Julia & Jacques Cooking at Home (Roast Chicken)

  • My mom and i watched Julia slather her chicken with butter once and we started doing the same for all poultry, especially our Thanksgiving turkey. Herbed butter under and on top of the skin.

    opwave79 22/10/2022 pm11:25
  • Good lord. Just marinate the whole bird overnight with a semi dry/wet rub. Stuffed with citrus (orange or Lemon sliced). Place on a rack. Let come to room temp 1 to 3 hours. Preheat oven to 450°. Cook 15 minutes at 450°. Turn heat down to 325°. Cook for another 1 1/2 hours. (4 to 5 pound bird) 165° with thermometer in dark meat.

    sista love 22/10/2022 pm11:25
  • That was so cute

    Ash is strong and beautiful 22/10/2022 pm11:25
  • sigh…those knives are SO sharp, lol…heaven, and enviable

    K N 22/10/2022 pm11:25
  • they are so adorable, and I love how patient Jacques is with Julia 🙂

    K N 22/10/2022 pm11:25
  • I love these two! I just learned two things; I have a rack like Julia used (I love it), she is right about using a deeper pan keeping the heat from crisping the skin, I will now use a jelly roll pan instead. And with Jacques putting the chicken in a lg measure cup to keep it from rolling around while seasoning under the skin; I had both problems when I roasted a chicken 3 days ago lol. Now I know! This video reminds me of a lot of my Saturdays in the mid to late 90s when I'd watch PBS starting with Rick Steve's travel show, then onto several cooking shows; Julia & Jacques together or in separate shows each, and a few other cooking shows. Antiques Roadshow, This Old House, The New Yankee Workshop. I'd take a dinner break, then end the evening with several British comedy shows. Aahhh those were the days! And Back then it seemed like 3 or 4x a year they'd have donation telethon breaks in between shows, then in around 2004 or 2005 they started doing telethons most every Saturday that lasted longer, I quit watching then.

    macycharmin 22/10/2022 pm11:25
  • “If you have children who like wish bones, too bad for them.” 😂 I love her

    Jordan Garcia 22/10/2022 pm11:25
  • Although Jacques was funny, I am with Julia. I wash all ingredients, because the food handlers might have scratched their crotch while working. I have washed food my whole life and cleaned afterwards. So did my family. We never had food poisoning.

    Fujoshi rants 22/10/2022 pm11:25
  • Times have changed. If Julia struggled this sweet gentleman of a man helped her in the most subtle way. Now if someone struggles they'll cancel you or burn you as a witch.

    Jacinda 22/10/2022 pm11:25
  • Inverted gender male Julian ?

    tilat siddiqui 22/10/2022 pm11:25
  • Lmao that Connecticut comment from Jacques. A true legend.

    Killy5445 22/10/2022 pm11:25
  • 2 legends.

    Kevin Field 22/10/2022 pm11:25
  • Julia is so serious about the "pink juice, meat," and Jacques is just making fun, "If it survives the cooking it deserves to live,"
    ha! Julia didn't think it was funny. I am of the same mind as Jacques, you are going to finish killing the poor thing in the oven or over the stove, no matter what cooking method you are using. In 38 years of cooking never had a problem yet.

    Lili Tincher 22/10/2022 pm11:25
  • What classy television — and in a totally unpretentious way!

    Christopher Adam 22/10/2022 pm11:25
  • After one hour in a 400 degree oven, any bacteria that's still living, deserves to live. So good.

    matt o 22/10/2022 pm11:25
  • Ho Ho. Who doesn't like a butter massage.

    Randy Geyer 22/10/2022 pm11:25
  • Julia Child was my mentor. Many, many years ago I used to watch The French Chef on my PBS station in Boston. She taught me to try cooking dishes whether it worked or not. The only way to learn well. Thank you. Jacques Pepin is a joy to watch. He gives me great ideas to improve my cooking.

    Fxy Ldy 22/10/2022 pm11:25
  • Julia is kind women. But Jacques is real pro in kitchen

    I am giving up watching them together. Videos are long. Are not that good

    But excellent are the series of 5 min videos Pepin does by himself. Faster. More helpful. More information. And large selection of dishes he whips out

    Paul Solon 22/10/2022 pm11:25
  • They don’t take a bite! Tho looks delicious and must smell lovely

    Paul Solon 22/10/2022 pm11:25
  • No, no lemon in chicken

    Paul Solon 22/10/2022 pm11:25
  • No don’t wash chicken

    Paul Solon 22/10/2022 pm11:25
  • pulling the breast and tenderloin is epic

    J Dad 22/10/2022 pm11:25
  • has to be a naturally raised chikken

    J Dad 22/10/2022 pm11:25
  • wow i need so much practice

    J Dad 22/10/2022 pm11:25
  • When you could ask your local market to do anything, and they had talented people, not pimple faced minimum wage workers

    Jonathan Nagel 22/10/2022 pm11:25
  • 2 HOURS for a 4lb chicken at 350°? Oh I don't know about that.

    K T 22/10/2022 pm11:25
  • 21:55 did julia just make fun of jacques under her breath

    Rainkerosene 22/10/2022 pm11:25
  • Love it!

    marie scammel 22/10/2022 pm11:25