Piece of bread falling over

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Musik in diesem Video



  • This is truly art

    Le Cat 24/10/2022 pm2:11

    DylanCatMeow Cat 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • Understandable.

    Mr. Chummington 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • "piece of bread falling over"
    4.5 million people: HMMM INTERESTING

    Langodan 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • Bread falls me dying of laughter and crying of laughter

    Skitplays 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • What the hell is this?

    Gold 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • In the far future aliens will find this and believed our society worshiped bread as a deity.

    Kryo: Ruler of the Ninth Circle of Hell 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • Why is my humor broken? It's 6 am and I haven't slept

    Học bài đi! 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • Bread: falls over
    Me: YEET

    please nightbot dont delete my comments 2 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • 0% Nudity
    0% Guns
    0% Drugs
    100% Bred

    some person 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • Love you mom

    Gavin Grant 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • Bread👍🏻

    JAAMUN 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • bread

    TurtleKnightzz 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • My mom thinks im crazy

    Teeny Froog 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • A peace of art, Magnificent.

    HowdyNick132 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • Shame for calling a slice of bread a piece of bread

    Melissa-May 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • i started laughing before I clicked on the video 💀

    HamII 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • Bread : fall

    grassperrys [DD] ( blade wolf ) 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • By this time I have been trained for years. Wait for me, bread. Duel time.

    DondurmanınGazabı 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • I've never laughed at something stupid before

    MKPL4YZYT 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • WHY?

    Timy Sniper 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • The suspense and drama! The best 0:13 seconds of my life! 😂

    Scott C. Bodenstedt 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • Most dramatic scene ever

    Deezbeez 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • I think the reason a lot of people are laughing at this is since they think the bread is so clumsy to fall flat on it’s face like a funny fail vine. Thoughts?

    Red Leader 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • This video almost choked me out😂😂😂😂

    Rattè Lord 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • Around 4M views just to see a piece of bread falling hehe!

    PASTEL SKY 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • this should be a "100% will laugh" video

    funnyface 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • Bred

    | NEKUSAR | 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • If I had the authority, I would award this video the funniest video on YouTube award.

    4 LeafZilla 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • realized that this video came out in the SAME day as my favorite video.

    BugalkinBestSpectral 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • Boys assemble bread bread bread bread breads

    Rebecca La Lanne 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • After this bread fell down, I felt all emotions by the cosmic scale. I perceived things I could have never Imagined, I seen the future. My life has changed, I am glad that this bread has the power to change everyone's lives, this piece of bread is on par with the spinning cockroach. Truly an magnificent piece of art, truly something created my God himself. This bread is simplified humor to the point where everyone can laugh.

    JCuArts 2018 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • 😴

    Zach Daniels 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • i never thought i would learn so much from youtube.

    It’z Bun-bun 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • inspirator

    Shuinnie 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • Bruh the flopping😂😂

    Mr. scribble 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • my sense of humor is flipped up😭😭😭

    Fadzai Mapondera 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • Silent Hill confirmed!?

    Mr. Nasty 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • I found someone who doesn't find it funny and was concerned about my mental state. where and when will the assassination start?

    Dalibor Morarevic 24/10/2022 pm2:11

    Robyn Bergeron 24/10/2022 pm2:11
  • I remember when I watched this clip while I was baked was laughing my ass off for a solid 5 mins

    99’ FPS 24/10/2022 pm2:11