Japanese Tempura Isn’t Japanese

One of the most popular Japanese exports to the western world is tempura, a crispy, savory, delectable delight. But this Japanese staple isn’t quite so Japanese after all. In fact, tempura’s roots trace way back to 16th century Portugal with a dish known as Peixinhos da Horta. Here’s the story of how the Portuguese delicacy made its way to the Japanese coast.

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  • Interesting fact all Americans are African because we all come from Africa.

    siddharth b 18/10/2022 am4:04
  • But the Japanese are the ones that made it fire with their own twist

    Blue Phat 18/10/2022 am4:04
  • Source: Trust me bro, im a youtuber

    Alexes Lee 18/10/2022 am4:04
  • Who cares? Tempura is not Japanese in the same way that English tea is not really English or Apple pie is not really American and croissant is not really French. People have been inspired by dishes from shores far and near their own and put their spin on those dishes. Being pedantic can be cute but can be irritating.

    Eli F 18/10/2022 am4:04
  • I mean, I’ve already known this for a while

    率直な意見あり 18/10/2022 am4:04
  • I'm portuguese

    Os memes Do Sal 18/10/2022 am4:04
  • Yes. Cultural appropriation for the win.

    TagusMan 18/10/2022 am4:04
  • And Portuguese learnt it from India

    Rohan Sharma 18/10/2022 am4:04
  • Korea had these fried food forever called twigim ! Like yache twigim ! as you know koreans who moved to the islands more then once in ancient time are the modern japanese ! Every one has similar food ! So i agree that it's not exclusively japanese ! Every country has there own twist and spice ! It is true many cuisine known as japanese were introduced from out side .
    That's because japan is an island ! People food and culture came to japan from and trough korea and from trading ships as with many countries ! It's all a melting pot !!! 😉🤙

    K 18/10/2022 am4:04
  • The only Japanese food originated in Japan is grill fish

    Berlian Wati 18/10/2022 am4:04
  • Me : telling my friends that tempura is actually from Portugal and not Japan.

    My friends who didn't even know it was from Japan : 👁👄👁

    Katha Mehta 18/10/2022 am4:04
  • Portuguese left in Macau Pastéis de Nata, which then became popular in almost every corner of China.

    Winston Smith 18/10/2022 am4:04
  • Funniest part of tempura is that its considered 'Washoku' in Japan which means traditional Japanese cuisine and not foreign (Sushi, Sashimi, etc are also Washoku) yet it's Portuguese in origin lol

    Even in Japan the Portuguese influence has been forgotten and they consider Tempura equivalent of Sushi in "Japanesness".. Also, Bread was introduced to Japan by the Portuguese which is why they sa "pan" for bread based off Portuguese word "Pão" and Castello Cake.

    killbill 1106 18/10/2022 am4:04
  • The name "tempura" is drawn from the Latin "tempora" meaning "times" or season which referred to Lent (tempora quadragesimae, i.e. the time of 40 days). Portuguese missionaries introduced local converts to the use of batter for deep-fried vegetables and seafood to eat during days of abstinence. This quickly caught on and locals mistook "tempora" as the name of the innovative food. So the next time you have a yummy, crunchy bite into a deep-fried, batter-covered shrimp or vegetable, please say a little prayer for foodie Portuguese missionaries!

    Raph Oro 18/10/2022 am4:04
  • First time I bought tempura I thought :
    Wait, I know this dish since childhood !
    In Portugal the taste of "rissois de camarão" (fried shrimp turnovers) is even better than tempura. It's filled with shrimps and a delicious mixture of egg, paprika, olive oil and onion. A blessing. I still like tempura by the way.

    Denys Jorge 18/10/2022 am4:04
  • In addition a more an unknown fact is that the Portuguese missionaries encouraged the total extinction of a practice in Japan, this being the fact that women who could not feed their sons (babies or todlers) would chøke them until they passed away, it was estimated that a woman would do this 11 times in her lifetime. Afters much work this pratice was considered barbaric.

    (Source: Luis Frois’s letters 1585)


    V & Z Magnus 18/10/2022 am4:04
  • Tempura(天麩羅) isn't Portuguese origin. Tempura is originated more than 1000 years ago. That was called Abura(天麩羅) in Japan. Tempura and Abura has same letters. You can see the facts in the book "Makura no Soushi(枕草子)".

    chon baka 18/10/2022 am4:04
  • 天ぷらがポルトガルから来たってのは嘘くさい

    YouTube deやる夫 18/10/2022 am4:04
  • 0:45 Hino da Carta noise

    Hafez 18/10/2022 am4:04
  • Europeans brought the concept of "frying food" to Asian countries particularly those found on the Pacific Ocean.

    Margaux Camaya 18/10/2022 am4:04
  • Just stop, please your ruining my taste buds

    Thomas-Joe Gray 18/10/2022 am4:04
  • back then we reconize portugal by food , culture ,land mark and some similar language with us . but now era we reconize portuguese because of Cristiano Ronaldo .who agreed that!!😂

    SALINAS SANTANA 18/10/2022 am4:04
  • Meanwhile in Malaysia


    Bandung is a place in Indonesia

    FiqNotFake 18/10/2022 am4:04
  • Castela is also Portuguese

    Mateus Socorro 18/10/2022 am4:04
  • Maybe that's why Japanese tempura kinda looks like the fried fish we make in Brazil.

    Rodrigo Santos Valeriano 18/10/2022 am4:04
  • Clickbait. It's like saying that pancakes and apple pie are not American because we got them from somewhere else. Nuance. Look it up, I'm unsubscribing.

    SandyRiverBlue 18/10/2022 am4:04

    filmkito 18/10/2022 am4:04