Martha Stewart Teaches You How To Roast | Martha's Cooking School S1E9 “Roasting”

This episode is devoted to roasting, a straightforward and adaptable technique that also works well for meat, fish, and chicken. Martha’s roast chicken showcases the benefits of this method, with a crisp exterior and moist interior. Because roasting so beautifully concentrates the flavors of the ingredients, it’s also well suited to vegetables, and Martha includes a recipe for a delicious roasted root vegetable salad. Finally, she prepares a show-stopping dish fit for any holiday table: a green peppercorn-crusted roast tenderloin of beef.

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00:00 Introduction
00:34 Chicken
07:12 Vegetables
16:40 Beef Tenderloin

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This episode originally aired on PBS as Martha Stewart’s Cooking School Season 1 Episode 9.

Full Recipes:
Roasted Root Vegetable Salad –
Roast Chicken –
Green-Peppercorn Encrusted Roast Tenderloin of Beef –

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Martha Stewart Teaches You How To Roast | Martha’s Cooking School S1E9 “Roasting”



  • How professional is and neat,clean,perfection 👌

    Mira Mira 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Also, that is the perfect way to cook a beef tenderloin. Absolute perfection from Martha.

    Beth Bilous 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Sorry cannot do brussel sprouts , just can't and have tried many times.

    Beth Bilous 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • NEVER wash raw chicken !!!

    jeanette harrison 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Martha is yesterday's news. She needs to go smoke dope with her friend snoop and just fade away.

    rudy montana 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • yummmmmmmmmmm🤍

    Alice R 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Never rinse your chicken under running water…. Come on Martha🙄🤣😏 still love you though!

    David 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • No one can show their love of cooking like Martha.

    JoAnn Fagen 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • thanks for watching

    George N 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • superb 👏👍

    mehboob khan 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Thank you Martha so much

    Rasha Samir & مطبخ شوشو سمير 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Nice veggies Martha. If you want the beets not to colour your hands, simply wash your hands with soap- while they are wet rub oil and handle the beets. When done simply wash your hands – no stains

    Cuthline Tavagwisa 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Of all people, Martha Stewart should know not to wash poultry. You're splashing bacteria around the kitchen. The temperature you're cooking the chicken at will kill anything dangerous.

    Susie Diamond 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • More and more beautiful thank you so much 💖💖

    Shima Shahin 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • clap 👏👏👏👏👏 beautiful job miss Martha Stewart I love watching you cook a lot and thanks for the chicken stock recipe too I will make this weekend HAVE A GREAT WEEK 👍:)

    ETTA WALKER 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • عالی. مرسی. مار تا🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷👏👏👏🌹🌸🌷💚🌺💐

    dragonslayer19922 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • 9:31 you can do it on parchment, if you're lazy lol I love that

    Heathen 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Wait…is she actually going from the raw chicken to slicing lemons and handling the other food…OMG! Again, she immediately sliced and handled the butter AFTER she trussed the bird. Lord don't let me eat in her restaurants. Are you guys watching how she goes back and forth between handling a raw bird to other food?

    Morgan Calvi 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • NEVER WASH A BIRD…CROSS CONTAMINATION…Salmonella gets spread everywhere Martha…trying to make every one sick and start another epidemic?

    Morgan Calvi 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • 😍❤🌿🌹🙏

    Zadk Zadk 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Not going to lie, I LOVE learning from Martha Stewart! I LOVE cooking, and as we all know,
    we can learn something new every day, BUT some cooks are either too pretentious, and/or
    too elaborate in their "ways", but Martha Stewart is just right! Thank you Team Martha Stewart! 🙂

    Mike Tayon 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • The food looks over cookd

    Tammy Hudson 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Nice Rost schicken n meat like itx🙏🙏

    Itohan Egiede 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Very excited to try the roasted veggies . I love beets , Brussel sprouts..

    Deborah 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Martha Stewart's Cooking techniques are always so helpful!
    The chicken looks perfect! Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside! Just the way we like it!!!😉😉😉
    Thank you for sharing! 💕

    Us And Plus 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • That chicken looks absolutely delicious…

    Benjamin Hudson 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • She looks fantastic!

    Margarita Cisneros 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Melting the butter and pouring it slowly over makes for more even browning and flavor 😋

    PrincessMommy6 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Where did you get those tiny scoops #MarthaStewart

    Linda the Old Bird 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Just absolutely Divine Martha. Looks do Delicious, keep them coming. I luv Roasted Vegetables. Thank u for sharing.

    Hattie Colley 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • so many washing dishes heheheee

    Errej Sin 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Yummmmy!

    Arcenia13 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • You had touched the chicken and You forgot to wash your hands with soap and water , before tasting the gravy with your fingers.

    Mehr Afrooz 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Me gustan estos videos pero los quiero en español gracias

    Juana Maria Perafan 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • OH MY GOD I REALLY THOUGHT SHE WAS CUTTING A MICE’S TAIL AT 7:35 it scarred me for a hot minute lol

    Fared Sharudden 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Beautiful 💐!!!

    Sharon Ned 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Don't bother washing the bird as it only spreads germs in your kitchen, just make sure it's cooked thoroughly

    Floating Peaks 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Miss your personality

    Fida Muhammad 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • So many amazing ideas! Roasting vegetables with unpeeled garlic cloves, for later squeezing of that milder flavor. Preheating the pan for potatoes! Knowing that the back of the oven is hotter! And on….

    Cheryl J 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Martha is the first cook that has advised to wash the bird under running water.

    LucyCan 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • הבישול האמריקאי הנחשק ,עים זיכרונות רחוקים של חגי אריקה ,אני עצמי יהודיה מרוקאית שמבשלת בסיגנון מרוקאי ועכשיו אני מגלה את השיטות הנהדרות של הבישול האמריקאי ,תודה מרתה

    מיכל מזרחי 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • what brand of grill pan is that?

    Andrea Klepach 19/10/2022 pm1:05
  • ฺBeauutifulllll!!!!!!!👍👍👍👍

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  • I only use lemon 🍋 with fish

    tjantree10 19/10/2022 pm1:05
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    Charles Anikpe cooks 19/10/2022 pm1:05
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