Just showing you how I made this super tasty Roasted Chicken and Potatoes
#roastedchickenandpotatoes #ovenbakedhickenandpotatoes #roastedchicken


4 Chicken leg quarters (soft chicken)



1 tbsGarlic Powder

2 Tablespoons Vegetable Oil

1 tbsp Onion Powder

1 tbsp Smoked Paprika

1 tsp Dried Thyme

1 tsp Oregano

1 tbs Onion Powder

1 tbsp Chicken seasoning
/Stock cubes (I used Knorr Chicken Bouillon cubes)

Salt to taste

Oven temperature: 170°C / 340°F

#ovenbakedchickenandpotatoes #roastedchickenandpotatoes #roastedchicken




    Sisi Jemimah's Recipes 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • Thank you for this recipe! It looks delicious I will be making this tonight ☺️

    Aysha Tanem 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • I tried it and it was amazing😮‍💨

    Chileshe Chisanga 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • Don't ever put carrots, the whole chicken now tastes like a big carrot!!

    fayaz rohan 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • The ease at which these videos are explanatory is mind blowing. Even as a guy I can’t believe I just made this 😅 chai…onto the next one!

    Al Casino 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • Great recipe. Could it be done in the air fryer?

    Ana Munoz 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • What are the measurements for the spices

    Grisel Simonds 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • I followed this recipe and the veggies didn't cook thru all the way so the potatoes were basically inedible

    Icky 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • Looks delicious.

    XxBlksnshnxX 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • absolutely delicious!!! I did this recipe in my air fryer and it came out grate too!! glad I did it with the oven first though…i did the carrots separate and added a tiny bit of honey though. my kids don't like carrots so I have to come up with inventive ways to get them to try them.

    Mariah Brooker 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • Very nice

    Hun Anny cooking Khmer and Thai food 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • My veggies were not baking at this temperature. I changed the temp to 425 F and they cooked finally.

    Kelly Vlogs 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • I’m hungry

    J B 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • Hello dear
    Woooow a tempting recipe 😋😋you cooked looks so yummy and delicious 👌🌹the results are just mind-blowing 👍🌷👍

    Arfa Cooks & Vlog 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • Making this for my love before I go into work the evening. But I’m doing Turkey thighs, with potatoes, carrots, and brussel sprouts.

    Tnisha Greene 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • This is soooo delicious! Thank you🫶

    Linda Alvarez 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • Tried it today. Everyone LOVED it. Thanks.

    paul Hicks 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • Love the video, you are a star! Keep the fab work up 🙂

    A1234B 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • Tnx it's really delicious

    Nardos Solomon 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • It looks delicious

    Little T-Bee 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • new favorite 😍

    Mary Jimenez 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • I tried this recipe and it was AMAZING! I have cooked it many times since and this recipe will be one I use for many years to come. Thank you so much and God bless you!

    Katlyn Soto 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • Wonderful!

    Elsa Loïs Ndombeson 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • looks delicious . thank you .

    Sima Tavakoli 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • I like that you are using gloves. It is more higenic

    angie 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • im new to your channel.
    loved the reccipie..

    Shelly O 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • Looks absolutely delicious!

    John Dyck 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • Disgusting and Bland. I waited all day for this. Vile recipe. Will be unsubscribing.

    Samra Khaliq 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • I did this recipe just now…and i added salt. (Dont ask about the taste, i havent tasted it coz it will be my food tomrw at work.😅) but the smell is soooo good. 😋🤤🤤

    Esther Hagnaya 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • I make this often! I just cut the carrots smaller. Its delish. ☺️Thank you.

    Black Panther 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • Can somebody tell me oven timing and temperature?

    Nida Saleem 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • Sounds and looks very good.
    I have a question because it says 1 Tbls onion powder, then later it says 1 tsp onion powder, is it both, or one or the other?

    L J 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • Hi how much salt did you add ?

    Zahirah 21/10/2022 am3:50
  • a wonderful recipe, very tasty and easy to prepare! Thanks for the video!

    Matthew Ross 21/10/2022 am3:50