Making the Burger King Original Chicken Sandwich At Home | But Better

Heavy is the homemade chicken sandwich that wears the crown.

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  • 2:13 sus

    First Order Officer From the SS 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • Can you But Better gluten-free bread? I miss real bread now that I’ve had to cut out gluten, but most out there is gross & $$$$$

    Michelle D. 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • Damn I got a ad from burger king before the vid start

    james david pascua 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • muslims thinking there safe eating the original chicken sandwich

    Joshua: hold my pork fat

    Ballebio 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • Used to love Burger King's Italian Chicken Sandwich. Tried making a fast-food copycat with Calise rolls, Weaver chicken patties, Classico pizza sauce, and Sorrento Mozzarella slices. IMO, came out very good for a quick and easy microwave preperation. I like your video though and surely yours came out better with a much longer preparation, but having better quality ingredients resulting in a better taste.

    netsendjoe 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • Its cheating, mushroom powder is another level MSG… 😅
    But your recipe always better even without the mushroom powder…
    Thanks for the recipe…

    Jessica Magdalena 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • Your version looks like the advertised sandwich so gooood

    myth killa 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • I love how you say ground white pepper acting like someones gonna put the whole ass pepper thing in

    Wow Now 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • Am I the only one who thinks chicken should never be ground? Grinding beef and pork makes sense, because they're bigger animals with tougher cuts. Chicken is small though, and the cuts they produce are all amazing, intact.

    Chris Anthony 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • We all know fast food is when you are too high/drunk to cook.

    Gavin 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • And of course i am hungry now… thanks!!

    Giorgos Karagiannis 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • It's 12+ dollars for TWO chicken sandwiches in Commiefornia… WTF

    Noah W 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • I’d break open one of those fresh baked homemade buns and slather it with butter and just eat it like that.

    J Petro 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • All love for Josh, love this series, but come on, is it really neccesery to ask if he can make it better? Yes, you can, with basically enough money to buy anything and infinite amou tof time, you can make a better sandwitch than a minimum wage college student makes under 3 mins

    Nugget Bitch 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • idk why but the burger king original chicken sandwich brings me so much nostalgia from when I was a child! I still order it from time to time but the mayo and lettuce is always gross so I scrape it off and add my own! i've never had an off taste about it thankfully. its also pretty juicy in comparison to other fast food chicken sandwiches, obv it cant be compared to chick fil a. but there's a time and place for a bk original chicken sandwich.

    Natalia Andrea 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • Hế lu kênh

    Meira Lifson 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • If one has a kitchen aid an after market grinder is inexpensive on Amazon and works just as good

    Keith Gilbert 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • I have a feeling that every fod chain that has had a but better video made about their food chain will start using josh's recipes instead of their own originals.

    Lucksshya Agarwala 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • Oh thank god I'm not the only person who gets the horrific bitter aftertaste. There's something appealing about the sandwich, but every time I eat one I end up thinking "Why did I want this? It just tastes wrong."

    Paige Francis 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • I feel like chefs have a more sensitive sense of taste cuz I be eating that on a daily

    RESIPRO_PLAYZ 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • Bro I live like 3 minutes from the shell/ Burger King that’s trippy lol

    Bryan Miller 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • Don’t know why they would make that commercial when everyone know McDonald’s better

    Ysubanime 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • Just like Burger King Joshua Weissman’s videos are short, simple and get to the point but with the added bonus that they are also filled with a subtle smooth humour that is sure to bring a smile and giggle to everyone’s mouths. And to top it off the Editing, presentation and just Top Quality. Sick vid man

    Arctic 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • Ha ha, your sound effects is hilarious 😅😅😅

    Ragnhild MK Hamar 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • Papa must be making BANK picking up Burger KANG in dat Benz AMG.

    John Sullivan 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • He said 4 guests loool plz papa

    Huyam Musa 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • Who is going to wash all this?

    Sheesha Love 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • I ordered a ch king and got this a while back :/

    Ludicros1ty 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • PAPA whips a AMG !!!!?????🚘😎

    Ezequiel Lopez 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • Your sandwich looks like the one they use to advertise theirs…. and theirs is kind of exactly what you'd expect

    Twolittleorphans 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • Bro I feel like in these videos he make then fast food look bad but its actually good

    Om Durukkar 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • I got 1 and half of the bun was burnt and the other not even toasted

    bren_boi games 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • when you become poor, your food standards just drop. Or at least that's what happened to me. I'll eat a chicken sandwich from BurgerKing any day if I'm hungry

    Zardノワール 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • as a son of a hostess i can say that fast food companys make REAL HUGE differences between different regions and places well as i can see from bags and et cetera american fast foods suck 😀 sorry not sorry in turkey they are absolutely different they are tasty BUT EXPENSIVE they have good desings BUT THEY ARE EXPENSIVE they got the crisp BUT THEY ARE EXPENSIVE yea everthing has a outcome a cost gohd dahmn wish i were rich

    huysuzbarca 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • I understand it is content but you shit on everything

    Damon Morningstar 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • Not saying anything here but the Burger King’s where I live are the best

    Chrissette Whichard 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • .

    sugma 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • I didn't recreate the whole chicken sandwich, BUT I did make the chicken patty as an element in a chicken veggie wrap, and it WAS A HUGE HIT!! Using this exact chicken Pattie recipe, but with fresh cut veggies, a garlic Parmesan sauce, and a tortilla, it was AMAZING! I will use this recipe again! Maybe not for the whole BK sandwich thing, but definitely for the same chicken veggie wrap I did. Thank you Papa!

    Cameo_Bitpart 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • This one is one of the purely by how bad the og is vs. it's potential

    Gee TV 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • I tried the sandwich at BK the other day. It was terrible, I did not like

    Caleb Chandler 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • W vid

    JacobDaMensch 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • ngl BK looks better imo

    Jordan 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • The ocs slander is not appreciated

    Ciscoy_rea l 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • Pappa you make Better food but don't say the food from restaurant are so bad like poopy becouse there's a lots of people in your country eats those foods and say wow 🤣🤣

    Md Moudoodi 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • Josh thinks that imitating the look of the sandwich means a copycat recipe. I tried this and it has nothing to do with burger kings’ deliciousness.

    Jay: Psychocritic 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • Burger wins yours look unreal every is trash just like u its better Then the taco choco a specially the chicken the one you ordered

    Reality gaming 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • I worked at BK in the mid to late 80's and had made thousands of chicken sandwiches – most looked like Joshua's – to be honest it's been close to a decade since I've had one to eat – the last one, if it looked like the example you presented from Burger King I would have eaten but sadly mine didn't even look as good. My general guideline for fast food now is: "when the impossible products start showing up it's time to cross that place off your list" – even Taco Bell is test marketing fake stuff now (not that their taco meat was "prime" to begin with. I'll go hungry for a little while until I can make something at home myself or find a seat at a restaurant that features food that is actually made rather than heated up on-site.

    Scotty in Ohio 24/10/2022 am1:36
  • I’m celiac, but I’ve been craving this for the past couple days. May have to make a gf version of it soon…

    Unpopable Bubble 🫧 24/10/2022 am1:36