Making Steak Tacos Faster Than A Restaurant | But Faster

We’re making two different tacos for this challenge actually. Breakfast tacos, AND steak tacos…I like the challenge.

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  • dude. I hit play, and took a piss. Most irritating piss ive ever taken. fuck this

    Jack Nam 18/10/2022 pm1:05
  • 2:02 Except when one tastes like soap to you

    L B 18/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Little bit of salt, (right here) P E P P Y. W E P P Y

    BlackSt0neRebell Force 18/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Delicious food guys

    Ekure Edafe Daniel 18/10/2022 pm1:05
  • I like this series but it definitely doesnt take into account how long this would take a regular person

    Cabinet Doorknob 18/10/2022 pm1:05
  • As a Mexican I am appalled by the amount of avocado 🥑 on that steak taco, also wtf is up with the pico de gallo on the breakfast taco? Thats just wrong

    Alexis Zaragoza 18/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Who is going to clean all this mess that you created? what about all the dishwashing? All the labor work you had to put in? …. I think I prefer to just buy it from the restaurant (5 minutes from my house)

    birth23ful 18/10/2022 pm1:05
  • taco place takes 5 minutes, you took 30, how the fuck is that faster?

    Gibe Shrugs 18/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Ordering tacos at a restaurant would have to be the most disappointing thing, it’ll be like 15$ for 3 tacos and you leave starving still

    Erik Bowles-Lapointe 18/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Ulises carried this episode fr fr

    Bing Bong 18/10/2022 pm1:05
  • The opening was annoying

    Food looks great

    Bill Mason 18/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Right, but then comes the grocery shopping and clean-up

    Dodde 18/10/2022 pm1:05
  • I’m seriously like turning into a pretty decent chef thanks to Joshua Weissman. The first cooking show that actually isn’t BS and nonsense and the food actually turns out great. Need more guys like him in my search bar

    K.C. Simonsen 18/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Try to watch “de mi rancho a tu cocina and La Capital “.
    You are welcome 🤗

    El1000Ofici0s. MX 18/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Dude, you really have to learn from an autentique Taqueria in Mexico.

    JUAN PABLO LEDEZMA ALVAREZ 18/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Has there been a puffy taco video?

    al tuck 18/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Damn is bro in Houston

    2SINCERE 18/10/2022 pm1:05
  • "You gotta cheat to win."

    Well, sounds like Reverse Flash alright.

    Phantasm 18/10/2022 pm1:05
  • Cheese!?!??!?!?! What is with you people ruining eggs with cheese!?!?? Cheese doesn’t belong on EVERYTHING!!!!!

    Mike Gomez 18/10/2022 pm1:05
  • I think that it would be more fair if Josh was not allowed to look at a clock and not getting live updates from his filming staff about ulises' status. Every time that they tell Josh "oh he has the food and is coming back, josh seems to kick it up a gear. Would be much more interesting if both were blind to the progress of the other, not just ulises not knowing how far along josh is in cooking the dish.

    lojosol 18/10/2022 pm1:05