McDonald's Happy Meal Magic 1993 Hamburger Maker Set – Making Hamburgers!

Updated Video – I Eat These!

The McDonald’s Happy Meal Magic set toys were originally made so that kids could experiment with food they have in their house. There are no special mixes required! Just mix and match your favorite ingredients and make your hamburgers. One of the biggest questions is the hamburger fryer! That is actually a wind up toy that you wind up in the back of the maker. Then when you put the fryer down it activates the frying sound.

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McDonald’s Happy Meal Magic 1993 Hamburger Maker Set

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  • this guy was my favorite part of my childhood! I'd sit behind my mom's recliner at 2 am on school nights watching away on my moms old phone!

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  • 10 years ago?! I remember watching this when I was young! When it was a couple of hours old!

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  • Here bc of TikTok

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  • Ah, my childhood.

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  • I love how they try to post every day to. Make us happy

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  • Oh my god this video just popped up on my recommendations, I use to watch this channel so much when I was a kid, literally nearly 10 years ago😭❤️

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  • 🤣🤣🤣 it looks too good to eat

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  • I remember I used to watch these videos so much when I was a kid and it's still good to this day!!

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  • My fave channel since grade 5

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  • The memories, oh the how the memories hurt

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  • Ah the memories! I grew up watching these and only recently remembered they existed. I'm so glad that I found it with a single search. The moment I saw Lucky Penny Shop the final puzzle piece in my head clicked into place and I was like "That's him! Thats my guy!" I have so much adoration for this man.

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  • I can remember being a lil kid watching these from germany and the intro gives me nostalgia with the guitar and penny😭 what a legend

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  • I think they sell in Indonesia 🇮🇩 McDonald’s in the past.

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  • thanks for bringing so much comfort to me when i was a kid

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  • This is so nostalgic

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  • Nov.2022 I'm coming back again

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