New York Pizza Vs. Italian Pizza

It’s time that the Italians and New Yorkers have a chat, I love you both so may the best homemade pizza win.

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  • The Italian is a work of art

    Steve 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • I don't get it. Do Newyorkers really think their pizza is better than the Italian one? I mean, come on… Also, although NY pizza looks great and it must be very tasty, why every american food must have sugar and butter? Have you made a pledge to help all the doctors pay their student loans early?

    Stamatis Kon 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • pizza was born in italy obviously italian is the king

    frozen_xhell 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • Poor italians… The comparisons they have to endure.

    Alejandro Gonzalez Jimenez 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • Just one thing, 3/4 cloves of garlic is too much for italian pizza

    Ercole Diana 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • As a New Yorker, I don’t think any of us would ever claim that New York pizza is better than its own granddaddy, true Italian pizza.
    Italian pizza is the best pizza on earth. I have no problem admitting it. I just will say, that as far as North America is concerned, New York pizza is king. And most importantly, Chicago style is not pizza. It’s a casserole.

    TheBonny720 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • You should see how Koreans eat pizza, it's a fuckin abomination.

    i_need_apple_pie pls 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • Nah man I like cheese on every inch of the pizza. The Italian one ain't gonna cur it for me.

    Sarthak Grover 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • Try the sauce WITHOUT any garlic and more chopped basil instead. Much better and fresher flavour.

    Hembi 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • As a person that hasn’t eaten New York pizza 🍕 or Italian pizza 🍕 I would take both.

    Dylan Martino 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • Try indian one too!

    Study Vlog Guy. 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • There's no single type of "Italian" pizza. Italy wasn't even a united nation until 1870. Italy is a patchwork of very distinct regional cultures. Pizza looks different in Naples, Sardinia, Sicily, Puglia, Calabria, etc. Just as Americans have many different ways to make a hamburger, there are many "Italian" ways to make a pizza.

    JoeyBearGrooves 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • As an Italian I can say that's a pretty damn good Italian pizza, gg man

    JR 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • me watching while im hungry aff
    why are we here..just to suffer

    Hashim Anvar 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • New York style pizza doesn’t use Monterey Jack cheese. It also usually doesn’t have Parmesan either. They will often be a blend of cheeses, but not those.

    Phillip Banes 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • Well its italian win win because through WWII Italians from Italy were coming to NY because Mussolini was bad bad bad, they thought of having better life but Mafia II teached me otherwise. But Italians coming to NY. The first pizza shop was opened in 1905 in Little italy by an Italian. From historical perspective i think italians won. BUT this is about now not before. Yes italian pizza sucks.

    Edit: no italian pizza doesnt suck , i just think NYC has more super effective moves against that fire type italian pizza.

    Ricardo Petrik 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • Now I’m definitely convinced that Americans put sugar in everything.

    Phu Mai 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • stacks one slice of either face down Aggressively bites while making eye contact.*
    I did what I did, and I stand by that heresy.

    Blah Blahsen 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • I'm calling you out. Low moisture mozzarella is not the right choice for melting. Cheese labelling here in canada is more advanced than your united statesian labelling. The moisture and protein are all listed as %, any fresh cheese ball will be in the range of 48-60% moisture whereas a regular fat block mozza is typically like 38-44% and melts like greasy leather. Pre-shredded cheese is even worse as it will dry out quickly through the packaging even before you purchase it.

    Brian Welch 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • neopolitan pizza sauce does not contain garlic or pepper

    Bill Moyer 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • @joshua- love the milgauss!

    Manoj Madhavan 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • Authentic pizza needs cow-buffalo mozzarella, no unidentified cheese.
    More, extra Virgin oil, no unidentified seed oil. I'm sure that 99% never experienced an Italian authentic pizza.
    By the way its Italiano no ITHalianou, if you want to Mock our languange.

    𝓘𝓽𝓪𝓵𝓲𝓪 🇮🇹𝓛𝓲𝓫𝓮𝓻𝓪 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • You should try the lebanese pizza it's by far the best!!

    Ziad Abiaad 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • italian pizza is so authentic and so delicious but nyc style pizza is so f*cking addicting

    Yuuta Sekaionji 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • I'm European and I haven't had the chance to give new york style pizza a try, but the ingredients by themselves are a huge turn off for me. So much oil, grease, and unneeded sugar, it's kind of disgusting, ngl.

    M4RCi92 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • What is it with Americans and sugar, do you put sugar in everything?. Why on earth would you put sugar in pizza dough, it's quite disturbing.

    RMJ1984 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • bru cooked one of the those 1 dollar slice lookin pizzas . i forgot what it was called 2 bro or something not saying its all that bad but if you gotta make it look like a legit slice tho

    818_mamba 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • I remember eating italian pizza once and honestly I can't decide which one I like better-

    Also whats the difference between New York cheesecake and others because despite me being a Newyorker I literally don't know

    honeytea 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • Vincenzo is gonna have a field day. And, I don’t think that a Napolitan sauce has garlic in it. It just salt pepper and basil. No garlic. Italians don’t put garlic in everything.

    Belgiumwaffels1989 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • italian looks good, american looks greasy

    Teddy Jones 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • did he just eat the pizza with a fork

    Luke Wei 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • I bet Italian pizza is way better than American pizza.

    Sad Miku faces 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • Hi. I just saw you the first time and I really appreciate this video. I have some questions. First: What is your favorite pizza? Second: Can you make (traditional) Hungarian pizza (not lángos) too? I am really curious your opinion about the Hungarian pizza! Greetings (and good wishes) from Hungary!

    dani mindák 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • Really not bad, good job even for the Italian one… but why you have to put garlic everywhere?🤣

    Damiano Biagini 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • NY pizza is just like everything else from Ny….Garbage. If you want a real pizza to compare to Italiano, use a Deep Dish Chicago Pie.

    Pinball Preparedness 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • Chi è italiano metta like.

    stefano bargossi 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • I'm hungry

    Noa Rydholm 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • 7:55 bro voted for the new york pizza and took away 2 slices of italian pizza💀💀

    rohann 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • I loved watching this- greetings from italiaaaaa

    JustASleepyDog 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • I had both. Italian is way better. Not even compareable. NY is a comfort fast food. Italian is a higher quallity pizza.

    anderson silva 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • You did everything great but eating it with fort and knife bruh

    Ilyass ZAMOURI 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • You should do Chicago vs New York on the next episode. I’m team Chicago all day

    Faisal Quadri 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • Pizza is American not Italian. Its the Italians that butcher the recipe. I will take the New York all day long.

    F1hotrod 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • Non esiste pizza italiana e pizza americana… la pizza è SOLO italiana, specifichiamo.

    Raffaele Zolli 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • I'm an Italian who lives in New York. I miss the Italian pizza 😢

    A guy… 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • you say "ironically the american one is more involved". This is not ironic, what I learned from being around italians is that italian cuisine is very simple but good. They can make a pasta sauce out of just tomatoes, olive oil, basil and salt. in the west, we tend to "adapt" italian recipes and add tons of other spices, cheeses, oils, vegetables, meat etc.. Italians keep things simple and traditional

    I hakker 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • I fucking hate when he says "to taste"

    abdullah zubair 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • Love this

    Ekure Edafe Daniel 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • Pizza isn't even Italian

    Kendrick Cannon 17/10/2022 am3:24
  • I don’t have an Italian stove, should I cook it same amount of time as New York?

    Jack Priestley 17/10/2022 am3:24