One Pot Recipes | Gordon Ramsay

Here are some deliciously easy recipes that all take place in one single pot. From sausage rice to lamb shanks one pot recipes have never tasted so good.

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  • Don't trouble your mother Gordon! Love you tho

    William 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • Lol my mom could burn water me and my sister's did the cooking

    Sharron Hogan 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

    5 pal 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • " you were cutting down the gas bill"- "yeah"—–LOL awesome!

    JJ M 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • I made the rice dish, with a couple of minor variations, I used white onions, green peppers and no wine. No big deal though. My wife loved it and I loved it. She was laughing at me because my cooking has been seriously improving after following Gordon's 100 recipes course here on YouTube. Thank you for posting these.

    Bob A 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • ❀️

    Liz F 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • She is pretty!

    Gg 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • What can you use instead of the red wine for lamb shank?

    Sadia Majeed 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • 🀩 An oxtail recipe from Gordon Ramsay? I'm so happy I could cry! Getting some fennel and trying this version next!!! How did I miss this channel? And also the Ultimate Cookery Course channel is AMAZING!!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS, Gordon! I've been living on reruns of Kitchen Nightmares and 24 Hours to Hell and Back for too long. This was right on time. You are a treasure!

    Patricia Nixon 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • I am thankful for your video Chef Ramsey 😊 I was married to a chef but everyone will tell you my our mom's pies were to die for 😁❀️

    Chris Field 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • Gordon you have an awesome family.

    Naomi Jansen 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • I like your conversation and how you two have a beautiful mother-son relationship

    Naomi Jansen 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • You have a very beautiful mom, Gordon

    Naomi Jansen 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • In Texas it isn't that cheap!!

    Nichole Hand 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • Sorry love for you to do

    Margaret Kenny 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • I'd love to do sliver side corned beef do cabbage in corned beef water with silky mash it's an Irish thing

    Margaret Kenny 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • Gordon… I always thought you were a hardass. I watched a few of your videos and I see you can be a very nice guy. Thanks for the cooking lessons.

    UrbanMyth1000 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • Unfortunately oxtail is not cheap in south east London.

    Clever Burton 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • When I first watched Gordon Ramsay I thought he was rude swearing, but I love him so much. He’s an awesome πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³

    Diana Maccow 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • Love Gordan 😊

    J H 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • Love this guy and his Mum AND HIS COOKING. Mmmmmm looks AWESOME. I've never cooked with Oxtail but I will now. Mmmmmm can't beat sausages. Lamb, another favourite. Oh to die for. πŸŒΏπŸŒΏπŸƒπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸƒπŸŒΏπŸŒΏ

    Anne Bell 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • Your Mum! The salt of the earth…

    Peter Finn 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • Who can afford an oxtail ?. Lovely recipe but outside the budget of the majority !

    Windsong 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • Oxtail is very expensive in South Africa

    Penny Louise 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • Ohhh.. just let your mon share.. she cooked for 6 children. Dont you Think there is something we can learn, in a time like this, from this wonderful lady? Just asking.

    Inge Lyck 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • What a crap and ugly food.

    Marisol Lopez 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • I love how you show us how to cook ,instead of just running back and forth to the fridge and keeping the camera on yourself. Brilliant we actually see the process. Thank you.

    Eloise Tomazic 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • I always love seeing your sweet Mom and Kiddos. I worked at a small prison work camp in the 1990's in Georgia,USA. Every other Sunday the inmates got fed ox tails over rice. I was squeamish about eating them, but the black guys convinced me how delicious they were. One bite and I was hooked. I have a new one pot cooker, I plan to cook me some. You're my cooking hero Mr. Ramsay.

    Thomas Webb 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • These are my favourite πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦

    Oyanda Kona 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • What a lovely Mom. Love oxtail. Is expensive here in SA.

    Valerie Murray 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • It may taste good but how many oxen are walking around with no tail? : o

    Anthony Alexzander 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • Love the Butchers Dick recipe yummo.

    john delaney 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • Gordon looks just like his momma. πŸ₯°

    Ruthless Roxy 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • Oxtail is soooo expensive now. I haven't had it in a while

    missy 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • No effin'and jeffin' in front of mum lol

    Theophrastus Bombastus 23/10/2022 am8:19
  • Oxtail is expensive here in the American MidWest.

    Bitter Beauty 23/10/2022 am8:19