Lemon Garlic SLOW COOKER Roast Chicken

  • At last someone who actually does what l do because it makes sense…putting the spices UNDER the skin…👍😊

    Carole L 24/11/2022 pm5:30
  • Thans for the recipe, going to try it now😋😋. Great vid..love the fact it was short..yet covered everything you need to know without ads and gobble-t-gook..I will subscribe to that..Be great as a reel

    Lilah Ngahere 24/11/2022 pm5:30
  • Looks delicious

    Lanee O'Neil 24/11/2022 pm5:30
  • The gravy was quite bitter. Added 3tspn of honey then we were singing 👌

    Chris Bromley 24/11/2022 pm5:30
  • What are the damn dried herbs?

    Rice man 24/11/2022 pm5:30
  • Trying this recipe with 2 griller chicken of 1 kg each. In my excitement forgot to add salt when I put the 2 babies in the slow cooker b

    sussie lee 24/11/2022 pm5:30
  • How did you make the sauce ma'am

    Home Chan's 24/11/2022 pm5:30
  • The minute you went under the skin you lost me

    Cutay7BOOTAY 24/11/2022 pm5:30
  • 5 hours in my 7L Breville slow cooker and the chicken fell of the bone as I tried to move off the cooker. Will try for 1 hour less or on High

    Moravid 24/11/2022 pm5:30
  • What's the point of the rack? I don't have one.

    jb888888888 24/11/2022 pm5:30
  • You left out the put in the oven part in the title like all these slow cooker chicken videos. They just say slow cooker chicken, they don’t mention there’s another step to get the skin crispy which is putting it in the oven. I have no oven. So what options are there for me? None .

    Cheshiredolli 24/11/2022 pm5:30
  • A lot of these youtube cooking videos look fab but when you make it its totally a different world. They suck!!!!! The only way to make best recipes is to find someone who is expert in these recipes and usually they are restaurants like nandos KFC etc.

    john brisk 24/11/2022 pm5:30
  • "Dried herbs" = thyme, oregano, & parsley according to the recipe in the link.

    Cuss Bunny Sid 24/11/2022 pm5:30
  • Where did you find the tool used to sit your chicken high in the slow cooker? Such a great idea!👍🏽💡

    Lemons2 Lemonade 24/11/2022 pm5:30
  • the music lol

    Mereana Wi 24/11/2022 pm5:30
  • This looks so delicious 😋

    Ekemma Elisha 24/11/2022 pm5:30
  • I’m making this tomorrow 😛

    myself 24/11/2022 pm5:30
  • I've been looking for more things to make in my slow cooker because I only make stew, and summer heat is killing my desire to cook. Thank you so much for this recipe! I'm drooling just looking at it!

    Kayla Bellinger 24/11/2022 pm5:30
  • Slow cooker cooking. My kinda of talk.

    Andy J 24/11/2022 pm5:30
  • Love how you made the gravy, nice touch!! 👍

    Cooking with Glen 24/11/2022 pm5:30
  • OMG🤤

    Zeina N 24/11/2022 pm5:30
  • Yumm

    Fazila 24/11/2022 pm5:30
  • Another one of your recipes saved, Nagi ❤️ keep up the great work. Happy New Year.

    Mrs Green 24/11/2022 pm5:30
  • YES!!!!!! Awesome and thanks Nagi! Happy New Year!!!

    Peter K 24/11/2022 pm5:30
  • Yummy!

    Chef Squeeza 24/11/2022 pm5:30
  • Firsssst!!! Looks amazing per usual

    chivyp 24/11/2022 pm5:30