿¬

    Precious Douglas 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • Brad you wrong for that white and bland chicken wing

    KID dream 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • the first wings needed a lil bit more baking, fam.

    Rosie 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • Mexican coke using sugar vs HFCS is a myth

    B K 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • They didn't look 'done' after 45 mins to me.

    Ms. S.E 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • 1:55 Since when do chicken cells have cell walls? lmao

    Stephen 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • We agree with Kendra, fried wings are the best!

    Ray Ray & Dad Dad 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • Chris is my idol!

    Lauren Pelaez 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • Alabama white sauce,,,that's a first

    Larry Dunn 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • Really only 2 people actually fried it. I’m genuinely surprised

    WillMarcC 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • I dont know why but i didnt expect tgat tiana is pinay i though more like jamaican or so

    RoadToStang 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • Tiana, im down with piercings and streatchings but your earrings are freaking us out. My kid thinks the ferengi would be far to into it.

    Mara Engelson 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • Kendra is unnecessary. U can literally make everything she makes by watching other videos of people color, bc that all she does. She lit either steals that or makes watered down vers-but she’s good optics. She’s prob paid more than everyone else too.

    shockalockabocka 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • that dry rub wing looks to die for

    Courtney 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • Pittsburgh PA style dry seasoned wings: whole wings, salted a day early and dried, deep fry, toss in paper bag with dry seasoning of garlic powder, chili powder, cumin, salt, pepper, onion powder, dip of blue cheese or ranch, serve with franks, celery and carrot sticks. P.S. a tiny sprinkle of Chinese 5 spice in the dry seasoning is a “je ne se quoi“ moment

    cattailsforlunch 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • Chris pulling out the Crystal hot sauce just put him a whole tier of legendary.

    peace22luv1 17/10/2022 am7:09

    KaSeana Williams 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • Look good

    Esmeralda Roman 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • I didn't hear anything Tiana said… I got lost in her beauty, sorry not sorry ❤️

    Angel Rodriguez 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • Stop eating yourself to literally death! Go veg! Cauliflower wings are the bomb!

    Simmy indc 17/10/2022 am7:09

    Chanelle Lockhart 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • no one is doing confit wings.

    Robert Young 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • BA just isn't the same as it used to be…. all the fun candor is missing. Everything seems so rationalized.

    Orpheus 17/10/2022 am7:09
  • I've been pronouncing karaage like garage

    whyisthenameMOtaken 17/10/2022 am7:09