It's Raining Tacos 1 Hour

The original video is here : It was made by Parry Gripp and BooneBum
All rights go to their respective owners



  • This is my favourite song

    Adrian Blundell 22/10/2022 pm6:04
  • aliens: send tacos to earth!! pressed the taco6000

    Zian Xander Lacanlale 22/10/2022 pm6:04

    BrickBacon 22/10/2022 pm6:04
  • POV: you turn the speed to 2× 💀

    Celine Antal 22/10/2022 pm6:04
  • Ok

    Joseph Moo 22/10/2022 pm6:04
  • Og

    Joseph Moo 22/10/2022 pm6:04
  • It was so annoying way back on Roblox, 2017 🤣

    From Russia with dïck 22/10/2022 pm6:04
  • I like it

    Nikki Sherogho 22/10/2022 pm6:04
  • lol everytime i entered games this used to play in the OG days

    amanuel abreha 22/10/2022 pm6:04
  • Its rainy tacos

    Poyraz Çılgın 22/10/2022 pm6:04
  • loveeeee

    AbYTB 22/10/2022 pm6:04
  • Ilove dhis song 🎉😅

    Whoisjack 22/10/2022 pm6:04
  • 😮

    Arsineh Avasapian 22/10/2022 pm6:04
  • This legend made a 1 hour song

    Voidpizza 22/10/2022 pm6:04
  • Yo that's bussin

    Polito Blanco 22/10/2022 pm6:04
  • Is beautiful very very good😂 Funny 😂

    Ezgi x Oral 22/10/2022 pm6:04
  • The nostalgia😢

    Todee 22/10/2022 pm6:04
  • itz reinin takos yu won in deskay in opi yur maut i won indeskay takos

    ElChrisXD 22/10/2022 pm6:04

    Boxii’s Child 22/10/2022 pm6:04
  • Movie theater with this movie

    Lora Teimoorshahi 22/10/2022 pm6:04
  • Raining tacos yeah

    skye preussner 22/10/2022 pm6:04
  • Je vais devenir fouuuuuuuuuuu !!! 😵‍💫😵‍💫🤸‍♀🤸‍♀🌮❤‍🔥

    SCORPIUM 22/10/2022 pm6:04
  • Hi. This music is so cool

    Szabax 22/10/2022 pm6:04

    Flipay Arceo 22/10/2022 pm6:04
  • I low key want to have a Robloxed themed taco birthday party for my younger nieces and nephews and play this song for them. I know it's their birthday and they probably won't get it, but I will and that's all that matters 😂

    T K 22/10/2022 pm6:04
  • POV: your here because you play dont pres the button on roblox

    Soraya Sedighi 22/10/2022 pm6:04
  • One day before God comes this is the song what we gonna ear

    Thris-Kun ت︎ 👾 22/10/2022 pm6:04
  • Tacoooooooos

    Elie Ribes 22/10/2022 pm6:04
  • Taco now

    Johan Göranson 22/10/2022 pm6:04