Laura Vitale Makes Homemade 'Hamburger Helper'

  • Made this last night. It's very good

    Chicago Rob 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • 🙂 What kind of Cook are you? No Instant Pot, No Airfryer 🙂 Seriously:
    I have encountered this before and been confused by the name (I'm English btw). When I first saw the recipe I wondered how it could help making an Hamburger. The other version I have seen used the Instant Pot but this explains the process better. Thank you.

    James Goacher 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • Delicious, yummy 😋 nice sharing friend, love from Tasty Food Hub ❤️

    Tasty Food Hub 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • Thank you thank you thank you for saying to not use the box! I rarely buy processed foods…make my own…way less sodium and no weird ingredients. Same for shredded cheese…they use cellulose…which is essentially wood pulp to prevent sticking. Makes no sense…shred your own cheese. I just discovered you and am interested in your future recipes!

    Donnalt Hood 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • Made this for dinner tonight and it was an absolute home run! Thanks, Laura!

    divakimmy 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • Made for lunch today. Tasted great. TFS

    Marci L 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • Of all the weird recipe names LITK has I think this is the weirdest! Hahaha and it looks nothing like a hamburger

    George 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • Following you for years, my first recipes where from here, amazing

    Luciano Idini 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • Hi Laura awesome 👋👍🙂

    ridzuan iwan 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • Hi, Laura. What’s the diff between this and chili mac?

    DJas118 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • Wish you would do cheesy tuna helper

    Kelly Downing 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • I started watching your videos when I was 14. I am slowly coming up to 30 now. Your recipes are the ground for most of my cooking, thank you for teaching me how to cook <3

    MikeJerry 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • This looks amazing

    cassandra rosa 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • OOOOOOH, happy Halloween 💜🧙🏼‍♀🎃

    Danika 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • Awesome! Where's the little dancerrrr ? 🩰💗😇

    Danika 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • Sometimes, nothing is as amazing as comfort food. I love that this is simple and quick.

    Richard Pena 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • Hmmmm think I'll skip this one :p

    Hazza 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • Didn't know what to cook tonight now I'm making this!

    STEPHANIE TRUJILLO 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • I made this last night it was super simple and delicious. Bonus: it’s all in one pot!

    Abigail Morales 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • Why am I getting letters dropped in my driveway telling me about you?

    Kaila Ward 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • The written recipe calls for 5 cups of beef broth and 1 cup of milk. I just wanted to check if that was correct since it didn’t look like you used that much. Can’t wait to try the recipe!

    Unmi Drymala 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • Where is recipe please in content please

    Angeleyes7 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • Please make beef pho soup for laura in the kicten that you had in New York homemade on YouTube

    Matthew Elmakias 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • Thanks for the recipe hugs ❤

    Zenaide Alaimo 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • Does anyone have experience making a recipe like this or any other recipe with ground beef using Impossible burger? I’ve only had impossible burgers but would like to make this, chili, sloppy joes, etc using plant based “meat”. Just wondering if anybody has had success doing this?

    Shaun Beals 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • I love hamburger helper 3 cheese lasagna, my fave 😊

    BG Ramirez 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • Now this I have got to try!! I made the prime rib you made a long time ago with the garlic cloves and thyme and Dijon mustard….whaaat?!!! Yaaassss, hooontie! It was wonderful! Thank you for this channel. Love your recipes!!!

    Kimberly Alexander 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • @Laura, I have to make this and put a twist on it! Thanks for sharing!

    Around The Armstrong Table 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • I will make this

    Coffee Sandwich 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • Recipe is NOT listed

    Debbi Ryan 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • I just love all of your recipes. Please post this recipe on your sight soon. Thank You.

    lomomusician 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • Is the recipe posted yet? I'm not having any luck finding it!
    Looks delicious!

    MotorCityBurbs 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • i have never heard of hamburger helper, it is such a funny name. looks delicious though!

    1stepcl0ser 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • This looks Devine for quick and easy but what is a hamburger helper 😮😮

    Natalie Abdennour 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • YUM!!! This looks incredible. Perfect for a weeknight meal or to make ahead for work

    Maureen Feeney 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • Hi Laura! What’s your favorite brand Dutch oven?

    jacquie_marie 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • Laura can I tell you, i love hamburger helper lol

    Juju B 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • Homemade food is always better than instant prepackaged meals

    R O N N I E 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • Yummiest and tasteful

    All Time Cooking And Vloging 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • I never liked Hamburger Helper, but do appreciate a meal I can put together quickly when I don't have a lot of time. This will work for me, thank you Laura

    BurghBrat33 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • Perfecto 👌🏻

    Mikey D 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • HBO Max apron?? Upcoming show with Selena+Chef?!!??? 👀 Omg that would be amazing!!!! 🙌

    Samantha Jane 25/10/2022 am1:35
  • Can you make it ahead and freeze it?

    Lolly Griffin 25/10/2022 am1:35