Perfect Pizza at Home

How To Make Pizza & Tomato Sauce for Spaghetti Pizza Recipe [ASMR]
お家で簡単手作りピザ の作り方 [Eating sound] No Oven Without Oven
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●● Recipe (レシピ):
– 800g Tomatoes
– High heat 30 seconds
– 10ml Olive oil
– 20g Unsalted butter
– 15g Garlic
– 80g Onion
– Medium heat 5 minutes
(中火 5分)
– 50ml Water
– 1Tsp Salt
– 18g Sugar
– 50g Ketchup
– 1Tsp Dried Oregano
– 1Tsp Dried Basil
– Black pepper
– Low heat 30 minutes
(弱火 30分)
– 1Tsp Instant dry yeast
– 10g Sugar
– 100ml Warm water
– Wait for 10 minutes
– 150g Bread flour
– 10ml Olive oil
– 1/2Tsp Salt
– Knead for 20 minutes
– Olive oil
– Rise for 1 hour
– Bread flour
– 100g Tomato sauce
– 100g Mozzarella cheese
– Salami
– Black olive
– Bake at 220℃ for 10 minutes
(220℃ – 10分焼く)
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