McDonald's French Fries Remake | Best Crispy French Fries

This week we are making an American classic, McDonald’s french fries -cowboy style. These are the best crispy French fries because I’m sharing some easy tricks for the perfect fry.
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Used in this video:

1/4″ French fry cutter:
Enamelware :
Rode wireless mic:
Kent’s seasonings
Propane camp stove

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Kent Rollins
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Editing: Andy Mercs



  • "My part of the woods" 😂

    tentrickspony 17/10/2022 pm8:23
  • Hey I hope you a bobby are still great friends and I love cooking and your cooking videos 😄

    David Wilmot 17/10/2022 pm8:23
  • make chilly chase fry's out of them

    rick shramek 17/10/2022 pm8:23
  • I like checker's fries the best.

    William Lewin 17/10/2022 pm8:23
  • That dog was like, "Stragglers! Yes! More!" 😁

    Shark Whisperer 17/10/2022 pm8:23
  • Don't you love all those pioneer pots and pans? Place looks like a Chuck wagon…..

    Fred B. 17/10/2022 pm8:23
  • Может быть, кому то и нравится этот пенопласт, но я предпочитаю жареную на сковородке картошку с сальцом.

    funkensteinthedoctor 17/10/2022 pm8:23
  • 😎saludos mr kent las papas fritas quedaron perfectas el olor me llego hasta aca en chile con su permiso me voy a freir papas para el almuerzo je je je 👌👌👌👏👏👏

    CARLOS SALOMON SABAJ ALIAGA 17/10/2022 pm8:23
  • Mr. Kent. You need to use Redmond real salt!! Best ever!!! 🥰

    John R Flower 17/10/2022 pm8:23
  • These look like a step up from MD's fries, they have character.

    Gene Smolko 17/10/2022 pm8:23
  • The secret to really good fries is to put salt in a coffee grinder to powder it. Scientifically-proven to light up the taste buds.

    AlphaLady777 17/10/2022 pm8:23
  • I did HVAC for 20 years been about 15 thousand homes, I would take some beef jerky on the service calls , you know for dogs,beef jerky can make a mean dog your friend, had some McDonald's fries one day , went to give it to a german shepherd , smelled it ,he wouldn't eat it

    rodeo clown obama 17/10/2022 pm8:23
  • when I got out of HS I worked at TGIF , I cut soooooooooooo many fries. no one could beat me in arm wrestling

    rodeo clown obama 17/10/2022 pm8:23
  • If you passed out the French fries from the window of your pickup wouldn't you crash your truck? 🤗😊🤗

    D Lighted 17/10/2022 pm8:23
  • It's actually a crispy french fry with an American style. Let's get in there, cowboys and cowgirls!


    Juanindo Jorgi Janad 17/10/2022 pm8:23
  • 5:07 the Eminem of deep fryin

    Darren 17/10/2022 pm8:23
  • Home made fries are the best, and we make them out of sweet potatoes too. Got that darn tater press, me and the hulk push em through. Ended up cutting them in half to make it a bit easier. Great instruction and the process is great. Keep these coming.

    Cedar Oak Farm 17/10/2022 pm8:23
  • I like to dip mine in some of that Red River Mud BBQ sauce

    Patriot 17/10/2022 pm8:23
  • I love the process and all, but I had to make it easier. Now, I par-boil by bringing a couple pounds of unpeeld Russets just to a boil in a big kettle, put on the lid and turn off the heat; let sit for a half hour, drain and put the taters in a big UNCOVERED bowl in the fridge for making hash browns, fries, potato pancakes, whatever. For fries, I pull two taters out when they have cooled, peel and run them thru the french fry cutter, toss 'em in a half inch of hot (350 degree) Canola oil in my Lodge 12" cast iron skillet till crispy, toss them with salt on a rack to drain, then ENJOY!

    Laurence Prantner 17/10/2022 pm8:23
  • I was watching a video of a middle eastern young man and his little brother cooking French fry’s. I finally found a way to cook a great fry. No greasy homemade fries.
    Put flower or corn starch on your fresh cut fry’s. Let them set for around 45 minutes. Fry in oil as usual.
    No need for all the extra steps. 👍

    Jason Butterfield 17/10/2022 pm8:23
  • I'm about there. The brine caught me by surprise. Gonna try it.

    Dusty Schwartz 17/10/2022 pm8:23
  • I hope someday our paths cross I would love a photo and autograph from you.

    parker Azz 17/10/2022 pm8:23