Mexican Moms Rank Pizza

We asked Mexican Moms to rank Pizza from Best to Worst
What’s your favorite pizza?

We asked mamás to rank pizza from best to worst from some of the most popular pizza places! The pizza places include Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Little Caesars Pizza, Papa John’s Pizza, and Costco Pizza. Which pizza will be the best in this Pizza taste test?

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  • What’s your favorite pizza topping? 🤤 🍕

    mamah 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • I don’t get the hype about Domino’s Pizza, it’s sucks ass. I have never heard a Mexican mom say he doesn’t like Costco pizza, that was just a 🤯 too me.

    Adam Barajas 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • Hard to believe so many people people on here believe Little Caesars is premade. You will find the best pizza makers there… Ironically.

    Gamer Garcia 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • Lucy choosing little ceasars is proof she doesn’t like pizza . That shit is so bland 🤣

    Jl2Da Max 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • Never trust anyone that hates pizza

    ChefDuJour78 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • lucy is so annoying

    bloodspill 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • Everything is good with beer! Lol

    Robert 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • Que amargura de senora nada le gusta es deprimente lo Ultimo vere

    Felix Chavez 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • I don't have fond memories of pizza hut, but not because of the pizza- That tasted fine. The problem was it gave everyone diarrhea afterwards, EVERY SINGLE TIME. I don't remember a time when we went, and didn't have diarrhea afterwards. It tasted good when you were eating it though. 😂

    Blueberry_Pancakes 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • It's kinda hard to rank pizza places sometimes. You never know how they're going to make it; Sometimes they put too much sauce, or not enough toppings, or it's just too greasy. It really depends on how they made it that time.
    My family used to get pizza from pappa john's a lot, and it always varied each time.

    Blueberry_Pancakes 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • xochitl every second: beer 😀

    Sxvariie #roadto100 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • I don’t know

    Kristal Assante 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • I don’t know but here in Mexico most pizzas taste quite mediocre to me (Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Papa johns, little Caesar’s, etc). I much prefer indie businesses that make something closer to original (Italian) pizza. Although I remember eating Costco’s and Papa Johns in San Diego and they were really good.

    Gaetano Dragonetti 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • It’s like she hates everything and can’t impress her …

    Dolly Vampira 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • "Me critican que soy bien borracha" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Alexandro Renteria 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • ….. I rather have a local New York style pizza spot much better then all these

    marcus 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • Lucy doesn’t like pizza…… can’t trust anything from her

    Matthew Brennan 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • Pizza! 😋

    Sonia Josefina Alcantara 21/10/2022 pm4:47

    Lipp 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • Falto round table pizza 🍕my favorite 😋

    Estephany Botello 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • Put some jackfruit on there and let's see what's happens hahahahaha

    Ryan Smith 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • Xóchitl always is more honest and more open, I feel like she come from another background, with more opportunities when she was younger.

    oo pp 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • Xochitl is my favorite. I liked Lucy until she talked shit on Pizza.

    Ashley Brown 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • I'm the opposite of lucky. I like my pizza to have more sauce

    Chee Lor 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • Lucy cae mal es bien exagerada 🙄

    Blanca Vasquez 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • I think they would like neopolitan pizza

    Kevin 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • Wait till they try pizza from Italy, that's real pizza.

    Ohioan Ghost 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • Every time I eat Papa John's nothing but Diarrhea! Blah

    Iron Cross666 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • little caesars is a michigan delicacy. plus they make everything from scratch :)))

    Lauren S 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • I was shocked when one of the moms didn’t like little Caesar’s it’s my fav pizza

    Son goku 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • I thought Lufy would love pizza 💀

    Pancake Waffle 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • Pizzaa

    Pancake Waffle 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • Cosco pizza is the best they tripping

    Naruto Uzimali 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • Pizza con cerveza es todo señora uste si sabe de lo bueno ajua

    Eric Moreno 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • Don't take Martha to Italy

    oscar lopez 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • Ironically, Costco is the one that uses the highest quality ingredients with the cleanest kitchen, but Lucy perceives it as cheap, not realizing it’s a loss leader for the store. I don’t care what anyone says, Costco pizza is the best, hands down!

    The Queen Of Dreams 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • Xóchitl 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

    Nahomy Dominguez 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • Get rid of Lucy please lol

    Nahomy Dominguez 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • Lucy is so annoying lol

    Nahomy Dominguez 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • Pizza is definitely my favorite fast food.

    Carmen Dee 21/10/2022 pm4:47
  • Lets all eat at Lucy’s house and lets judge her food and we all say it’s nasty 😂😂😂BACKFIRES

    DoeGreezy 21/10/2022 pm4:47