Our 5 Favorite Ina Garten Dessert Recipes | Barefoot Contessa | Food Network

You can always count on Ina to have the perfect ending to a perfect meal! That’s right — we’re talking dessert. From the BEST chocolate cake to cinnamon baked doughnuts, these are our favorite Ina Garten dessert recipes.
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Ina throws open the doors of her Hamptons home for delicious food, dazzling entertaining ideas and good fun on Barefoot Contessa.

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0:00 – Intro
0:04 – Beatty’s Chocolate Cake
5:11 – Tres Leches Cake with Berries
11:33 – Chocolate Banana Cream Pie
17:34 – Cinnamon Baked Doughnuts
21:41 – Chocolate Ganache Cake

Get the recipes:
Beatty’s Chocolate Cake: https://foodtv.com/2RSrTJC
Tres Leches Cake with Berries: https://foodtv.com/3l5gc1v
Chocolate Ganache Cake: https://foodtv.com/2I51Kb6
Chocolate Banana Cream Pie: https://foodtv.com/3kEGc3k
Cinnamon Baked Doughnuts: https://foodtv.com/35SQNBu

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Our 5 Favorite Ina Garten Dessert Recipes | Barefoot Contessa | Food Network



  • "Crem Fresh" Never heard of that one, before. TO GOOGLE!

    The Angry Fireball 26/10/2022 pm4:36
  • Made the chocolate ganache cake always perfect and made the cup cakes too such a beautiful desert .Would love to see the chocolate on the donuts too .

    cathy wallace 26/10/2022 pm4:36
  • You are amazing.

    Love Mom&Dad 26/10/2022 pm4:36
  • Love all her recipes.

    Alicia 26/10/2022 pm4:36
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    Michael Perez 26/10/2022 pm4:36
  • Wow! WHO makes their own doughnuts?!?

    jayson biggs 26/10/2022 pm4:36
  • Amazing Keep Inspiring 👌😍

    Shradha Nayee 26/10/2022 pm4:36
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    Simone Smith 26/10/2022 pm4:36
  • I miss when they had actual chefs on. Good ole days.

    Matt B 26/10/2022 pm4:36
  • I think it belongs to Spain 🇪🇸 dats why it's from Europe 🇪🇺 😉 🤔

    Vanity Senquiz 26/10/2022 pm4:36
  • Beking soda is baking poder or bicarb soda needs to use?

    Nasim Nathalia 26/10/2022 pm4:36
  • You’ve added a raw egg yolk to the frosting, that’s not healthy or safe!

    Ashley Adams 26/10/2022 pm4:36
  • Hallo is overrated?

    Matti Heiskanen 26/10/2022 pm4:36
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    Wanda Wolfe 26/10/2022 pm4:36
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    debi ouellette 26/10/2022 pm4:36
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    徳永夕子 26/10/2022 pm4:36
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    thêu mai 26/10/2022 pm4:36
  • you KNOW its some good chocalate when they use coffee in it

    xtraa aalex 26/10/2022 pm4:36
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    Virginia Toussaint 26/10/2022 pm4:36
  • I swear this woman is flawless!

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    Violet Veil 26/10/2022 pm4:36
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    Maggie Boone 26/10/2022 pm4:36
  • I wonder just how far is the Hamptons from Canada 🇨🇦 🤔 because I'd to see the exact location where Degrassi was filmed at. My sister and her friends went there for spring break I asked my sister why would want to go to where it's just as cold as it is here , but she had fun any way all I can say is at least she gotten to travel. The only places that I've been are Tennessee, rodchester , New York and I got chase to return to New York in the spring of 2018 only this I got stay in the city I had, so much fun I was hoping that I'd run into one of my favorite YouTubers Adam Saleh he and these other two Sheikh Akbar and Abdullah Ghuman. Formed a group channel called truestoryasa I started watching them in when I got a asus notebook for Christmas 2013 I'd watch their vlogs for hours I like watching them. They go around feeding the homeless their parents who are middle east and south East Asia. Their parents know what it's like to not know where your next meal is going to come.

    Warren K Bell Jr 26/10/2022 pm4:36
  • Missed you and your simple ways

    Lina Shiru 26/10/2022 pm4:36
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    Jimmy Brashears 26/10/2022 pm4:36
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    Blanca Adame 26/10/2022 pm4:36
  • This looks really delicious! It’s definitely going on my list of foods to make. I will have to slightly modify for my families dietary restrictions but I think it will still turn out really nicely. Thank you for sharing it. Your video quality and presentation makes it look easy to make. I appreciate that. I make cooking videos too. I’m so lucky to be able to learn from talented creators like you! I wish you much success in 2022!!

    Life is messy but I’m Learning as I grow! 26/10/2022 pm4:36
  • I love your channel always tuned in.

    Wendy Del Pino 26/10/2022 pm4:36
  • The tres leches is already overly sweet. To add more sugar to the fruit doesn't make sense

    Cindy G 26/10/2022 pm4:36