Mexican Street Food !! ULTIMATE TACOS TOUR in Tijuana, Mexico! (Part 1)

Mexican Street Food in Tijuana – PART 2:
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Get ready for the ultimate Mexican street food tour of Tijuana, Mexico. I’ve never eaten so many tacos, and been so happy in a 14 hour period in my life. This is just Part 1, but Part 2 was the same day. Stay tuned! #MexicanFood #streetfood #tacos

Thanks to my friend Jeffrey Merrihue ( for arranging this tour. When you’re in Santa Monica, go eat at his restaurant, Heroic Italian ( where you’ll find the best sandwich.

San Diego, USA – The first part of this Mexican street food tour started in California, where we drove to the border and parked the car. This is the first time I think I’ve ever crossed a border on foot and gone straight to a street a food tour. All went smoothly.

Tijuana, Mexico – Welcome to Tijuana where a van was ready to pick us up and take us on this ultimate Tijuana street food tour. So happy to be back in Mexico. One of the best things about Tijauana is that it’s a city that attracts people from all over Mexico, and so you’ll find all regional variations of Mexican food.

Tacos Mike – Tijuana, Mexico – We started at a small stall outside a tire shop where they served all sorts of mixed tacos. I had the Taco de chile relleno, a chile stuffed with cheese and fried and covered in salsas.

Mariscos Ruben – We continued next to Marisocs Ruben, known for their unique small rolled tacos with cheese and marlin. They were unbelievably tasty

Aqui Es Texcoco – Tijuana, Mexico – Next we went to Paco’s restaurant, where they serve barbacoa, Texcoco style. It was amazing, and we also had the whole head, including some real deal eye tacos.

Xolo Tacos – Tijuana, Mexico – Next on this Mexican street food tacos tour, we went to Xolo Tacos to eat their insane bone marrow taco. It’s a birria taco, or a Tijuana red taco, but exploding with bone marrow.

Tacos El Gallito – Adobada Tacos – Next stop, we met up with Adrian Mejia – – to eat Tijuana adobada tacos from the trompo – the vertical shawarma style spit. Unbelievable.

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  • It had been way too long without tacos! Happy to share this amazing Mexican street food tour 🇲🇽 in Tijuana and Ensenada with you. This video was filmed at the beginning of Feb 2020, prior to the major outbreak. Hope you are doing well and stay safe 🙏.

    Thank you to my friends Jeffrey Merrihue ( and Scott Koenig ( for arranging this epic trip.

    Mark Wiens 23/10/2022 pm3:06
  • Food poison at its best!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vince Gambino 23/10/2022 pm3:06

    Ngumza Kwanza 23/10/2022 pm3:06
  • Man I love mexico! I've been to Cancun and Cabo and thats about it. I want to go to Tijuana for the street food and Rosarito.

    SlickWilly 23/10/2022 pm3:06
  • Can’t stand this guy on the green shirt the guy with glasses I think his name is Joe he’s such a fake

    Fabio Nunes 23/10/2022 pm3:06
  • Be careful when you go this year 2022 we are on October the cartels have moved in to Tijuana so be very careful if you go this year bless you brother and all your family I love your channel and let us know when you come to California Los Angeles I would love to meet you 1 million thumbs up to your Channel

    Peseta Maya 23/10/2022 pm3:06
  • God bless you: looks like this is the most fun you ever had in Mexico😂

    Fernando wrizar 23/10/2022 pm3:06
  • anyone notice the last one with the bone marrow the guy in the blue when they were biting into the tacos the kids armed they kept on messing with the guy in the blue and then he gets mad and you can see it on the camera like he got frustrated with the kid LOL

    Frank Bravo 23/10/2022 pm3:06
  • tj is disgusting

    linda powers 23/10/2022 pm3:06
  • It never occurred to me that the head of a animal could be eaten. But the 🧠 and the eye's is NEXT LEVEL.

    Leo j Martin 23/10/2022 pm3:06
  • As long as it's LAMB….I DONT GIVE A " DAMN".

    Leo j Martin 23/10/2022 pm3:06
  • Again I say, I think MARK is getting a hold of SOME VERY GOOD "BUD" to eat as much as he does.

    Leo j Martin 23/10/2022 pm3:06
  • I'm black, But AFTER I would eat this great looking food, I quite sure I would turn into a BLEX-ICAN.

    Leo j Martin 23/10/2022 pm3:06
  • good video

    amourinizer 23/10/2022 pm3:06
  • I've been watching this dood for sooo long, that face he makes is just… oomph

    - CupCake - 23/10/2022 pm3:06
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Jorge Lopez 23/10/2022 pm3:06
  • what i like about mark wiens when he eat and says,,'ohh wow ! '👍👍

    Ra Fiqi 23/10/2022 pm3:06
  • This whole series has me so angry that I'm not eating these tacos with all of you. The most delicious FOOD I've ever seen. I can tell from your face and laugh how insanely good it is. 🤤🌮🌮🌮🇲🇽

    April Yvette 23/10/2022 pm3:06
  • If the crazed druggies weren't there on the country, I would visit there someday

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