Perfect Homemade Barbacoa Tacos (2 Ways)

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We’re making the meats, we’re makin the tacos, and last but not least we’ve got a beautiful torta as well. This homemade style comes without digging any holes in your backyard. We’ve got the meatiest, juiciest barbacoa you can make, all while staying the comforts of your own kitchen.


Dutch Oven:

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    Joshua Weissman 21/10/2022 pm9:00
  • I just cooked this. Holy shit. This meat make you sleep.

    Patrick Tudor 21/10/2022 pm9:00
  • I think I’ll just make a run down to my taco dealer🌮🌮🌮🌮 this seems like a 50 kilo run of heroin across the border with Cheech and Chong sitting in the backseat would be easier.

    Robin Taylor 21/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Just a sandwich
    F that
    I want a meal

    King 21/10/2022 pm9:00
  • This how I eat a barbacoa

    Ulises Hernandez 21/10/2022 pm9:00
  • You should do Cochinita Pibil tortas!

    Moi Chamoy 21/10/2022 pm9:00
  • why you didnt use pressure cooker instead oven six hours in pressure cooker takes one hour

    Casper Parker 21/10/2022 pm9:00
  • are you gay chef ?

    Casper Parker 21/10/2022 pm9:00
  • What do you do with the cooking liquid at the end?!?!?!

    Chris N. 21/10/2022 pm9:00
  • To be fair I rather eat the one in the whole with agave leaves around it…. It’s better then yours, but your is ok my wife’s making your recipe from this video

    LOS FATHER'S OF BASS inc. 21/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Soooo you have no idea how to cut an onion?

    Will Rector 21/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Would you use the left over stock for anything?

    SONerific 21/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Milgauss Joshua? Interesting choice!

    DDayDingo 21/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Gail the snail mashes meat.

    Brannon Williams 21/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Great video, but why did you pour the salsa across!? My ocd can't handle that.

    Luis 21/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Most grandmas in Mexico don't wrap beef cheeks in agave leaves and bury it underground.. they use a croc pot, so this is actually more authentic than you think XD

    PhantomSavage 21/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Honestly I would try to cut down the agave leafs to fit it in the pot just to get that favor it’s gives from the nectar…… I think I’m going to do one with and without agave leaf

    DHBryan 21/10/2022 pm9:00
  • I need this

    Explore with Grachie 21/10/2022 pm9:00
  • You need to check out Leroy and Lewis BBQ for the best barbacoa there is. They have a YouTube channel, also Chuds BBQ

    Traylor Kart Tech 21/10/2022 pm9:00
  • the torta is a bit of an aberration but so is mexico w/e

    Patricio Callejo 21/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Never recommend this Channel.

    UF Gator 21/10/2022 pm9:00
  • If you want the verde salsa a little more spicy add Fresno chilis

    Slow Brew 21/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Duuuuude…supposed to use beef cheeks. Or maybe that’s just a Texas thing.

    Technophile Psychonaut 21/10/2022 pm9:00
  • not bad i must say, ive eaten many of these growing up and this is damn near exact, love the torta version the best!

    Maya Badger 21/10/2022 pm9:00
  • This man and his food porn

    Rei Rei 21/10/2022 pm9:00
  • I respect your honesty but barbacoa is mainly made with a full goat braised nvm obispo or pansa witch are made out of the leftover and in all the cooking, you are a great chef but you’re wrong in turns of the cloture and any of the layers

    Erik Napoles 21/10/2022 pm9:00
  • I truly hope every time Josh makes sweet passionate love, he starts it with "Let the entrance begin"

    and claps afterwards

    electronbabies 21/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Thank’s for this awesome récipé !
    What’s the use of a ice bath ? Why not just put it in the fridge ?

    Frederic FreddyFreddo 21/10/2022 pm9:00
  • What if I don’t have the chilis?

    Michael Flip Yingling 21/10/2022 pm9:00
  • I'm heading to buy the ingredients right now this looks amazing! 👌

    Silent Neo 21/10/2022 pm9:00