My FOOLPROOF roast chicken technique Crispy outside AND juicy inside! | Marion's Kitchen

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Marion Grasby is a food producer, television presenter and cookbook author who’s had a life-long love affair with Asian food.

Marion is a little bit Thai (courtesy of her mum) and a little bit Australian (courtesy of her dad).

​Marion lives in Bangkok, Thailand and travels throughout Asia to find the most unique and delicious Asian food recipes, dishes and ingredients.



  • When she put that finger in her mouth🤤🤤 had me weakkkk

    Spark Ram 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • Making this right now and I cannot wait to put it on the table! 😍

    Esra Arışan 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • Oven ventilate or static and from both side up and down heat??? Please tell me now please!!!

    lina brozman 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • I was looking for a recipe and it was either Jamie Oliver or you. I like spicy so it became yours. I am going to start the prepping and cooking.

    michel tibon 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • I love your channel and I test your recipes a lot but I can’t handle the taste of cilantro , it tastes like soap to me. Is there a substitute for it that I can use? So many exciting recipes contains cilantro and sometimes I don’t try it because I’m afraid I can’t eat it. On top of it all, my husband loves cilantro!😊

    BI K 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • I would stress about the chicken, wondering will it go into flames and grease splatter everywhere having the oven temp, at 475 degrees farenhiet?

    Joseph 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • happy girl is untrue, happy mom is true, you are a middle age woman, be real,!

    motivation and affirmation 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • First time we were eating Roasted Chicken without Mayo and Ketchup.. Was surprised that my husband likes the fish sauce😄… Thank you for the receipt.. The roasted chicken skin was really crunchy!

    ViKtoRia Santos Porsch 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • HI marion all your recipe is my go to recipe for any occasion, just wondering if u have tried this recipe with chicken portion?

    MFES Boardman 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • I have this on my to do list today. First time doing roast chicken

    Shelley Smith 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • Ngl when Marion said hello hunny I low key thought she was saying hello to the chicken she was going to have got dinner

    kiIIingxspree 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • Marion hi. I have half of a 3kg bird marinating in wine, pineapple mango juice and herbs. Before I baked it in a smoker BBQ coal style I saw your recipe. I have wrestled with the dry breast for a long time and was ready to pop this bird in a smoking/cooking slow BBQ before you enlightened me. I think you have got it. Short sharp high temp. will give that a try today…makes sense…many thanks…I think you have solved the problem…eureka!

    Dimitrios 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • Is it 250 c fan oven ? Thank you!

    Ioannis Pyrgiotis 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • Marion, I made this for Christmas today and OH MY GOODNESS it was phenomenal especially the sauce.

    Tanushka Pankar 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • Marion, can you do the same to a duck?

    Sulty Cheung 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • I am surprised it did not burn at that high temperature.

    Anton Boludo 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • Can I use floss to tie the legs or no?

    RainOnATinRoof 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • On n utilise ni huile ni beurre ???
    Votr vite votre réponse car je vais le faire ce matin
    Cecilia de Provence (france)
    Merci marion

    Cecile Jadodnik 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • Do you put better or olive oil on the chicken before rosting
    Merci marion

    Cecile Jadodnik 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • My daughter has ordered your latest book for my birthday .
    Only problem is , I just can't wait.
    At least I can view all the utube recipes from you and Noi
    So amazing
    So love your real, no nonsense approach to cooking
    Makes it so easy and real even for people who have never been involved in the kitchen before
    You deserve to be acknowledged xxxx

    June Munnik 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • Move aside Jamie Oliver, Marcus and Nigella
    This is the true culinary genius
    Amazing , fail proof recipes if you follow it as told
    Thank you so much Marion, you are amazing x

    June Munnik 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • I would never roast a chicken at 250C! Best at 190C for 1Hour 20 minutes for a 1.5kg chicken. Don't forget to baste the chicken around 45 minutes. Also I noticed she didn't oil the skin prior to cooking. In other words massage the chicken well with olive oil then add the salt and pepper. Add four segments of lemon, sprig of Rosemary or Thyme, clove of garlic.Give her credit though for carving the chicken correctly. Leave the chicken to rest for at least 20 minutes before carving.

