Perfect TEMPURA Batter at Home | Japanese Recipe

Hey guys! Have you guys ever tried Tempura? A lot of Japanese people don’t like deep-frying tempura at home because of how much oil splashes in the kitchen- so today I thought I’d take the opportunity to show you my own healthier version that you don’t need to deep-fry! Check it out!

I hope you enjoy and tell me what recipes you want to see in the comments!

00:00 Intro
00:46 Prepare your Tempura Ingredients
03:31 Make your Tempura Batter
04:16 Pan-Frying our Tempura
06:52 Let’s Eat!
09:14 Champ’s Question Corner

(You can make tempura out of many different things but here’s what I used in the video:)
– Whole Large Shrimp (Prawns)
– Yellowtail fillet
– One Carrot
– Bunch of Ao-jiso (green perilla) leaves
– ½ Beetroot

For Batter:
– 6tbsp of flour
– 3tbsp potato starch (cornstarch)
– one egg
– 130ml of chilled soda-water

For Ten-tsuyu
– 130ml dashi fish stock (store-bought is fine)
– 30ml of soy sauce
– 30ml of mirin
– ¼ Grated Daikon Radish

How to make:
– Start by preparing the shrimp by removing the shells (it’s easiest to pull them off just beneath the legs), you can leave the tails on!
– Next, make a cut down the back of the shrimp and devein it by pulling out the black line, pull the shrimp away from the black line as you hold it down with your knife (not all shrimp have this so don’t worry if you can’t find it!)
– Make some small slices down the length of the shrimp and then flatten it with your knife (this will prevent it from curling up when you fry)
– Next prepare your other ingredients – I sliced a fillet of yellow-tail into bite size chunks, I also had some pre-cut squid which I decided to fry too!
– To make kaki-age (mixed vegetable tempura), cut one carrot into thin strips, cut two ao-jiso leaves into small pieces, slice ½ onion into thin strips and add them all to a bowl
– I also peeled ½ beetroot and cut that into bite sized chunks – you can do lots of different vegetables like pumpkin or eggplant if you want

– Next, prepare your batter – chill some mixing bowls and add an ice-cube (keeping everything cold will prevent your batter becoming too sticky)
– Add 6 tbsp of cake flour, 3 tbsp of potato (or cornstarch), mix one beaten egg with 130ml of chilled soda water and then mix all those ingredients (be careful not to over mix!)
– Heat 2 tbsp of grape-seed oil in a frying pan over a medium heat, dip your ingredients into the batter (shake off any excess) and fry for 3 minutes on each side until golden brown for sea-food or until you see a nice fried colour for the vegetables
– For the kaki-age, add your cut up ingredients into your remaining mixture (add some flour if the batter has become too watery) – give it a mix and then add about a spoonful of your mix to the frying pan. Flatten it with a spatula and cook on both sides until golden-brown,
– Once fried, place your tempura onto a rack to cool (you can also use paper towels)

– To make a ten-tsuyu dipping sauce – add 130ml of dashi fish stock, 30ml of soy sauce, 30ml of mirin to a sauce-pan and simmer for a few minutes over a low heat
– It is also common to serve tempura with grated daikon radish, I grated around ¼ of a radish after peeling off the skin

– Plate up your tempura and serve with your ten-tsuyu, daikon radish and salt!



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