More Colorful Cake Decorating Compilation | Most Satisfying Cake Videos

More Colorful Cake Decorating Compilation | Most Satisfying Cake Videos
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  • thats so good and i love the topings

    aliyah rosario 22/10/2022 pm6:29
  • You only eat
    Some of thé cake that,s Wasting food Well Not going To Say that cause i do it To baby !😒

    Kim McNeal 22/10/2022 pm6:29
  • Beautiful and delicious.

    Gio Byun 22/10/2022 pm6:29
  • Cakes look kind of dry but ok.

    Jessie Walker 22/10/2022 pm6:29
  • I just really love it's so Great 😍😍😍❤

    Glen Meauri 22/10/2022 pm6:29
  • Ma , plz I want to join your class but I don't v debit card, I can only do transfer

    Precious Zitel 22/10/2022 pm6:29
  • Hy

    mestar cake studio 22/10/2022 pm6:29
  • You should be in a cake cooking show

    Lori Anderson 22/10/2022 pm6:29
  • Watching these make me fall asleep less ten seconds after they start help me!!

    💗Taylor Brandi 4Ever💗 22/10/2022 pm6:29

    necani Tuinasau 22/10/2022 pm6:29
  • Sir keren the knight: so awesome cake and I love this dessert

    ShinyPokémongamer 22/10/2022 pm6:29
  • So freaking Cute 🥰

    Branson Proctor 22/10/2022 pm6:29
  • I always wanted to bake a cake but whenever I do it taste soo bad do u have any tips

    Gamer Houndoom 22/10/2022 pm6:29
  • 8:16 look like yummy

    𝓚𝓟𝓞𝓟 𝒮𝒯𝒜𝒩💕 22/10/2022 pm6:29
  • I wanna be a chef when i grow up

    Elmer Dellomas 22/10/2022 pm6:29
  • They don’t know the order of the rainbow!!! 🙄😭😬

    Patrick Tierney 22/10/2022 pm6:29
  • ILo

    Hila Sadat 22/10/2022 pm6:29
  • Good cake🍰

    Rholany Love 22/10/2022 pm6:29
  • Bring the stuff that you need to make me the cakes that I want

    Joy Frederick 22/10/2022 pm6:29
  • When your birthday

    Joy Frederick 22/10/2022 pm6:29
  • Are you a old lady

    Joy Frederick 22/10/2022 pm6:29
  • Come early in the morning I will tell you when I wake up in the morning

    Joy Frederick 22/10/2022 pm6:29
  • Even rainbow frosting and rainbow sprinkles to

    Joy Frederick 22/10/2022 pm6:29
  • Can you make a rainbow cake everything rainbow

    Joy Frederick 22/10/2022 pm6:29
  • I love your videos make some more videos

    Joy Frederick 22/10/2022 pm6:29
  • What happens to the cakes when you’ve cut into them? 😳

    Flyn Ryder 22/10/2022 pm6:29
  • Whoever plays Roblox I'll give them 10,000 Roblox just say ABC and I'll come back in 2 weeks and if somebody said ABC I'll give them $20,000 then cuz I'm a YouTuber

    Florence Patillo 22/10/2022 pm6:29
  • I love love cake

    Florence Patillo 22/10/2022 pm6:29
  • This cake looks good I'd like to make this I would like to make this with my mom Cameron Christian my dad and Anthony and we're answering baby Kai and Ariana and my mom and my dad and Christian I want to invite everyone yay 😁:D

    Camren Samples 22/10/2022 pm6:29
  • I feel like only kids could love watching these 💀💀💀

    die 22/10/2022 pm6:29
  • I would try the candy one 🍭🍬🍭🍬🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭

    James Sasanya 22/10/2022 pm6:29