One Guy Changed My Pizza Game Forever

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00:00 – Intro
00:43 – Vito
02:59 – Perfect Dough
06:43 – Toppings
10:07 – Pizza Making

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  • This was quite an experience to try, or should I say experiment. My dough seemed a lot slacker/wetter/stickier than his but I pressed on. Turned out 4 pies, 2 gorgeous one horrible and one catastrophic “upside down” pizza. Taste was great though!

    Sally G 16/10/2022 pm2:34
  • 🤤

    Aromacreativestudios 16/10/2022 pm2:34
  • Whenever I let my dough rest for 15 minutes and try to handle it afterwards it's so incredibly sticky (even with plenty of olive oil on my hands) that I can't make a nice clean round ball. Any tips on what I may be doing wrong?

    Gizmo 16/10/2022 pm2:34
  • Pizza is life ❤ I just bought a pizza oven now I’ll do it right

    Debbie Porter 16/10/2022 pm2:34
  • many thanks for this

    soulsurfseeker 16/10/2022 pm2:34
  • Nice Work Brother

    KURT AFFLECK 16/10/2022 pm2:34
  • Grande Vito! Il migliore.

    Mikwolf71 16/10/2022 pm2:34
  • Best masterclass of all youtube about Pizza… Simple and perfect.. Thank you so much!

    João Paulo Paixão 16/10/2022 pm2:34
  • I never imagined that I could learn SO much about pizza making with just one YouTube video.

    Aidan S 16/10/2022 pm2:34
  • I find this dough to be exceptional for the way he uses it but not for home ovens. It's a really chewy dough if not cooked ridiculously fast due to high heat ovens can't get to. I use his actual recipe down to the letter. It smells great. It's really wet also. For me and my home oven, there are other dough recipes that exceed this. But for fire oven…This is the best without question. It needs that ridiculously hot temp and ovens don't compete.

    JC 16/10/2022 pm2:34
  • Wallah!!!

    prkhar res 16/10/2022 pm2:34
  • Things I learned.

    1: Most of the time, you're waiting on the dough. (Approx 20 hours min.)

    2: Olive oil is your best friend.

    3: This guy handles the dough with more eroticism and sensuality than I do my wife.

    4: I would swap my wife for his pizza.

    Clapton IsGod 16/10/2022 pm2:34
  • He’s awesome!

    C3 Dual Sport / Enduro 16/10/2022 pm2:34
  • Yea, I'll just stick to Digiorno

    Dan Richter 16/10/2022 pm2:34
  • Damn.

    Juel Herbranson 16/10/2022 pm2:34
  • We dont all have yards and fancy ovens 🙁

    Allan 16/10/2022 pm2:34
  • My problem with The ooni oven, is I want a wood burning one that holds a 16” pizza….but it goes from a small one for $349…….and for a wood burning one, that makes a 16”… it jumps to $799.00 😳😞…….I DONT WANT A GAS/propane/ etc….. I just want a wood burning one

    No name 16/10/2022 pm2:34
  • "Crawhncheeeee and softahhhhhh on the inside" must be said every time you pinch pizza crust

    James Padilla 16/10/2022 pm2:34
  • I’m going to give this a shot 🤞🏻

    Detecting Ohio 16/10/2022 pm2:34
  • Vito's recipes and techniques are absolutely amazing! 💯 My family are food snobs and they couldn't hide how great his pizzas are! Very impressive!

    Sundown798 16/10/2022 pm2:34
  • Roomtemperature Water?

    Manuel 16/10/2022 pm2:34
  • fav tip?! ummm… well.. everything. that was amazing. I have been doing home pizza on my BBQ for a long time and I realized I don't know anything. I was watching this with my a jaw on the ground. That was flat out artistry, thank you!!!

    Brian Young 16/10/2022 pm2:34
  • Thank you both, beautiful fucking people! I will be re-watching this about… EVERY DAY for the next 2 weeks! Again, thank you… I mean, the amount of money I will save alone! It's equal to the joy your channel has helped cultivate in me in the last week! I think my first sourdough starter is finally coming to life as I type! 😀

    Jesus Of The Jungle 16/10/2022 pm2:34
  • Thank you to make me endless hungry

    Emil Winter 16/10/2022 pm2:34