Origin Story: Hamburger Hamlet, America’s First Upscale hamburger Joint!

Hamburger Hamlet was Americas first upscale hamburger joint! Frequented by Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, Alfred Hitchcock, the beastie boys, they revolutionized the concept of fancy hamburgers in a luxury environment. Unfortunately, none remain so I wanted to find out what happened. Let’s get into it!

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  • While growing up, went often to the Sherman Oaks location for family dinners. Appreciate the shout out to Alison Martino.

    Crickkett75 26/10/2022 am5:58
  • Damn, suxx it was gone before I had a chance to check it out!!! I like all sorts of odd toppings on my burgers, so hats off to HH for being the visionaries!!! 🔥🤘-J.s.

    Sayne's World 26/10/2022 am5:58
  • So that’s why “Hamlet” in the name!

    Q Moonwalker 26/10/2022 am5:58
  • Sick! Love this episode!
    My aunt used to work in Downtown and would go to a Hamburger Hamlet all the time…until she saw a cock roach there.
    I need a burger so bad right now.

    Freeman Diaz 26/10/2022 am5:58
  • The burgers were good. But the French onion soup was great.

    Howard Schultz 26/10/2022 am5:58
  • What the hell happened to Koo Koo Roo I loved that place!

    pan8a 26/10/2022 am5:58
  • Wasn't Hamlet Gardens, in Westwood, also part of Hamburger Hamlet, around the same time as Kate Mantolini.

    Salty Walt 26/10/2022 am5:58