Japanese Milk Bread|Shokupan|Apron

Hi friends, sorry for the mistake, the correct amount of lukewarm milk in the dough is 140ml, 40ml shown in the video is wrong

Japanese Milk Bread|Shokupan|Apron

Flour 25g / 2Tbsp
Hot milk 40ml
Honey 20g / 1Tbsp
Lukewarm milk 140ml
Instant yeast 2.5g
Flour 240g / 1,3/4cup
Sugar 15g / 2Tbsp
Salt 2.5g / 1/2tsp
Whipping cream 30ml
Unsalted butter 15g / 1Tbsp

Pan Size 10x10cm 2

Bake at 190°C / 370°F for 30-35 minutes

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  • Minecraft bread.

    thatoneweirdkidinthecorner :0 23/10/2022 pm2:42
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    Mutlaka deneyeceğim..
    Ellerinize sağlık Muhteşem görünüyor…

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    guys am i the only one laughing at this?

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    Jubbano 23/10/2022 pm2:42
  • is there a reason you fold in the butter as you knead the loaf rather than in the warm milk phase with flower? seems very inconvenient for a recipe that otherwise looks really easy to prepare!

    MetaSamsara ∞ 23/10/2022 pm2:42
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    just a Dio diorites 23/10/2022 pm2:42
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    「Simp」 Denouxious 23/10/2022 pm2:42
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    Elliot Kim 23/10/2022 pm2:42
  • the last step and proofed them in a regular loaf pan side by side. Turned out perfect.

    Sharon Quintana 23/10/2022 pm2:42
  • My favourite hobby is cooking 👍👍🥰

    Math Mys 23/10/2022 pm2:42
  • Merci beaucoup 👍👍👍👍👍

    Kenza Elgamrani 23/10/2022 pm2:42
  • That whipping cream looked thicker than what we usually get in America. It’s not sweetened condensed milk is it?

    Bradley D 23/10/2022 pm2:42
  • This recipe is completely fake

    Neuromancer 23/10/2022 pm2:42
  • What is bread flour, en español eso no existe

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  • japan is such a bad place to live in but hey look, the food looks good.

    Taylor Industries 23/10/2022 pm2:42
  • 그냥 우유식빵이자너

    조현우 23/10/2022 pm2:42
  • Hi , I'm would like to ask about how to knead bead , If that ok ? I've been working on 2*450g bread knead by hand. Is it ok to knead more than 15-20 min to reach window panal stage. I mean it 2*450g bread is really big dough for me to knead by hand. Seem like I have to kned for about 20-30 min. I mean ,If I knead too long to able to reach wondow panal. Does that have any bad affect on dough ?

    I'm sorry. I'm from thailand not fluent in japanese. I can understand only main context.

    This is my recipe should I fix some of my ingredient ?

    -Bread flour 470 g + Yudane ( flour 100g +hot water 100 g)

    -Yeast 6 g

    -salt 8 g

    -honey 30g+sugar 15-20 g

    -water 40 g + milk 140+ whipped cream 100 g

    -butter 45 g

    not rodnoy 23/10/2022 pm2:42
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  • COOKING : 2 hour
    EATING: 2 minute

    RandomYaro 23/10/2022 pm2:42

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  • You are crazy bro, thanks for tutorials

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  • Thank you for adding the "Americanized" measurements.That helps us out AOT.Will be making this asap

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    J'aime beaucoup la forme des pains, ces moules sont très beaux, ou pourrais-je en acheter ?
    Un chaleureux coucou d'Alsace en France 💖💖💖

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  • Minecraft bread block
    9 haybales
    hunger 18
    saturation 20

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