Lost Without Your Love by BREAD

  • So so soo endearing… and soo touching ..! Not many songs like this in these days …! ❤️

    Maria Norton 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • Beautiful songs and lyrics. Very talented, brilliant group ♥️.

    Emma Peart 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • Al hands lost on my ex caramia lora.lost her to a religious cult radicle FEM nizim.

    Lanie Lorah 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🥰😍

    Nora Acosta 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • My song ever and ever

    Ladsgar Official 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • ❤👏

    Ron Ron 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • I love Bread, and David Gates voice is just so beautiful ❤❤

    Nathalie Daniel 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • I love this song…😍

    Mark Anthony Biscante 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • I read somewhere that three of David Gates' kids are attorneys, and the other is a surgeon. Not sure if this is true, but if it is, he and his wife of 60+ years must have done something right.

    ALLIN GOLD 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • Essa música é linda demais 👏👏👏👏.

    Maria Lúcia Rodrigues 48 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨❤️❤️❤️✨💥🌵🌷🦋

    Rita de Cassia Pimentel 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • Lost my sweet bhe fr cardona

    Teodosio Gonzales 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • David Gates is the male Karen Carpenter.

    Jun Pineda Jr. 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • Love this song so muchhh

    karina muchtar7 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • Missing my husband every day for 10 years. 😥❤️

    Buckeye Fangirl19 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • Saudades e lembranças doi o coraçãozinho 💘❣️

    Liliana Fornasier Pereira 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • A little tid bit about David Gates
    4 children 3 lawyers 1 cardiologist
    Who can say that ?

    Rick Saunders 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • I am always impressed by people who can play piano and sing simultaneously. Wonderful performance.

    FlamingCockatiel 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • My most favorite band since 70' s till now … They have best songs ever

    Rosalyn gallego 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • those were the days when people make real music.

    igor ivanov 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • Mark Wahlberg before his day… weird…

    Ally Monte 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • It has been an eternity that I heard this song.
    I really did not know it was a song by David Gates (Bread).
    Fantastic, an all time cassic.

    patrizio Ganda 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • My son dad Ian has be therefor me since I was a schoolgirl 12 years ago I first found Ian whan I was age 12 got with him age 20 years ago I was not under age for a relationship Ian help me a lot whan I was 19 years old it started hitting off roundabout age 19 he used to hlep me with my problems I was dealing with for a young age are friendship is strong own son together go back from a young age

    From Sarah mcwilliams age does not bother Ian if they're not under age iqos I wasn't under age for a relationship with him I was so much younger though he was over 40 yd old then me

    2021 couple months back Ian said to me he will never find a youngster like me again
    he was lucky
    Ian wanted me for a young age
    From young Sarah

    🍓baby Sarah young 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • I just lost my husband 2 months ago. So so many memories. I'm really lost without his love 💘…

    Iris Chaparro 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • Lost my love of 46 years too. Hardest experience ever. Sing this so to him, in Heaven.I’ll see you when I get there love. Love you, always have n always will!♥️

    Josi Pung-Hahn 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • Love every song

    Sharon Westall 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • Me desmanchando em lágrimas 😢😢😢. Sem palavras

    Célia Amaral 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • It’s not about the era of the song, it’s about great music that stand thru decades. Can’t lie tho the 70s were the absolute best

    Robyn Vann 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • Que chulo cantas wey

    Manuel Vaca 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • I still learn from Larry. Love botts. ❤️ D

    Michael Joe Allen 23/10/2022 pm6:03

    Rita De Cassia Menta 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • This song reminds me of someone I lost 28 years ago and will never be mine

    Joe Casario 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • Love this song 💖😻

    Bree Presley 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • I've always loved this song

    Tina Scott 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • David gates js one of the best singers ever.hope he knows how many ladies he has in tears with his beautiful lyrics. He is a genius

    Janet Drane 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • I've always loved Bread and this song has such special meaning to me now. I lost my precious husband 3 months ago and this is exactly how I feel… l'm lost without your love, John. I miss you so badly and will never stop loving you. 💔

    Jan 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • Lost my family and husband

    Christine Medina 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • Freedom, gotta keep talkin'… now more than ever…

    R S 23/10/2022 pm6:03
  • Shireen Singh, where are you?

    Shaheen Varris 23/10/2022 pm6:03