People are Crazy For Street French Fries | Chicago & OPTP Fries | Aloo Chips at Karachi Food Street

Pakistan’s Best Street French Fries at Saddar Mobile Market Karachi. People are Crazy for OPTP & Chicago Style French Fires in Karachi Food Street. Best Fries with amazing Sauce in Chicago Style.

Address: Back to Star City Mall, Saddar Mobile Market Karachi Pakistan

Price : Cheese Pizza Fries (Small One 120 Rupees)
Double Cheese Pizza Fries (Big One 250 Rupees)

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    Rashida Hussain 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • I'll hold on the drywall dust in my fries thanks

    Matthew Lucas 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • हमारे यहाँ इतनी 20 रुपए में मिलती हैं

    ZIYAURRHMAN RAHI 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • It looks delicious except why is that man touching every piece of food with his bare hand 😐

    Elo V Nuleaf 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • Wowww

    Learn with Pranjali 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • Eating More freanch fries is poison for human being and very dangerous for children

    rakshit jani 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • Only problem is hygiene rest is all good 👍

    Aakarshit Srivastava 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • عمل روعه جذأ

    هيثم الريمي 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • Nice technique of cutting potatoes.

    Extremely Tasty Foods 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • There were some rotten pieces in there 🙁

    Fishing. 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • Wat is the whitish powder put after potato slicing

    tendai madamombe 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • He works with money and food but he wears a useless mask.

    Moses Manaka 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • bakwasss

    S Aa 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • Price ?

    YAZ00 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • My dream is to keep eating and traveling the world forever, a non-stop adventure! I live to travel, and I know you do too! I love eating street foods and culinary treats while learning about new cultures!

    Pakistani street food 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • White powder kon sa he???

    हिंदी कहानियां व कथाएं 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • Gives me the masal recipes tips

    Abdullah Hasan 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • Location

    Muhammad umair Muhammad Aslam 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • Very few fries .i won't never buy from them.i prepare fries at home.

    Abdelali Sadni 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • Whats the powder flavor they using?

    Jeff Gacus 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • YouTube is recommending this video too late (after 1 year)

    NO NAME 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • Chips mayai better than french fries

    Ngasa Julius 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • Very nice video 👍

    Ghume Hussain Tv 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • Fries are love ❤️ 😍

    Umestic Vlogs 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • She sure is putting ONLY a SMALL amount n those trays. All those fries r gonna go bad, because u can ONLY KEEP them a LIL WHILE. They made SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MANY FRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIES! 😱😱😱😱😱😱🥶🥶🧐🧐🧐🧐🥶🥶🥶😳

    Dellisha L Johnson 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • 🤤

    Mohsin Khan 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • would you like to say me address any body….?

    Moin Rasheed 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • What are you doing to those French fries? You won't even be able to taste the potatoes.

    Jeff Pinion 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • Antri2

    TV HIBLUNER 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • Women don't like french fries? Where are they?

    Dorcolac Dorcolac 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • What is white souce , i want to start

    Vijay ROCKING 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • Exposed crumbling cement wall touching the bowl containing fries in the opening shot, but it’s fine they have hairnets and masks…

    vawiesYGO 26/10/2022 am9:50
  • Very good ☺

    cooking vlogs with imran 26/10/2022 am9:50