MEXICO'S EXTREME TACOS!! Mind-Bending Food Tour in Mexico City!!

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ADDRESS: Av. Revolución 241, Tacubaya, Miguel Hidalgo, 11870 Ciudad de México
TACOS DE CACHETE (CHEEK TACOS): Cut slices from the pre-cooked cow head. Place slices on the flat top grill until fully cooked. Chop up cooked cheek and place on warm tortilla with scallions, onions and salsa verde.
PRICE: 12 Pesos / $0.58 USD
TACOS DE CABEZA (HEAD TACOS): Cut slices from the pre-cooked cow head. Place slices on the flat top grill until fully cooked. Chop up the cooked head and place on warm tortilla and top with scallions, onions and salsa verde.
PRICE: 12 Pesos / $0.58 USD
ADDRESS: Calle de Bolívar 57, Centro Histórico de la Cdad. de México, Centro, Cuauhtémoc, 06000 Ciudad de México
TACOS DE OJOS (EYE TACOS): Cut eyes from the cow head. Boil cow eyes for 1hour with onion, garlic and salt. Place on a flat top steamer to finish cooking. Chop cooked eyes and place the tortilla on a flat grill to warm. Top with spicy guacamole and a lime.
PRICE: 15 Pesos / $0.74 USD
TACOS DE CABEZA (TONGUE TACOS): Cut tongue from cow head. Boil cow tongue for 4hours with onion, garlic and salt. Place on a flat top steamer to finish cooking. Chop up cooked tongue and place the tortilla on a flat grill to warm. Top with spicy guacamole and a lime.
PRICE: 17 Pesos / $0.84 USD
ADDRESS: Isabel la Católica 83 Local A PB, Cuauhtémoc, Centro, 06090 Ciudad de México
TACOS DE SUADERO (BRISKET TACOS): Clean and cut the brisket. Place brisket cuts in a huge pan with onions, garlic and salt. Leave it for one hour to cook. Chop up cooked brisket and place tortilla on top of grill to warm. Top with onions, scallions, salsa and a lime.
PRICE: 18 Pesos / $0.89 USD
TACOS DE TRIPA (COW INTESTINE TACOS): Clean and cut the tripe. Add it to a pot with salt, onions and black pepper. Leave it for an hour to cook. Chop up cooked cow intestine and place tortilla on top of grill to warm. Top with onions, scallions and salsa and a lime.
PRICE: 18 Pesos / $0.89 USD
ADDRESS: Calz. Vallejo 135, Ex Hipódromo de Peralvillo, Cuauhtémoc, 06220 Ciudad de México
TACOS DE BISTEC CON NÁPOLES (STEAK TACOS WITH CACTUS): Add raw beef into a pot with cactus and other meat. Season with salt, pepper and lime. Cook for 4 minutes. Place tortilla on top of flat top grill to warm. Chop up cooked beef and cactus. Top with onions, scallions, salsa and a lime.
PRICE: 22 Pesos / $1.08 USD
TACOS DE LONGANIZA (SPICED SAUSAGE TACOS) : Chop longaniza and add to a wok filled with oil for frying. Fry for 10-15 minutes. Place tortilla on top of flat top grill to warm. Chop up tortilla. Place chopped longaniza on tortilla. Add onions, scallions, salsa and a lime.
PRICE: 19 Pesos / $0.93 USD
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Hey, I’m Sonny! I’m from the US but I’ve been living in Asia for 10 years and started making food and travel videos to document my experiences. I travel to different parts of the world, hunting down and documenting the most unique food each country has to offer.

If you see any factual food errors in my videos, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments. I’m a huge fan of trying different, interesting foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly, MY point of view. It is not meant to offend any person or culture.
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    Best Ever Food Review Show 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • Ugh I wish I was there yummy!

    Cyiron Miller 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • Dude Vladimir is awesome hahah i could eat tacos with him anyday

    Ghost 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • Looks delicious

    Mary Edwards 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • Where have room for all that food

    Claudia S. 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • You funny you said no in the USA, I am in tulsa oklahoma and we have lots of taco trucks that have intestine tacos

    Albert Marino 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • Yooir not fat , you are overly obese

    Niko Potts 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • Cow tongue is better without the skin.

