Our Cursed Childhood TV Show Tier List – Chuckle Sandwich EP 61

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We are going to make you mad on this episode. We made a tier list of as many of the childhood TV shows / cartoons we could remember ( We know we missed some ) – our opinions are fact.

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Edited by Scott: https://twitter.com/Scottposts
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00:00:00 intro
00:02:00 the tierlist
00:03:06 sniffing glue as a child
00:04:10 watching tv as a child
00:08:22 the original scooby doo
00:11:38 zoey 101
00:13:03 chowder
00:17:12 sponsor segment
00:18:59 drake and josh
00:22:26 codename: kids next door
00:27:22 the marvelous misadventures of flapjack
00:31:29 adventure time
00:32:35 ed, edd n eddy
00:34:11 jimmy neutron
00:35:18 south park
00:36:44 dexter’s laboratory
00:37:24 icarly
00:40:37 foster’s home for imaginary friends
00:41:08 the suite life of zack and cody
00:41:44 clarence
00:42:38 back to the barnyard
00:46:42 ned’s declassified school survival guide / big time rush
00:49:11 recess
00:50:28 courage the cowardly dog
00:52:00 kim possible
00:53:01 spongebob
00:53:47 the original teen titans
00:54:08 teen titans go
00:55:42 johnny test
01:02:02 ben 10
01:04:54 family guy / american dad
01:07:14 regular show
01:08:33 penguins of madagascar
01:09:45 lizzie mcguire / hannah montana / that’s so raven
01:10:15 wizards of waverly place
01:11:11 rugrats
01:11:30 the wild thornberrys
01:11:59 tom and jerry
01:12:35 victorious
01:14:23 the final 7

Chuckle Sandwich is a podcast hosted by Ted Nivison and Juice Schlatt where they bring on guests across the internet to talk about whatever is on their mind. They haven’t figured out what this podcast is about yet.



  • Fuck adventure time. But the little gamboy shit was cool

    Tom Gentile 20/10/2022 am5:00
  • Any whackey racers fans in the chat?

    meta gothh 20/10/2022 am5:00
  • phineas and ferb shouldve been S 😪😪

    Leticia 20/10/2022 am5:00
  • Ted, making a reference to South Park while asking Schlatt what his opinion of South Park is, that's s tier behavior baby

    Soul Lotus 20/10/2022 am5:00
  • bro who remembers Kick Buttowski?

    GAGE PRINCE 20/10/2022 am5:00
  • "Grumm was the creator of minecraft" -The Fucking Blockhead who made "A Tribute to Minecraft"

    QuiteABizarreOne 20/10/2022 am5:00
  • Gonna start 10000% agree on Ed, Edd, and Eddy, and Johnny test should be below F, but I am a huge fan of Ben 10 and other sci-fi cartoons such as Transformers and Gundam, a lot of Anti-War stuff, but back to Tennyson. Fun fact as a behind the scenes confirmation the omnitrix can alter biological sex so Ben could have been a girl but he never found the feature, but can affirm, S Tier

    FlameFlamedramon VA 20/10/2022 am5:00
  • Does the premise of Samurai Jack sound just like Ronin by Frank Miller or is it just me?

    ItsMe Landon 20/10/2022 am5:00
  • Danny Phantom is getting a new comic that is cannon to where the show left off! It’s called “A Glitch in Time” and it’s coming out June or July 2023. Can’t wait to check it out, personally 🙂

    Seeking_Stars 20/10/2022 am5:00
  • Hey now, the SECOND part of the Quinton Reviews’ Victorious review is 8 hours. The first is 5 hours, so it’s 13 hours total

    yellobb 20/10/2022 am5:00
  • im 18 and reccess is like the best on there

    Larrickson 20/10/2022 am5:00
  • i really forget that im literally in the same generation as you guys. holy shit this brought me back

    Meghan McMahon 20/10/2022 am5:00
  • Crazy that Sholgg doesn't like adventure time, shit was PEAK

    heee boisss 20/10/2022 am5:00
  • I am no longer chuckling after they put adventure time on C. Still an avid chuckler though cause everyone makes MISTAKES and should APOLOGIZE and CORRECT their ACTIONS.

    BlazingRPI 20/10/2022 am5:00
  • The word grumm is just grumpy but shortened

    Yeah I hate myself too

    Meta [•__•] 20/10/2022 am5:00

    EllA DaNIeLs 20/10/2022 am5:00
  • Can’t believe they disrespected Eizards of Waverley Place

    electronicfox 20/10/2022 am5:00
  • Ted is terrible for putting Johnny Test at F. Bling Bling Boy a chad

    electronicfox 20/10/2022 am5:00
  • "Suggest what you want below"
    You literally just said you won't look at the comments why would I suggest something

    Faloughasch 20/10/2022 am5:00
  • Gonna be honest. I stopped watching Schlatt for a while even though I’m such a huge fan. I sat down and watch this video and it just feels so rejuvenating. Brings me back to thoes older Schlatt teir list when everything still felt pure. Cube world at S is the best decision he ever made.

    electronicfox 20/10/2022 am5:00
  • when schlatt called that cartoon network phase 'musty' i actually outright lost my mind

    imdeadsirius 20/10/2022 am5:00

    Marissa Dawson 20/10/2022 am5:00
  • Fuck yall none yall talking ever bout the damn chocolate milk straws 😤

    Payton Sprouse 20/10/2022 am5:00
  • Where’s avatar the last air bender?

    Devin Dame 20/10/2022 am5:00
  • That’s funny, All my friends call me bubby.

    pond snail 20/10/2022 am5:00
  • Bruh im 20 and i grew up with recess. Recess is S

    StFlyer67 20/10/2022 am5:00

    Natalee Dersham 20/10/2022 am5:00
  • God I loved the kiss Scooby-Doo movie I hate the new ones it's just not right the animations the eyes

    RAD reaper 20/10/2022 am5:00
  • OG Scooby-Doo was bad, D Tier

    Drake & Josh was S tier

    K'nuckles was a candyholic & it wasn't just him & Flapjack that wanted it. Candy Island was their world's One Piece. Also, Flapjack is an S tier. Show was absolutely hilarious.

    Adventure Time started solid with a steady increase in quality up until season 5 which was pretty weak, & season 6 was straight garbage and also the longest one. Season 7 onward was peak Cartoons in general. The humor you referred to didn't last past season 2, lol. A teir

    Ed Edd n Eddy was an S Tier masterpiece.

    Dexter was a million times better than Jimmy. A Tier yes yes

    iCarly was creepy a LOT toward Freddy the most somehow. Most of the scenes were cut in re-release but he was always getting creeped on by adult men throughout the first season when he was like 4'3"

    Fosters is another S

    Clarence was a really sweet show that has never been seen by a single person who dislikes it. If you don't like Clarence, you have never seen it

    My biggest Johnny Test memory was when they added Dookie to Free Realms as an in-game pet

    Joshuca 20/10/2022 am5:00