Perfect Grilled Chicken with Hazelnut Pesto

#Shorts #HazelnutPesto #Pesto #Grilled Chicken

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  • Ah, s t t u n i n g!

    Ginger Monroe 25/10/2022 am9:35
  • I think I wanna come live with you OR I’d like to be right there when you cook anything. You’re a very good teacher. Thank you.

    sherry siedlecki 25/10/2022 am9:35
  • Pehhhhhhpahhhhh 😅that’s saying the spice without sneezing 🤧

    S M 25/10/2022 am9:35
  • Yummy Yummy Yummy. Im leaning a lot from you, it's great 👍 👌 🥀🥀🥀🇦🇺

    Brad Butterly 25/10/2022 am9:35
  • You did it again 👏Girl I 🫶🏾 you 🥰😊

    Briank Kyles 25/10/2022 am9:35
  • Lovely 🌹🌹🌹

    allister jed lanting 25/10/2022 am9:35
  • Oh my goodness!😋

    Isa Men 25/10/2022 am9:35
  • So so beautiful!

    Randy schneider 25/10/2022 am9:35
  • I don't believe in marriage today….but I would marry her in a second……I am in love.

    ROOF DOCTORS 25/10/2022 am9:35
  • Imagine her double strokin 😫💦

    Trey4x4 25/10/2022 am9:35
  • so cute

    !!!!???? 25/10/2022 am9:35
  • Friggin amazing!

    Lory Earles 25/10/2022 am9:35
  • It's the drill Sargeant energy for me!

    Ankit Sood 25/10/2022 am9:35
  • I'd listen to her all day hot, food looks good yummy too💖💖💖💖💖

    Gary Tom 25/10/2022 am9:35
  • Salt and pepper that's all you need yeah okay but you have a blessed day

    ali aluqdah 25/10/2022 am9:35
  • Lemon in Pesto ????? 🤢😵✋

    Lo Zimba 25/10/2022 am9:35
  • She's 50yrs old…..still smoking hot….Making me think about going back on my word to get involved with Canadian women again….

    Daye Walker 25/10/2022 am9:35
  • Looks gd

    Cheryl Gaston 25/10/2022 am9:35
  • This sounds ridiculously fantastic I'll take two please.

    oscar ordunez 25/10/2022 am9:35
  • **wispers** garlic 🫣🤫😋

    Meg Taglialatellas 25/10/2022 am9:35
  • Selling the sizzle sister..keep up the good work!😁🇨🇦👍

    vwwrenchie 25/10/2022 am9:35
  • Ahhhhhhe white women 🤎😍

    RESIDENTE FIRME!! 25/10/2022 am9:35
  • No seasonings no flavor. I can't eat white chicken. 😫

    ariamason 25/10/2022 am9:35
  • To taste

    آمال منصور 25/10/2022 am9:35
  • This lady is gorgeous and fabulous. I could watch her all day.

    Shelly M 25/10/2022 am9:35
  • So simple, love how she makes recipes easy. Love the "gahlik" especially when she whispers!

    Wray Wray 25/10/2022 am9:35
  • I want to live with her so I can try all the delicious food. Everything you make looks so freakin delicious!

    Love.wildly.Live.fearlessly. 25/10/2022 am9:35
  • You can never overcook chicken in my eyes

    J M 25/10/2022 am9:35