Making Authentic Pizza At Home (2 Ways)

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Homemade pizza isn’t something to be taken lightly. We’re making a classic Neapolitan pizza and a classic roman pizza, and putting them together. Maybe there will be a winner, or maybe there will just be a lot of melty cheese.

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  • How much Extra Virgin Olive Oil😅😅😅

    Random Guy 18/10/2022 am4:28

    Tyler Bentley 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • 🤌🤌🤌🤌🤌🤌🤌

    Itachi Uchiha 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • weird how American pizza still won

    MOTC 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • Hey Josh, on the off chance you see this (as this video is a year old now), i would love to see you do a few pizza recipes that dont call for acidic tomatoes. I suffer from GERD and use to love eating pizza as it was such a nostalgic food my grandmother made before she passed. Now with eating restrictions, i can no longer make her favorite recipe and wish i could do a new one that would make her proud, but not cause any stomach pain. if you have any ideas of non-traditional pizza sauce/toppings, id love to see a video like that! i heard some people use cream corn as a base. i might try that

    Christopher Lawrence 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • bitchmade pizza

    coolfortnitetrix 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • Do you think you can beat golden ramzi in a cooking battle
    This is just for fun don't take it seriously

    Aya Giho 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • Why garlic in the sauce… Why pepper… Why salt and olive oil at the end, they have to go before, not after the pizza being put in the oven… You should'nt punch the dough like that… Maybe put some pecorino. And a little bit overcooked. 6/10 for the effort and the oven.
    PS. I'm neapolitan
    PPS. I'm only bitching because you said you were gonna make the most traditional pizza as physically possible. You didn't but you can always learn how to

    Alfonso Strazzullo 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • Oh josh you can’t put basil into fire because it will kill the flavour

    Nion Huang 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • Watching this video, not being a sponsored channel or whatevs, but yes OONI is tha bomb !
    My friend allready makes crazy delicious pizza, but the gas version of this Ooni stepped up his gale 100% seriously. Im even as far as saying, dude open up a restaurant allready !

    viniv20 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • Tip:
    If you have a large pot, make your dough in it and lightly coat with olive oil then place the lid on the pot (glas lid is handy if you have one).
    That way you save on all that plastic wrap 🙂

    iihsamat 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • What kind of proofing boxes are those?

    Insuk Choe 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • great recipe.!!!👍👍👍

    Delicious Recipes | Cooking School 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • One Is pizza verace
    The other Is pinsa

    Peppino 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • 16:16 I live for Josh singing its the bes I luv it

    𝕸𝖆𝖘𝖙𝖊𝖗 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • No papa, Plz No take away kis🥺

    𝕸𝖆𝖘𝖙𝖊𝖗 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • You are a Legend, You always make my hunger stop! keep it Up

    Robin ZocktHD 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • nah man disagree

    Endoil 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • What's intro song pls 🥺🥺🥺

    nấm lùn 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • A tui hagla bele b measure karsu k

    Sukanya Nath 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • Napolitan and Roman pizza I’ve seen an American doing, really dope and with the traditional “cornicione” (the high edges of the napolitan pizza). And the “al taglio” pronounce was the top of the top. You are simply amazing!!!

    Robert Tracey 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • Hey Papa here a trick when cooking try this 3 is magic number, when cooking pasta if you wait for 3 mininutes between putting 1/3 your pasta in boiling water then you three different textures, also when making salad dressing 3 didderent olis amd three differents mustards you will enjoy a totally different flavour, try Wasbi dressing as well taste great, there also a pumpings seed oil from Austria with a quite a different taste.

    Rousta Rousta 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • Ah not perfect the crust not so crispy because you leave it with tomato sauces

    White Solid 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • Just curious, can you make this more than a day in advance??

    Jodi Pham 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • i cooka da pizza

    Gueroo 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • More than "pizza al taglio" it is "pizza in teglia", you don't need a special oven to cook it, your standard electric mini oven will do, that's how italians make pizza at home. Just put the cheese on in 2 minutes before it's ready, don't burn it for 15 minutes! As a matter of fact I just made and eat one, a soft one with sausages and onions, classic cipolla e salsiccia.

    eaman 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • From one uncle josh to another, i really love your channel and style of cooking

    Nunya Binness 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • Pizza really is just fancy toast

    Melissa Feeney 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • I could never justify buying one of those ovens. Has anyone used it for anything besides pizza?

    Jack Campbell 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • Josh i love you but paris is not in italy

    Tyler Fancito 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • Definitely getting an ooni oven, I can't find any other gas fired ovens that cheap.

    Eli Schlenker 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • Why you talk so so mush ???

    𝗔𝗙𝗧𝗔𝗕 𝗔𝗛𝗠𝗘𝗗 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • I lost it when the "oh josh you can't cook the basil" came on with the swirling faces. LMFAO.

    Icipher4 18/10/2022 am4:28
  • Put Beef on the roman pizza no peparoni

    TropicK kdae 18/10/2022 am4:28