Keith Eats Every Pizza in NYC

If you walked from one end of New York City to the other, how many pizza restaurants would you find? Keith flew all the way to the big apple to find out!

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  • Instead of cheese slices, i feel like he should have gotten different specialties at each one

    Brian Parham 17/10/2022 am12:00
  • Lets just have a moment of silence for the way Famiglia was pronounced…..that’s hurt me. Iykyk

    Makayla Prince 17/10/2022 am12:00
  • Oh, what an unpleasant surprise. :l

    Maleficent Mistress of All Evil 17/10/2022 am12:00
  • Ned be f*ckin! Lol

    Kolton Dailey 17/10/2022 am12:00
  • The energy of this video is… uneasy and awkward…

    Dilanny Puspita Sari 17/10/2022 am12:00
  • this man gets a plain cheese pizza and talks shit. what did you expect?

    Fidel Guevara 17/10/2022 am12:00
  • Alexandria’s place is the craziest place Ned’s ever done it

    Mr. W 17/10/2022 am12:00
  • Prince street pizza is the best in nyc

    Ella Shannon 17/10/2022 am12:00
  • I adore becky

    Goorfup 17/10/2022 am12:00
  • Too much Ned and Alex. YUK

    Brenda Dunston 17/10/2022 am12:00
  • YESSS 2 bros is my go a 4 is solid I like it more than Joe's too

    Katrina Reed 17/10/2022 am12:00
  • Next time Keith's in town… lowkey just call Scott's Pizza Tours and he'll put him onto the actual best pizza in any/all of the 5 Boroughs. Walking through midtown ain't it lol

    ItzBwo 17/10/2022 am12:00
  • Notice how Ned took a bite of the pizza, set it down, and Alex immediately picked it up and took a bite right where he did 🙃

    Cornflake 17/10/2022 am12:00
  • Miles and Keith, two giants walking down the side walk.

    Elise L 17/10/2022 am12:00
  • I'm here for Becky's vibe. Mom friend with the scissors, ice cream, and a park break.

    Tiffany 17/10/2022 am12:00
  • Ned where is the craziest place you’ve done it with Alex?

    Eryn Spiritual Diva 17/10/2022 am12:00
  • I don’t know I feel like Alex should get fried too she knew she was fucking around with the boss 😂

    Madame Daydream 17/10/2022 am12:00
  • nooooo you guys missed Pops Pizza which was only like 3 BLOCKS away from the first pizza place you went to!! some of the best pizza in Manhattan imho

    Elia Griffin 17/10/2022 am12:00
  • Not Alex biting directly where Ned just did, so obviously sharing spit in 2022 should’ve been obvious

    ros Long 17/10/2022 am12:00
  • You woulda had a better time if you came to Jersey instead… just sayin'

    DarthMelsie 17/10/2022 am12:00