    Derek Arnold 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • I tried the recipe. It was delicious! Love it! Thanks Marion

    Rachel Chan 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • Marion is great on camera. She is relaxed, warm and gives great cooking tips. As a professional videographer/producer, below is some feedback for your camera person/s:

    1. People assume that lighting is easy when it comes to filming, it's not! Especially when your cast wear glasses.Your lighting is on point! Keep it up!
    2. Your lapel mic is well placed, cable hidden and the audio is nice and clear, well done! (Perhaps consider a boom mic for the next equipment purchase? You know, avoid all possibility of Marion rubbing the mic as she does need to move around a bit….Amazon sell these for like $100 Aussie dollars…. food for thought).
    3. You have gone through all the trouble of making the video look professional. You even compliment Marion's personality/character with your opening scenes (ending scenes of the family sitting at the dinner table enjoying the meal would be an option to consider for the outro…?). However, once the actual preparation and cooking begins, 90% of your footage are all extreme close ups, like ridiculously close. Perhaps alternate between this and some slightly wider angled shots so that the audience can feel included in Marion's kitchen/surroundings, rather than feeling pressed up against the chicken for most of the video. Wider shots will also help with all of that fast, focus pulling you're showing the audience…You do not need to work this hard, really.
    4. It looks like you are using two cameras here, unless you are doing double takes with one? If you have the advantage of using a two camera set-up, perhaps consider using one for Marion (as you currently do) and the other connected to an overhead camera mount which faces down, directly onto the kitchen benchtop. Then simply alternate between the two cameras in post and if you still wish to film such close-ups, you can do so at the final presentation stage when the food is being plated/served up. It will make your filming life so much easier than trying to get these extreme "Netflix like," intense close-ups throughout the entire preparatrion and cooking process. You are filming amazing, family orientated foods here, not an action packed car chase. Also, Marion will not have to be disrupted, pausing and waiting for you to pull focus each time before she can move onto the next step/section. Everything will flow more smoothly this way.
    5. Don't shy away from adding some helpful text on screen with ingredients or recipe information during the process. We decided to cook this in our home (it was delicious by the way) although we had to keep scrolling back and forth to find what ingredients or steps followed.

    You are on the right track, and with a few tweaks here and there from the above suggestions, you could not only increase audience engagement, but make the whole filming process of cooking food so much easier for both your crew and Marion.

    Happy shooting! 🙂

    Rein Blunt 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • I don’t have a thread can i use rubber bands?

    H Lewis 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • I just LOVE everything about you!!!!

    Bubblegum & Lipgloss 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • You're really doing well

    Joseph Bekongfe 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • There is a calm and light to this beautiful lady ❤️

    ahdi tah 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • An hour and 20 minutes for a 2kg chook at 250 degrees???? That’s not fast. Are you sure??!

    Handsfree Trading 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • Just made it tonight – this was so delish Marion!! Thank you so much for sharing. I found my chicken was a little undercooked so I ended up cooking it for a fair bit more, and also because I was scared of undercooking my chicken – my oven might not be the best 😛 Take care to you and your beautiful family <3

    pearl101 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • I cannot wait to make this tonight. Gotta try that sauce so I'm buying fresh tamarind tonight. Hope it works!

    MostlyCloudy 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • Anyone make this

    life right? 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • Just made this! OMG delicious. I also managed to carve the chook nearly as well as you. Thanks 😋

    Jacky Baynes 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • Marion, I made this for dinner this evening. I will be roasting chicken at high oven temperatures from now on. My husband raved about it (and I was worried he wouldn't like something that was "just" salt n pepper) and said we should invite company over next time I make it! I am so grateful for you and for sharing recipes like this.

    Diane Schuller 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • She's a genius when it comes to cooking! 😋

    Sandra LeBlanc 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • Delicious!!👍

    chocol8tsundae 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • Hi Marion: Another great video – roast chicken is probably my favorite food of all…in all the videos I have seen (thousands) no one ever told me that to truss the legs helps to keep the inside moist as well!!! I felt a bit of a fool because it is very obvious but I could never be bothered to do it!!! Thank you for that tip – the sauce and the chicken look amazing. I am starving!!!

    David Holiday 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • I followed the instructions exactly, and within 15 mins, the skin was about to burn, so I covered it with foil. What went wrong? It still turned out okay, but I was just lucky I decided to have a quick peek.

    Tracy LF 19/10/2022 pm5:55
  • Have to say it turned out amazing despite the smoke alarm going off 😋

    Paula K 19/10/2022 pm5:55