Pastrami Roast Chicken | Hit The Kitch with Molly Baz

Hit The Kitch with Molly Baz as she makes the iconic Pastrami Roast Chicken from her NYT bestseller, Cook This Book!

Most people shy away from tackling a whole roasted chicken when in reality, the roast chicken is one of the simplest, most hands off chicken tricks in the book. Crank the oven, rub her down and let her roast in until golden brown and schmaltzy. Tune in to this ep and let Molly teach you the rest!

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Ingredients :
2 large red onions
2 garlic head
1/2 cup dill leaves

Extra virgin olive oil
Freshly ground black pepper
1 tbsp sweet paprika
1 tbsp light brown sugar
Dijon mustard, for serving

1 4 lb whole chicken
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Producer / Director: Evan Robinson
Editor / Graphics: Mack Johnson
Producer: Ben Persky

Photographers: Peden + Munk
Food Stylist: Christopher St. Onge
Prop Stylist: Eli Jaime



  • sorry for the absurdly long hiatus, SO PUMPED TO BE BACK!!!!!!

    Molly Baz 22/10/2022 pm1:45
  • Love the Abbie Hoffman reference with the cookbook, which is fantastic btw.

    TD Bell III 22/10/2022 pm1:45
  • Yayyyyyyyyy!! She’s back!

    DeSean Payne 22/10/2022 pm1:45
  • I'm always entranced by Molly. But at the beginning of the video, she touched raw chicken and then proceeded to contaminate her kitchen.

    Bani Niba 22/10/2022 pm1:45
  • You have a channel!

    limoncello 22/10/2022 pm1:45
  • I’ve really missed my regular dose of Molly Baz. I’m terrible at cooking, but Molly makes it seem really accessible.

    Shaye Eller 22/10/2022 pm1:45
  • I love how many boxes of salt she has!

    Michelle P 22/10/2022 pm1:45
  • Just finished making this recipe! Top notch! Those onions……… 🔥

    jjsyoutubechannel 22/10/2022 pm1:45
  • Molly, love your cookbook. I have been wondering if this recipe can be modified to make a killer thanksgiving turkey. Any advice?

    Michelle Sellke 22/10/2022 pm1:45
  • shaking cam, Im outie

    John Tambascio 22/10/2022 pm1:45
  • because a crispy burrito is a chimi changa?

    Tim Melton 22/10/2022 pm1:45
  • Molly! Girl I missed you! I especially missed learning the “why” of cooking techniques! Glad to have you and Tuna back ❤

    Noorepi 22/10/2022 pm1:45
  • kitchen tour please 🫶

    Shiraz de Vreede 22/10/2022 pm1:45
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  • Love this style of video Molly!

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  • I totally love and get the vibes!! The food, the Weinies, the friends, the salt…. Perfection!! Will 100% be watching every single video!!!

    nikki dozier 22/10/2022 pm1:45
  • Made this Monday and it was delicious. Already making it again on Sunday. Thanks for the recipe!

    Dan C 22/10/2022 pm1:45
  • ‘You should crust that up, it will make it so much better’ what a SHEF ✨

    Jazzy Rivera 22/10/2022 pm1:45
  • Is this a 100% Molly affair or is this channel owned by Bon Appetite in some capacity?

    Croissants & Coffee 22/10/2022 pm1:45
  • Yum! I can't wait to make this. I love all the hot dudes helping.

    Rachel Frost 22/10/2022 pm1:45
  • Molly. Happy you’re back. What knife are you using.

    Meya Bella 22/10/2022 pm1:45
  • Kinda look like a blonde Dakota Johnson. Even the talking is similarly creative in nature to her.

    Jen 22/10/2022 pm1:45
  • Girl gots that chicken juice in her hair in the first 2 mins 😍😍

    Valhalla When I Die 22/10/2022 pm1:45
  • I followed you from the test kitchen. Thank you for your return. I approve of this content. Love the laid back vibe and dynamic of people coming in off cam. Love the teacher student vibes too. Just it’s all money. Keep going. ❤

    S B 22/10/2022 pm1:45
  • So delighted to see you again. Yes, you have been missed dearly. Totally understand & respect that you took time to ‘get your shit together’. Smart move. Love the casual, homey, comfortable format – husband & brothers appreciated. This is exactly how home cooking takes place. Hope-to see much more of your shenanigans. Wishing you the best of all things good! 💐

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  • I loved you at BA. But this is not a poor production, the video quality is bad, the camera handling as well. Bad sound. I will wait for the quality to become better

    Sebastian 1 22/10/2022 pm1:45
  • love to see videos from Molly again! This chicken looks amazing. One little 'criticism' is that the camera was a bit shaky at points which made me a little dizzy. Other than that I think it's great you are back and can't wait to see more of your recipes! 😀

    Nicos Kefalas 22/10/2022 pm1:45
  • love u bae but pls get a tripod or smth im getting dizzy

    chloe lai 22/10/2022 pm1:45
  • Molly…please stop telling us to use Diamond Crystal salt 🤦🏽‍♂️. It’s hard to come by.

    Reginald Rich II 22/10/2022 pm1:45
  • MOLLY!!!!!

    Stefan Zubal 22/10/2022 pm1:45
  • Great first video! How hot is the oven supposed to be?

    Nicole Kow 22/10/2022 pm1:45
  • I just made this. It was delicious. I paired it with creamed spinach and parmentier potatoes with parmesan.

    Harry Schilbach 22/10/2022 pm1:45
  • Love ya work! The lighting and camera work were chefs kiss

    Mona Mitra 22/10/2022 pm1:45