Marco Pierre White Marks This Dessert As 'The Greatest' | MasterChef Australia | MasterChef World

Marco Pierre White marks Charlie’s honey semifreddo with lemon crumb and lemon honey caramel as ‘the greatest dessert I’ve ever eaten on MasterChef!’

MacterChef Australia S8

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  • I honestly think Marco Pierre is more intimidating and inspirational than Gordon Ramsay. 🤭

    Julissa 23/10/2022 pm2:47
  • The show is fake, grow up

    Nigetis 23/10/2022 pm2:47
  • 🤣😂🌍🌍🌎🌎🌏🌐🗺🗺🗾🗾🧭🧭🏔🏔⛰🌋🌋🗻🗻🏕🏘🛖🛖🌋🪵🧱🧱🏛🏛🏟🏞🏝🏝🏜🏖🏠🏢🏢🏤🏦🏩🏩🏫🏫⛩🛕🛕⛪🗼🏬⛩⛲🕋

    Hoang Tran 23/10/2022 pm2:47
  • When Marco approved your dish that is how you know you're in God tier level.

    iKnot⚡The Culture. 23/10/2022 pm2:47
  • 1:16 Poor kid had a look on his face as though he was half-expecting Marco to say, "Off with his head!!" Glad for him it was great news.

    Camaro ZL1 Guy 23/10/2022 pm2:47
  • The only man that made Gordan ramsay cry

    XZombieLordX 23/10/2022 pm2:47
  • I end up watching this every few months just for some feel goodz, like it’s in my back pocket any time I need a reminder that this entire planet isn’t a mess.

    SERGIp51D 23/10/2022 pm2:47
  • Marco Pierre White is professor Snape of cooking world.

    Mateo Kotolas 23/10/2022 pm2:47
  • This clip is an everlasting waterfall of inspiration for anyone interested in taking on some culinary challenges and expeditions

    Saleem Frazer 23/10/2022 pm2:47
  • greatest dessert eaten (in masterchef)

    windows_x_seven 23/10/2022 pm2:47
  • Behind the scenes, Gordon Ramsey came out from the side and stabbed Marco. I was there I saw it

    f u 23/10/2022 pm2:47
  • He wears a specs but doesn't use it what a flex

  • If Chef Marco Pierre White told me that. I would literally kiss him.

    Kiel 23/10/2022 pm2:47
  • I won't question it i would simply fire you 😂

    Long Aren 23/10/2022 pm2:47
  • I would love Marco Pierre White to be a judge on cafeteria food in high school

    School principal: The food's perfect!

    Marco Pierre White: 😠 I hate it.

    School principal: 😞 You're right it's bad.

    Universal Soldier 23/10/2022 pm2:47
  • Me after eating Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream for the first time: 1:21

    Mike Wang 23/10/2022 pm2:47
  • I watch this video like twice a day for 3 months straight

    beef 23/10/2022 pm2:47
  • Marco doesn't get serotonin when eating ice cream. The ice cream gets a cortisol being eaten by Marco

    Ryne Agheilim 23/10/2022 pm2:47
  • Imagine, all he has to do to get a job in a kitchen is to show them this video.

    Jai 23/10/2022 pm2:47
  • Not to be picky, but what’s the greatest dessert? This is just for MC

    Bacchus LAX 23/10/2022 pm2:47
  • Would be so fun if 1 of the other prats had said something negative first and then we got the real verdict from the expert.

    LeviathanDK 23/10/2022 pm2:47
  • MPW staring directly at him while he savors the dessert is high-key intimidating.

    Jack-EXZoltジャック・エグゾルト 23/10/2022 pm2:47
  • If Marco calls it the greatest…it's gotta be other worldly.

    TheAndy19891 23/10/2022 pm2:47
  • The way in which Marco speaks you think he’s going to drop the line from Once Upon a Time in Mexico

    “In fact it’s too good. It is so good that when I’m finished, I’ll pay my bill, walk straight into the kitchen and shoot the cook”

    Robert Gendron 23/10/2022 pm2:47
  • Oh, he touched himself that night.

    Mr MacGuffin 23/10/2022 pm2:47
  • whats the music name pls?

    GaylordTV 23/10/2022 pm2:47
  • Marco did not make Charlie cry, it was his choice to cry.

    Olivier Veilleux 23/10/2022 pm2:47
  • Need this recipe

    Cxkafrosamurai # 23/10/2022 pm2:47