    Marz8999 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • 17:07 "by fat people by fat mentality" by far the GOAT of quotes.

    aurelio rosales 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • 11:17 Sunny pronounce it like this…
    Sue awe day row

    aurelio rosales 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • 1:01 it is pronounced as V you dough. In English it's The Widowed Lamb (El Borrego Viudo)

    aurelio rosales 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • Anyone get dos bros tacos vibes from Vladimir ( from the movie turbo)💀🤣

    kristina blahblahblahblah 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • Mexicans' food LOTS OF LOOOOVE!!!!

    Student W 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • your videos put my stress away,thank you sonny

    JAY 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • I hate when sonny says he is fat!! He’s not fat at all lol if anything he is a strong fit man 😝

    Chantelle Lisa 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • Dude needs a salad and liposuction asap

    John Doe 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • trump should try authentic mexican food just like hugh jackman, he will surely love it even it is much better than taco bell

    G ULTRA 20/10/2022 pm7:45

    Eduardo Quiban 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • Doble tortilllla paque llenen. the saying is double tortillla so you fill .

    Josh Zamora 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • lengua is the $hi+

    Josh Zamora 20/10/2022 pm7:45

    Jojo 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • I don’t know how many times I’ve looked at this video!!! I LOVE IT!!! ♥️🌮♥️🌮♥️🌮

    Sarina Johnigan 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • I would say that there are now two different words that are both spelled "taco" in America, and it's a little bit confusing if you don't already know… There are "tacos" (English pronunciation, meaning a hard-fried corn-shell with ground beef and cheese and lettuce etc), and there are "tacos" (Spanish pronunciation, meaning "some kinda meat on two tortillas with onions and cilantro and limes and some kinda salsa")… Two totally different things… Italy and France and UK and Spain have their own versions too; the story of the "taco" is very interesting and complex… My 1940's Spanish/English dictionary defines "taco" as:

    #1: N: bung/plug/wad/cork
    #2: N: (colloquial) A Mexican dish consisting of maize-pancakes and (usually) salted meat flavoured with chilly peppers

    I don't like the tendency of White Americans to use the term "street tacos" to describe regular old Mexican-style tacos, because it makes it sound trashy, as if there were "higher class tacos" available, but they're just slumming it… They're just tacos, and they don't need to be cooked in "the street"… You can cook them in houses and restaurants and churches and public parks, etc… If I cook a taco on the beach, does that make it a "Beach Taco"? 🤣

    Giuseppe LoGiurato 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • If Taco Bell started serving real tacos made out of real tortillas and real meat, the soybean industry would collapse. Taco Bell is so weird! It's like food from another planet; like, if Mars had a Mexico, that's what the food would be like… I guess that's why people like it? Because it's so unearthly?

    Giuseppe LoGiurato 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • This is getting dirtier by the minutes XD

    Echo Yin 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • Gm I luv fat boys! 💕

    vickie 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • Yk I wonder what goes through there head as u pick up a skeleton head of a cow after he ripped it apart just curious 🤣

    Airyshark 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • I can’t find that Taco Fighter shirt. That’s something I wanna wear when I do my overnights in Mexico. Just had some amazing pork belly local tacos, buche here in Aguascalientes.

    BHawk Pilot 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • Warmest greetings from Azerbaijan!

    Sahib Aliyev 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • 16 years ago in Mexico City, when I was 35, I met a family running a booth that sold brisket tacos. Absolutely amazing tacos. Also they had a pretty 13-14 year-old daughter that the booth owner kept trying to pair me up with. He kept telling me it was time for her to get married, the girl was making eyes at me, and it freaked me out. He had 8 daughters and was trying to get rid of them ASAP. I just wanted some tacos, not a wife. 🤨

    Jay R. aka. Just Pelé 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • I am born ready for tacos 😂

    C B 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • Yes he has huge storage capacity

    Mehedi Jahan 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • I wish sonny can make it to North of Mexico like mexicali or Tijuana for real mexicali has the best street food and belive me not the chinise food here is crazy good

    Angel Guzman 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • Sonny,where I live in Jersey the cow tongues cost about $35 and is crazy😝☮️😡✌️

    Noreen Delsanno 20/10/2022 pm7:45
  • Go to the store with my mom when I was a kid I would see the tongue in the grocery store when the rapper just like ground beef not all chopped up like ground beef but in the same kind of packaging and I could never figure out how somebody would cook such a thing

    kenjackben 20/10/2022 pm7:45