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Watch & Enjoy Pizza (4K UHD) Full Movie with 5.1 Audio Exclusively on Sri Balaji Video. Starring Vijay Sethupathi, Ramya Nambeesan, Story – Screenplay & Directied By Karthik Subbaraj, Produced By Suresh Kondeti, Music Composed by Santosh Narayan.

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Story: Michael (Vijay Sethupathy) is a pizza delivery boy and has a live-in relationship with Anu (Ramya Nambeesan). Anu is interested in ghosts and spirits where as Michael is afraid of such things. Anu gets pregnant and it forces Michael to marry her secretly in their house. Daughter of his Pizza joint owner is possessed by a spirit. One fine night, Michael is sent to deliver a Pizza and he lands up in a spooky place. Rest of the story is all about what happened in that place and how Michael came out of it.



  • Dungy

    Srilekha ig😂 24/10/2022 am4:12
  • Pizza boys should not enter into customers house .when they are not paying n time is up,go back n inform to the boss.

    Lazar Reddy 24/10/2022 am4:12
  • @sriBalajiMovies Pls Update 5.1 audio….🥺🤧

    akshay akshu 24/10/2022 am4:12
  • Update 5.1 Audio @sriBalajiMovies🥺

    akshay akshu 24/10/2022 am4:12
  • E movie vachi chala years iyena 2022 sep lo chusanu so chala bayam vesundhi change kosam ebadhi padthunapude doubt vachindhi amo avuthundhi so but entha horror untadhi anukoledhu thira edhi antha acting anesariki shock
    vijayshethupathy sir acting superb
    asalu nenu room lo lock iyee seen
    motham bayaniki channel change chesthu chusanu

    asalu nenu hero vijayshethupathy sir ane gurthu pataledhu chala young unadu but ending artham kaledhu☺

    J Vasundhara 24/10/2022 am4:12
  • Hindi dubbed kaha milega

    Suraj Neet Aispirent 24/10/2022 am4:12
  • Take part 2 it will be super

    marri siva 24/10/2022 am4:12
  • Fuck off all 😂

    Mohan Mahesh 24/10/2022 am4:12
  • Nenu theater lo chusa bayya appudu naku 17 years untai
    pant tadichipoindi bayyoo
    Ippudu ea hero pedda star ⭐
    Vijay sethupathi❤️❤️

    copy cat 24/10/2022 am4:12
  • Dubbbing assalu set avaaledhu bro

    Jithendra Sainath 24/10/2022 am4:12
  • Proud to be Say This Am Fan Of Vijay Sethupathi From This Movie…. 2012 ❤️

    Pavan Darling 24/10/2022 am4:12
  • 9i0loko

    VINOTH Chandran 24/10/2022 am4:12
  • Hindi dubbed kha milegi

    Allah ka sukr hai 24/10/2022 am4:12
  • Hindi dubbed please

    Kshirod Bihari Parna 24/10/2022 am4:12
  • Vijay Setupathi

    GAMING🎮 WITH ZIII 🔥 24/10/2022 am4:12
  • Ee cinemalo vijay sethupathi gariki shivaji garu dubbing chepparu & Aadukulam naren gariki nagababu garu dubbing chepparu.

    Vamsivardhan fedricks 24/10/2022 am4:12
  • Damn!!!!! That was thrilling

    Monalisa HTG 24/10/2022 am4:12
  • Last he really locked or wt

    lucky 24/10/2022 am4:12
  • Vijay sethupathi hairstyle fans like here

    lucky 24/10/2022 am4:12

    Uday Rajiv24@gmail. com 24/10/2022 am4:12
  • Briliyant movie 🔥🔥✨

    Rocky Bhai 24/10/2022 am4:12
  • Y south people gv so much respect and honour chiranjivi his acting is a garbage shit and stil mking film wat a shame 4 z youngsters

    Reaz Joynaboodin 24/10/2022 am4:12
  • 32.30

    Vinay Reddy 24/10/2022 am4:12
  • Superb thrilling movie Vijay sethupathi acting… Horror anukunna plan ani ardam indi ending ardam kaledhu yevarina cheppara esari cheppina story ye Nijam avuthunda…

    Nikki Nikitha naidu 24/10/2022 am4:12
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    Mohammed Vikhas 24/10/2022 am4:12
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