Julia Child's Roasted Chicken – Roast Chicken Recipe

  • Julia’s “nubbins” aren’t the wing tips. They are the toe-like protrusions with the little claw, which she cuts off.

    Margie 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • I have the opposite problem where I live, the chickens are always honking huge, I want the smaller ones. I'm one person, but I like to save the backbone to make stock.

    BFT Neelix 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • Divine 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Fernanda Sa 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • Nice touch Chef John.

    jack Dorsey 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • Favorite Episode this far… ❤️Julia

    Nikki Loves 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • 12 years ago?🥰I just watched the movie Julia and Julie which devastates me that she never saw it and have a whole chicken to cook and even though I have cook 100s thought I would browse recipes. Who knew my favorite 2 chefs are an this one video. Priceless.

    Teresa F 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • Thank you! I am no chef, but I made this for my family and they loved it. Thank you!!!!

    Cherine Haddad 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • Wtf!? I actually searched roasting children?…☠️☠️

    73_ Vincent 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • I would love to be haunted by Julia Child.

    Pezz42 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • Thanks Chef John! I’m an import from overseas and the term “new potatoes” vs “baby potatoes” confuse the heck out of me. What you call “baby potatoes” we just put back into the soil and let them grow bigger. The “new potatoes” aren’t small at all but their taste is amazing. So what do you mean by “new potatoes”, please?! Much obliged!

    Robert Halny 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • Burnt transfat bitter fond. Old French cookbooks say to put down potato with onion to keep the bottom from burning – onions have too much sugar by themselves.

    Lyle DeColyse 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • Looks delicious, but what happened to the onions? The way chef John is about cayenne pepper? That's me and cooked onions.

    One last thing, a question: does anyone know if this would go well with turkey?

    Andrea Alvey 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • 6:396:42"My wife cooked this chicken dinner for me 20 years ago , and we are still eating it."…..musta gotta be a really really big gargantuan chicken on steroids ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    phibber 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • I had to Google who ‘Julia Child’ was….first I thought he might have meant to write ‘Julia Stiles’

    QBee240 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • My fav was when Julia accidentally dropped a 5lb chicken on the floor on her show, she picked it up, and said: "Only the cook knows". I actually had the honor of knowing Julia and once asked her about that event – Stone cold she was very clear did not think it was at all funny and did not want to discuss it. Thank-you chef John for this recipe!!

    John Stevens 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • revisiting the video that started it all with me in 2007 chef John, this was my first foodwishes video. making this tonight again.

    Daniel R 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • Wow, that is economy of a recipe. Michele made it for Chef John 20 years ago and they've been eating it ever since?

    Lawrence Taylor 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • Waste, waste, WASTE!

    How could you just throw those onions and garlic in the trash and not serve them with the chicken? Damn…

    Dan Buchan 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • My favorite roast chicken recipe. Everyone loves it Thank you Chef John

    kissmekate59 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • Why did you have to make me cry? Thank you.

    kevoramma 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • Excellent recipe! Going to make broth with carcass! Thank you Julia and Chef John!

    Cheryl Nissing 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • She says wings akimble

    Reno Nevada 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • "You wanna be haunted by Julia Childs? I don't think so," what the hell, I love this guy haha

    Cosmo van Dam 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • Large 5 lb chickens are called Caponds! De-nuted roosters! 🐓

    James Collins 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • heelvsbabyface

    T G 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • blue

    Teodoro Macias 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • Soo delicious !!!

    heidy zabala 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • Oh i love it so much that you gave a tribute to Julia Child! The affection and respect for her was in your voice and i was deeply moved. I will cherish this recipe, thank you Chef John.

    Ava Hightower 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • Idk how I got here but I’m doing this.

    Casey O'Kelley 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • Can't wait to show my students this recipe! They love all of Julia Child's recipes.

    Bellini29 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • ahhh 2009, before the copyright bogeyman

    RealArcalian 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • I love John's voice. ..

    William TA 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • 20 YEARS AGO??? Must have been a REALLY BIG CHICKEN!!!!!

    Joe Ries 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • Chef John sounds so different here much more human

    Franca Cece 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • 400°Fahrenheit = 200°Celsius

    170°Fahrenheit = 77°Celsius

    Lakrids Pibe 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • Julia was Queen! i loved her as a kid

    Vincent Winkleblech 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • link in the description always takes me to the wrong recipe, anybody got a suggestion?

    John 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • I'm haunted by Dan Aykroyd playing Julia on SNL. "the phones a prop."

    Zaphod Beatlebrox 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • What do you do with the giblets?

    Olivia Hall 19/10/2022 am5:50
  • Perfect timing. I am roasting a chicken today!

    Becky Scheller 19/10/2022 am5:50